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Soraka Build Guide by Cimcia484

Support Everfrost Soraka

Support Everfrost Soraka

Updated on May 1, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cimcia484 Build Guide By Cimcia484 7 2 13,949 Views 3 Comments
7 2 13,949 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cimcia484 Soraka Build Guide By Cimcia484 Updated on May 1, 2022
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Runes: Everfrost Runes


Ingenious Hunter
Ghost Poro

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Good against sustain damage
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Everfrost Soraka

By Cimcia484
Everfrost Soraka
Everfrost SorakaEverfrost Warmogs Soraka is a building path for Soraka that not many people seem to be using. I made this guide, because i was surprised this build remains so unnoticed by most Soraka players. So why would you play Everfrost Soraka? What are the pros/cons of this build compared to Moonstone or Shurelya's?

Everfrost + Warmogs + Shard of True Ice give you the total of 1125 bonus Health, which makes Soraka much tankier compared to other builds and activates Warmogs passive early in the game. Warmogs lets you cast your W on cooldown without sacrificing your Health, which makes your Healing scyrocket the moment you buy it. Warmogs is not the only reason why you would pick Everfrost. Everfrost roots enemies in place for 1.5 seconds and Soraka's E duration just so happens to also be 1.5 seconds, which means that on 20 seconds cooldown (25 when Ingenious Hunter isn't stacked) you can create an AOE Silence + Root for 1.5 seconds with a guarantee to also hit your second E for another 1-2 seconds Root depending on your E rank. This combo is a gamechanger for Soraka. You can stop engages with the combo, catch people out of position or create wombo-combos with your teammates silencing+rooting multipe enemies at the same time. Smetimes even having the access to the combo is enough to make a huge impact. With this combo you can turn the game around, locking down powerful enemies instead of trying to win a stat-check with healing.

Everfrost costs 300 gold more than Moonstone/Shurelia's and Warmog's Armor costs 700 gold more than for example Redemption. What that means is you are a bit more gold dependent and get your powerspikes a few minutes later in the game. You are less mobile than with Shurelia's and heal less in long fights than with Moonstone (Everfrost heals more in short fights or prevents the damage from being dealt in the first place). The biggest flaw of the build is that it is not a well known build and it bothers some people. As with any other off-meta build you will encounter some people spam-pinging your items, refusing to cooperate, complaining or blaming you for eberything going wrong ever.
General Soraka Tips
Soraka's Q's delay is dependent on the distance between Soraka and the target area. You can aim perfectly, but if you keep casting this ability at full range (4 times longer delay) you may look like a complete noob missing every skillshot.
Try using auto+Q in the early game. People will try to auto attack you back instead of dodging your Q. You can also harass enemy ADC, just when they are about to last hit.

Try to use your W every time you hit your Q (unless ADC is full hp) and avoid using it without hitting your Q. A bad Soraka will trade her Health for her adc and then play very passivly.

Don't throw you E randomly. Keep it on cooldown for the right moment.
If you are using your E to escape a lot of the times it is better to put it like a wall between you and your enemies rather than on top of them.

Keep watching Health of your allies just above your mini-map. It will help you to cast your R at just the right time. Make sure to watch their position on mini map tho, so you don't waste it on someone fighting 1vs3 under enemy turret.
New to support?
What is your role as a support like Soraka? This part is dedicated to new/inexperienced players.

-Fight for control over the lane. Like most supports you have great early game. Do not waste it forcing your ADC to 1vs2, while you sit back doing nothing. This is a typical mistake of players new to the game or support role.

-Help with lane manipulation. Observe and make decisions regarding the state of the lane, then help achieve the desired state. For example activly auto attack minions when you want to push, help your adc to break enemy freezes and shove the wave under turret etc. (You can even "steal" a few minions by pushing with aoe ability like Soraka Q - helping menage the wave will give your ADC more farm in the long run as well as deny farm from the enemy ADC when done right) In most games you actually want to push on levels 1-3 to get a skill/stats earlier than enemy botlane and get as much value out of that adventage as possible. Pushing this early also makes it harder for poke-based enemies to actually land their skills on you or your adc.

-As support you have the access to a lot of wards from your starting item as well as Oracle Lense. Use them to setup vision and deny enemy teams vison. This is especially important when going for objectives like Dragon - you then want to have vision all around it (mostly on the enemy side of the map) and deny vison in Dragon pit and your jungle with Oracle Lense & Control Wards.

-When you are not needed on botlane, try using the spare time to roam midlane or setup a few wards/use oracle lense in your jungle/river. Soraka isn't as good at roaming as Bard, Pyke or Leona, but it is still better then wasting time.

-Fight alongside teammates like any normal lol champion. Focus on fighting effectivly rather than avoiding securing kills - it only really matters when big shut downs come into play.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cimcia484
Cimcia484 Soraka Guide
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Everfrost Soraka

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