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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gernsøe

Ezreal - AD Carry ranked games

Gernsøe Last updated on February 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! This will be my first guide, for what is undoubtedly my favourite LoL champion. I will try to update this guide as is required and provide my insights and experiences with Ezreal to make playing him both easier and more enjoyable for you!

Please keep in mind however, these are just my opinions based on my experience and experimentation playing him, and that your playstyle is more than likely not the same as mine. Thus' you may find things here that do and do not work for you. Take what I say with a grain of salt and adapt it to the way you play!

I have recorded many games as Ezreal and I will continue to build and add to this guide as time permits. I both encourage and appreciate comments and your thoughts!

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

-Incredible Harrasment with your mystic shot.
-Your arcane shift works as a flash.
-Can burst down the enemy fast if hit with spells.
-Very strong early and late game.
-Dosen't need to build mana items
-Riot games dosent say this, but Ezreal is a carry if playing him right

-Quite squishy, will go down if focused.
-Requiers skills with your spells
-Ultimate wont be that strong with AD

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For Ezreal I have always used:
- Armor penetration Quintessences
- Armor penetration Marks
- Mp5/level Seals
- CoolDown Glyphs

However, Armor pen as Quintessence is really good for your mystic shot we want this because mysic shot is your main harras/dmg spell

For the Marks, Armor pen is pretty standard and can't really be swapped out for anything more effective, given him bursty Mystic shot and basic attacks

The mp5/level Seals are always a safe bet, without them Ezreal can be slightly mana starved which means you NEED blue buff all the time or you'll be forced to be fairly often.

For Glyphs I prefer CoolDown because Ezreals Spells can be used often now, and with mysic shot your ultimate will always be on

Runes come down to playstyle and preference. Run with what suits you best.

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For masteries i took 21/0/9 this gives Ezreal some good Armor pen and cooldown, wich is just perfect here. With the Magic pen your ult and other spells will deal some more dmg tho and i find this really good.

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Skill Sequence

Ezreal's skilling order is fairly simple, priority is Q>W>E>R taking one level of Arcane shift at lvl two and essence flux in three.

After quite a few games as Ezreal I've found that the optimal combo for DPS is Harras with Q, going in when they on half life going E>Q>W and then finish them with your ult and ignite. using this combination if the enemy isn't finished by then you can chain them again after about two seconds and either yourself and your team will usually pick up the kill. Moreover, saving Arcane shift as your final move enables you to poke or tower dive and retreat safely post combo.

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Summoner Spells

For Ezreal I always use Ignite / Ghost

Flash to me is very situational and is quite necessary given Ezreal has not one, but two built in 'flashes'. Plus more than once even after using flash and arcane shift an opponent using ghost is able to eventually catch up with you. Ghost provides far more escape capability in my opinion.

Ignite is always a safe bet for ensuring a kill on that Tryndamere or to shut down that Mundo.

Other Possibilities:
Clarity - Not needed, with your MP5 glyphs you should have enough in your mana pool
Teleport - With well placed wards, or even without this skill can save a turret or set up some excellent ganks, again - a matter of preference.
Heal - Just don't use it.
Fortify - Better taken by a tank.
Rally - Does anyone use this?
Clairvoyance - Let a support take it if you feel your team needs it. If used properly it can provide excellent map awareness and lead to free kills however.
Revive - Don't ever use this.
Exhaust - A great slow, and the damage reduction can save lives, but it's better taken by a physical carry.
Smite - You don't jungle.
Cleanse - Great for shaking those pesky stuns, depending on enemy team comp could be a lifesaver.

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Early game - As Ezreal you take Mystic shot first, go mid if possible. At the lane you should focus on harrasing with your mystic shot, you should even just go shot minions if you cant hit champions, you want get out of mana. When spamming your mystic shot you will get your spells back fast again, and it will prog your passive who gives attack speed every time you hit with a spell (stack up to 5 times)

Mid - You should now look for a gank with your ult or use it to harras in your lane. Dont save your ult, you will get it back really fast with mystic shot. its like a 20sec cooldown. But here at mid game go for some ganks, jump in with e and shot with your Q and W, if they dont die use ignite and ult = KILLS!

Late - Game you should have atleast to the bloodthirster, here at late game thers normaly alot of team fights. you should start with ult, try to hit as many as possible for a large amount of AoE dmg. Just jump around them with E shooting every thing around you with Q and W. care so that you dont get to close to them, you are squishy and if focused you will die really fast.

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Final words

Thanks for seeing how i build Ezreal, i hope that this guide helped you or atleast maked you and idea of how to play AD Ezreal. New builds comeing soon, so see ya later. Thanks!
give +1 and comment plz

- Gernsoe