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Ezreal Build Guide by D3viance

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D3viance

Ezreal GG

D3viance Last updated on August 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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These are two of my best build for Ezreal. Dominating the early/mid game and end up in ganks in the late games. My item, rune and masteries build are simply showing that this build focus on shreding high armor enemies (i.e Volibear) and tower-divers on early games.

This build is focusing on:

- Tournament 'AD' Ezreal with a potentially high damage

- Shreding high armor and/or high HP enemies

- Great farming skills and essence

- Ganking - When and Where

- Bushing styles - When and Where

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On tournaments players shouldn't put Ezreal as the main carry as he is quite imbalance. He can be overpowered(OP) or under-powered(UP).

Leave the main carry to some of the game's best hardcore carry (i.e vayne, caitlyn) -- which means Ezreal can be the semi-carry, whom powers reach beyond OP in the mid games.

Understanding role-plays for Ezreal is very important as he can be Penta-EZ or just UP Ezreal.

Ezreal can be played on the following roles:

- Carry
- Semi-carry

Never try Ezreal for jungle, if you want a blue buff in early games -- ask for a teammate to help you on that.

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Runes Setup

Standard 'Semi-carry' AD:

Mark of Desolation x9
Seals of Clarity x9

Glyph of Shielding x9

Quints. of Strength x2

Quints. of Fortitude x1

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Skill Sequence

Always remember that Mystic Shot is your primary skill, use it in farming, harassing, killing and ganking. Try to max it first before any other skills (I usually max it by LvL 9). Essence Flux is a reliable skill but is not too important in tournaments as it use a lot of mana and just a reminder -- Ezreal's mana pool is low on early games. Arcane Shift is your primary escape/chase tool. It can go through walls (really helpful for surprise ganking). Arcane Shift also provides a high damage nuke and this effects invisibility (very helpful on chasing sneaky heroes - i.e twitch, evelyn). Trueshot Barrage is surprisingly your no.2 farming tool. Spam it on a group of creeps (on early games) every time the cooldown(CD) is over. It gets you approximately 5 creeps and more than 130 golds in 2.7 seconds -- great isn't it?!

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Items Explanation

Standard AD/ARmor Build:

The Bloodthirster

The Bloodthirster is highly recommended because of the high damage bonus and lifesteal. It is one of the OP items for Ezreal. Get this around 14th minute and you'll be fine dominating the lane.

Berserker's Greaves

Gives you enhance movement speed and attack speed.

Trinity Force

The only item in the game that solves the all-basic needs. Giving bonus AD, AP, attack speed, critical chance, movement speed, HP and MP. Plus, a useful passive which gives a 25% chance to slow the enemy for 2.5 seconds and on cast, your next attack deals bonus damage equal to 150% of your base damage.

Atma's Impaler

This item is somewhat a balance item for Ezreal to lead towards the end game. Ezreal needs both the armor and critical strike in tournaments -- and this item solves the problem. Though the Passive of Atma's Impaler is not suitable for Ezreal with his squishy health -- it proves very useful on dealing massive damages in end-games.

The Black Cleaver

The Black Cleaver is one of the most important item for Ezreal in end-games. While giving both massive damage boost and attack speed, the Black Cleaver gives the ability to reduce your target's armor rapidly.

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer needs no explanation as it is currently the most OP item for Ezreal in tournaments. Giving a boost in both your attack and movement speed while adding 30% critical strike, you can own anything including tanky opponents.

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Optional Items

Banshee's Veil

Get this if there is high nukes enemies (i.e malzahar, ashe). It gives a quite a lot of HP and MP and great amount of magic resist.

Quicksilver Sash

Getting nuke so often? Get this item! Most people think it is a stupid item. But some think it as a very good item for Ez. It depends on your situation actually. For me, this is a last resort item. Only use this if you get nuke so often and need more survivability. This item gives a huge bonus on magic resistance plus giving a very useful active. It works like the spell Cleanse removing all debuffs on your hero including slow, stun and fear.

Madred's Bloodrazor

The best item to inflict damage.Giving bonus AD and attack speed. Provides armor too which makes you invincible. Plus, deal magic damage equal to 4% of the target health. Works well with mystic shot as it stacks.

Last Whisper

Last Whisper maybe is a basic item in pubs, but in reality -- it is actually a good item to dominate the mid-game in tournaments. It gives you bonus high damage and high armor penetration too. This item is very useful when combined with Phantom Dancer as you can chase your target easily.

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Ezreal can be a reliable solo mid -- only if he plays carry though. If you're not the team main carry (which you aren't in tourneys), I suggest for a solo top (if there is jungler) or just lane normally with another teammate (but lane with a support hero -- recommended).

Ezreal's high damage and incredible nukes can dominate a lane easily. Just focus on last hitting creeps over harassing. Harassment is very important, but farming is high priority as you need to get hardcore items for game possessions. A good Ezreal player can dominate both the lane by farming and harassment. With good skills and fast movements, the player can easily dominate the lane without getting hurt at all. Just watch out for ganks and don't go to pushy.

Definitely go for the kill if you're ready with a set of items. Engage on enemies if only your health bar is near the max. Don't be overconfident on flashing aggressively without warding/scouting first.

To keep you on lane domination -- always get a blue/red buff for extra damage and mana regeneration.

If you are playing on a solo top Ezreal -- always keep the pressure up for your enemies and never let your guard down. Watch out for Warwick or Sion -- as they can stun you while delivering massive damages.

Play with care and definitely never miss. Keep harassing and you'll be fine.

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Ganking/Team fights

Ganking can be hard for Ezreal, as he must always be at the back. Semi-carries usually stay at the most back as they are the ones who are most valuable in ganks. Despite what other may think -- Ezreal actually is OP on team fights as he can deliver massive damages. Though he need to keep in range from the enemies, his skills ranges are long distance away which means he can fire up to 3 units in-game.

Just remember to mind your mana pool as your mana can decrease fast while using the Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage.

Just a note:
Ezreal is a semi-carry, whereas he should just dominate the lane when he can in the early games. He needs a lot of creeps and golds for items through the mid game. Get a teammate to buy wards or buy it yourself once the first tower is destroyed. The enemy will start to go rogue after the first tower is destroyed.

If you're seriously into team fights, get a good level 14 with OP items (i.e Bloodthirster & Trinity Force) and get a good grip into the fights. Only do this if you're confident that you will dominate with kills and gain more golds that just farm -- or else you'll be under-powered(UP) by that time and you will definitely lose the game.

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Changelog & Updates

10/12/2011 -- Created 'Tournament Ezreal' guide
11/12/2011 -- Added 'Items Explanation' and 'Optional Items' post.

Updates: Starting items guide coming!