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League of Legends Build Guide Author yonaz

Evelynn - Why to wait for a free Twitch?

yonaz Last updated on March 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 21

Chapter 1

Mastery tree:

I picked up an usual 9/0/21 Utility build which fits great with evelynn

Rune build:

I picked primary runes:
- lets you harass more at the early or mid game.
- its a great choice, it gives you some nice AP.
- evelynn is kinda mana hungry at early game, when you can't get yourself a golem buff.
- I had to chose from penetration, attack speed, crit chance/dmg and AD which is primary mark runes, so magic pen is the best choice.

Summoner skills:

I choose and for some reasons: evelynn is kinda squishy so she needs to quickly run from enemies, because she will be focused in early game, or it can also be used to catch those luckers, she can also use to escape from enemy and cast .
: eve just have a stun which lasts 1+ sec so its not enough in early game to kill someone, exhaust is very good to catch a free meat.

Skill sequence:

Start with and use it whenever its CD is off so about the time when you reach lvl 6-8 your opponents in the lane will be tired to write miss everytime u dissapear and then you will be able to go mid - kill one target there, go to the opposing lane of yours and probably get 2 assists (or kills :P) powering up your .
at lvl 2 to farm minions faster.
Then you will want to lvl up your as fast as possible because it is your main skill.
You will need only 3 lvl's of because you can just go invisible right before engaging into battle so 30sec. is enough.
Then finish leveling .

Item build:

Start with (as I said before evelynn is kinda squishy, and you just need that +HP and +AP bonus) P.S. in the latest patch you can't buy doran's item and a potion so just avoid enemies harassment as you won't get your health back so quickly.

Now at this point you have to make a choise which can lead you to OMGOPNERFTHIS evelynn or OMGNOOBFEEDER evelynn. If you see that your opponent in the lane is squishes and you can easily kill them go and buy right after . So you can stack it to 20 until all the fun beggins (mid-late game). Then if you are ganking through all lanes and you need to catch that free assist/kill take (It's better than ) because you are invisible so it will be VERY hard for opponents to predict where you are), if your opponents in the lane are doing well (have some kills/near your turret) go with it will give you damage to destroy enemies.

Now when you have your three items ( , , ) you can finish ), then go with it reduces your opponents speed whenever you cast or any other skill so they will always be slowed (don't forget that hit's 2 enemies so you will slow 2 of them :) ), and then buy .
At this point ussualy all games over BUT if you have a VERY long game like 1h+ buy another or whatever you want, depending on the situation.

P.S. there have been recently added new item's , and , these are VERY useful items, you can get them depending on the situation: 3+ AD champs on enemy side - get - armor, invulnerability, insane amount of AP - all we need. If your not getting focused get - it's just SICK mount of AP +30% of your current...


Early game (1-6 lvl):
I suggest going to top or bottom lane but if theres no good champ in your team who can go mid it can be you.
Try to play defensive because evellyn is squishy and don't have very good dmg output at this point. Just use to kill minions, and spam your when it's CD is off (I explained why in skill sequence). You can also use go to enemy champion use and instantly go back. Also if you see that your parner can't stand playing defensive and whant to kick their ***es help him.

Mid game (6+ lvl)
At this point depending on the situation how much you pushed your lane you can play different.
1.If enemies are pushing your turret too hard and you didnt reached their, you MUST ask your mid lane champ to help you kill them.
2.If you are doing good (near their turret) use your and instantly go to mid and help your friend to kill enemy champ (he shouldn't know that you are there because theres no point for him to buy or and his allies must forgot to say miss (I explained why in skill sequence)). Then go to opposing lane of where you started and kill two targets there. You should now have 3+ stacks (which is 24+ AP) (if you dont have it don't worry - you can buy it now as you got some gold from kills :) ). Now return to your lane and keep pushing until their team will start to walk in group.

Late game (enemies are walking in group):
Now your team should also start playing as a team. It's best to walk in 4+ ppl group - you in the front and other behind you. you must go in front because you are the fastest (because of ) and you must check bushes for ambush or if you see enemies going just watch for the one's who have and say your team to focus on them, or if it is a tank with lots of armor and HP don't bother killing him, because if there will be a teamfight and your tank engages in enemies they will all start facerolling and u can walk behind them and 2 shot squishy then quickly fall back and repeat it. They shouldnt be focusing you, but if you will spend more than 5+ sec killing squishy then they will kill you. If you see that now you are strong enough to kill 1v1 target before he can escape try to watch your minimap and look if theres 1 enemy walking so you can easily stack your . +when your team hits 16+ lvl you can go to kill baron.


  • Use every time its CD is off
  • When you are going to gank other lanes don't show your enemies that you are going there, just use your as close to them so they will think that you want to attack them and forgot to say miss. Then rush to other lane and get your kill.
  • Don't be afraid to attack mid lane enemy. YES it has a lvl advantage but you have a teammate ready to assist you.
  • If you see that your opponents have a and you know where they placed it, buy a yourself and place it near their so you can destroy it.
  • Don't be afraid to use a lot. It almost have no CD if your team is killing frequently. (Also use it when destroying turret because it gives you attack speed)
  • If you start a fight without click it anyways so when you kill your target u will go invisible that second so if an opponent comes to assist your target it will be too late for him.
  • When you are destroying turret use (or if there is no minions) it will proc your and you will hit twice more for next attack.
  • In mid-late game when you can 3-4 hit a champion try to walk behind enemies group so you can catch a squishy champ who ussualy walks behind allies.
  • Use your to check every bush or corner for enemies ambush when pushing a lane.
  • If you see an enemies group try to spy them. Your teammates will love you for that. It will let you and your allies to set an easy ambush.
  • Don't cook rice for too long - it won't be tasty. 10 minutes is enough.

That's all. Try to be honest when posting a comment and please say why you liked/didn't liked my build. =]

P.S. For those who think that is not cool (Scrax) for high ELO players just try it because i think that evelynn is a champ for which it fits best.

THESE ARE NOT MY BEST SCORES!!! Just a random stuff from my match history, as you can see from date it's from 2 days period, and some are new.

P.P.S. I can post more games screenshots if someone want, actually every game I have a good score =]