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League of Legends Build Guide Author gilatine

Evelynn the roamer of pain

gilatine Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys and girls first off thanks for reading the build not just looking at the items. I play eve as a burst ap roamer its really fun but also takes some skill to know when to go for the gank or just stun and run so your teammate can harass the enemy. Be warned this build is for people who have good positioning and know when to fight or run as you will be squishy.

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Pros / Cons


great ganker
good assassin
able to chase down most champs

wards and Oracle can ruin fun (will tell you how to avoid later)
hard to pick up

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Amplifying Tome is my first item i like to take this at the start with ether a mana or health pot, the amplifying tomb give me that little bit extra dmg at the start to get first blood or at least force them to recall. you could grab a Sapphire crystal and a health and mana pot to stay in lane longer.

I rush a Sheen because of the passive and ap the passive is very useful when taking down enemy's before your stuns wheres off.

i grab Boots of Mobility next as i play eve as a roamer these are a must, these give you the mobility to run around the map and gank + your ulit + ghost means catch anyone and if you get the kill your ulit refreshes.

next i normaly grab the Lich Bane for the ap and passive but if i think i need more health and as ill grab the trinity force witch is an equity good item on eve.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is a very good item with the short cool down on hate spike you can get 8 stacks in under 8 seconds well worth it.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a must for almost any ap dps champ great ap + 30% extra is a must item on eve.

the new tenacity items are very good and cheap the Moonflair Spellblade will save your life it reduce stuns by 25% it has saved my life many a time. not a must but i would strongly recommed you get it.

This last item is very flexible the Void Staff is good because it should help you take down the tank for the ace but it really up to you.

If you want more survivability then grab a Rylai's Crystal Scepter and or a Rod of Ages
these are both good item and will help you live longer in team fights/ganks.

I never ever grab a Mejai's Soulstealer why because it isn't worth it till at lest 10-12 stacks and is extremely unreliable.

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if there are ward with the amount of mobility you have run around and kill them all and get the gold oracles on the other hand are harder the way i do it is to Agony's Embrace + Ghost for lots of movement speed and by the time they see you your ravage should have stunned them making it useless for them. you can also Flash in and stun to counter wards

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Summoner Spells

i like Ghost and Exhaust because it makes it easier to gank at the start while roaming. and Ghost makes countring that oracles so much easier.
you could always take Flash as well that makes ganking and countering oracles easy as well i just like chasing with ghost better.

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Skill Sequence

Q is your Hate Spike tis is you farming ability and your second source of dmg i max this second most of the time

W is your stealth Shadow Walk i put two ranks in it at the start so i have 20 seconds of stealth to play with when ganking i max this last

E is your Ravage your main source of burst dmg max it first as the ap scales 1 to 1 which is very good early and late game

R is your ulit Agony's Embrace give a nice heal passive and attack speed and movement speed buff this lets you turret dive early because of the heal chase easy and escape easy and it cost nothing. the cool down is also reset after every kill so don't be afraid of spamming it a little

Your passive Shadow Walk is excellent early game 50% reduced dmg from minions so you can easily tank a minion wave for a kill.

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How to use your abilitys

when roaming alway wait for the icon that says your stealth before leaving the brush to gank stun with your Ravage then spam Hate Spike Exhaust as they run. need to stun both champs no worrys same as before but stun with hate spikes this will stun both of them and focus the low heath/carry first.

In team fights NEVER stay in the middle you will die, always run in stealth Hate Spike if you cant Ravage and kill some one and run out remember you are an assassin pick off and or stun the carrys if you stay to long in a fight it is likely that they will focus you.

Agony's Embrace + Ghost to catch any enemy or to run because you were getting ganked and you team didn't call mia.

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Early game

lane until level 4 so you can stealth for 20 sec then roam unless your losing the lane then stay and defend. if you roaming always mark the one your going to stun and kill even in mid. the idea of a roamer is to gank and get fed or eve can alway stun and run so your team gets some easy harass on the other team. this should if done right help your team push all the lanes. if the enemy team has a jungler gank them in the jungle after they have finished there route they should be on lowish health.
If your laneing Shadow Walk in plan sight then get your laneing parter to run to brush this should scare them off if not gank them then they will be scared of you next time.

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mid game

forget about kills now you should have Guinsoo's Rageblade grap so mions run to a turret and take it down this can be done very quickly with Guinsoo's Rageblade and Agony's Embrace if a team fight breaks out alway go help just don't roam only focus on turrets.

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Late game

you should alway stun the carrys in team fights now put out as must burst dmg as possable and try to push undefended turrets.
Just remember you are squishy so dont walk into 2v1 and expect to win.

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Thanks for reading guys and girls all comment appreciated good or bad please no trolling and tell us your scores im always interested thanks again and i might cya in game.