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Ezreal Build Guide by GamerNycteris

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GamerNycteris

Ezreal - Frost Shard

GamerNycteris Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Vs Meta Team Ad/Ap/Dominion


Vs Heavy AP / Tank & Jungl

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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Hello my name is Mike and today i will show you how successful can be Ezreal Ad Carry who gives you most fun in game and how fun he's ultimate is and how you can do something called "EvilFace Shot"
Example -

This Build Really works?!
Well yes.. here you have some pic :!/GamerNycteris/status/138378938538934272/photo/1/large

Perfect music to play Ezreal used by me ! Extreme HQ 42mins!

Dominon Gameplay With this BUILD!

You Can follow my youtube channel or twitter :!/GamerNycteris

So let's start with guide

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Why 21 : 0 : 9

Simple 21 in offense will give you high amount of damage then 0 because you have a healer and silly 6 points of armor or some health wont do much then 9 Its always good to have some utility 4 points into movement speed will do it perfect and last point for buff's duration it helps trust me longer red buff is op(^^)
Why i didn't use 3 points in havoc mastery?!

~This is probably the best talent trap what Riot did 3 points will give you 1.5% more damage but from 1000 Damage you will receive 15 more only! Thats why its better to spend 2 IMPORTANT points to UTILITY like movement speed

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Right runes.. why i choose those one ok so
Arm Pen - Its awesome for ur Mistic Shot skill - (Q) and that will give you bonus damage at start also it scale with R

Flat ad - They scale very well with Q i use them also for early harras they may help you with last hitting

Mana reg per lv - Ezreal have to use wise he's mana poll you can't just spam Q and go Out of mana so use "Sure Shots" only

Arm Pen Quints - Also its for bonus damage to ur Q and R

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Skill Sequence

Q-E-Q-E Why i shouldn't learn W
W - Useless spell in early game it scale only with AP and debuff will be more effective only if Ur opponent will have some bonus % atk speed also watch out while using W it drain tons of mana best usage of it its while team fight when you can hit more than 1 person or just to fast spike opponent ad carry.

While Ap:
W and E R Scale so great with AP thats why i max W remember Q is Ad so it wont scale so good

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Team Work

So at bottom lane when i want to get my first kill i always use few times my mistic shot to put some health down from my opponent also i try to hit him and stack a little my passive what will give me some bonus attack speed. While Ur opponent is around 50% health fear not and use E to dash into him then asap Q. Use it only when opponent support with heal him and their heal spell in on cool-down always is good to have exhaust up.

Remember to get Lizard buff its so great for Ezreal ur Q will slow oponent and then you can just atk him

While mid game team-fights wait till someone will rush into opponents then use ulti to deal aoe dmg and to stack Ur passive then rush with w into all opponents and spike most squishy one or most fed one like their ap carry , ad carry

You can always use ur ultimate just to clean any lane from creeps for example mid player recalled you can help him and clean creeps at he's tower

While Ap

Ask always for blue buff from Ur jungler till you wont get enough stacks at tear if your doing well at lane skip Philosopher stone If Ur opponents have "Dash" Team then buy Ryjai Scepter! Ur W will slow them all without any problems also E its so great for escapes!

Always Burst with W then use Ur Auto sheen attack you can also start with R use E to dash or to fall back watch you cool-downs!

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Playing Vs Heavy Tanks (Fear Not!)

If you will be Vs heavy tank team fear not still you can be alive!
At first you have to choose what you will do for example i want to keep my *** safe then i will go for slow T-Froce then i want to heavy quick spike their tanks i will build early Black Cleaver It deal real nice dmg to tank's and Madred After this i will need some heal because of Atmog's! You can choose between Stark's or Bloodthister i pref stark because of arm pen , my last item is Guardian Angel or you can go for more damange it really depends from ur game style if you won't die and you sure about this build Last Whisper and enjoy ur insane Ezreal spike.

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Playing Vs Heavy AP Spike

This can be little harder while playing early mid game So you have to keep focus try to avoid all skill spells what they will cast! You have cleanse if they will hard cc you just buy Quicksilver Slash if not keep Guardian Angel Or Wit's End.
How to fight?
Wait a little Ap's will burst someone then Quick jump with E into them use W aim more than 2 opponents then spike one on them with lowest health or most fed one or that what you fear off in this moment always press Q after W then wait till Q will recharge and again Q keep Ur passive % speed at 4-5 if thats possible. If they will stun use Cleanse!

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You can choose between those what i pref but if you like to be more glass cannon just buy another Blood thirster Or Infinity Edge Or Last Whisper i just like to be more defensive and tactic than an flying barbarian around

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Its just best place to practice Ur aim thats all :) rest you will do with Q And E and R ... and try to not die ok?

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So.. It is time.. You want .. to jungle.. with him.. okay..
at first be "nice" to others because almost every mate in team will flame you with "OMFG LOL EZREAL JUNGLE WTF!" etc you shouldn't care about this ok so You have cloth armor few pots lets do the jungle stuff at first You have to know this magic secret what allow Ezreal to jungle very successful


At first ask for heavy pull at every camp without golem's and wolf's

1 - Blue Buff wait till ur team mates will spike golem then just finish him remember all the time use ur Q to get some % bonus atk speed from passive. At level 2 buy E

2 - Wolfs just go into wolfs and aim into small one then finish big i use always Q-E Q-E because i have high mana regen from blue and i drink after potions to get around 70% health

3 - Now ask for pull wraits wait till mid player will pull them then use smite at blue one and go ahead for more

4 - Put down golems like you did with the rest stuff

5 - now you have to recall and buy some items like boots + potions

6 - Go get red buff try to not lose much health then go and Gank something! look at lanes look where help is needed and go there

7 - How to gank with Ezreal So at first you have to jump into opponents it they are moving back if they are pushing still lane just go out ofc before ping and mark the target then first use Q - > but only for sure shot then keep ur auto-attack for slow buff from lizard and if they will use flash you will use ur own E skill

8 - You can use R to start fights or to deal extra damage while fighting it works really even if something will dps you for a while

9 - Get a drake for your team but only when you have latern + few pots to keep your health safe and smite ready always you can ask for help from bottom

10 - Im from jungle but im not the fuc!@#!@# Atmoger what i should do ?
ok so here you play ezreal just make ur team duo carry while jungling you can clean lanes with R remember about that! it gives you free gold or just aim into opponents jungle i get one kill aiming into red LoL here heh .. so Ezreal is fun and you can easly jungle with him and in late game ur Dps will be like typical Meta build whats really nice. Always you can build Frozen Mallet and Madred if their team is tanky also remember you have +1 carry so be something like support to him if he's Crit build just go Madred to supp hes dps while team fight he will put down AP or Ad carry and you will spike + slow opponent tank. Always try to use W at ur ad also it will give him some % speed buff.

I guess that's all :) hf with duo carry champ game :)
*its pretty face-rolling <3

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You have to be always focused at last hitting it will give you massive advantage over the enemy while lane phase also remember Ezreal isn't like other Ad's you have to use Q and Auto-attack not only ur skillshots!
Then always be ready for gank's made by Ur jungler don't waste any situation to get kill.
If Ur support not doing very well buy some ward's just to help him that should allow him to get faster gp5 item
You can use ur E to dash back or to avoid gank
You can push Any lane with R

I guess that's all i will try to improve my guide in time thanks for your time and get already a penta kill