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Ezreal Build Guide by dravenscool

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dravenscool

Ezreal Legends

dravenscool Last updated on May 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello I am Tristan and my summoner name is tristan3652. I am new to making guides to mobafire (this is my first) so please excuse my mistakes and leave comments below. First Ezreal is a champion to play if you want to have a lot of fun and like kiting the enemy team. He is in the top 5 adcs in the meta currently and hopefully will stay in the meta. I am currently in silver 5 and got out of bronze 5 in like a month. Mostly due to ezreal. Without further ado lets talk about ezreal. Hopefully you know the abreviations but just in case CC is Crowd Control, DPS is damage per second or attack speed, CDR is Cooldown Reduction, ADC is attack damage carry.

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Pros / Cons


Very fun
Has low cooldown on his
Very strong poke
Decent cooldown ultimate (with lowering it)
He has a dps steroid
Has a low cooldown flash that does damage
can be used to snipe people or objectives (if you have good map awareness)
is global
Has an ultimate skin
He is a fricking EXPLORER!


Very squishy in general
Especially squishy early
Low base dps
He has a thing for Taric

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Smartcast is an option that you can choose in game. What it does is it fires your abilities for you not as the computer but you but your is a skillshot that you must hit then left click where you want it to go. With smart cast you point your mouse and hit and it fires where your mouse was pointed. Ezreal is a champion that must be played with smart cast. Your combo will miss or they will dodge it if you do not have smart cast enabled. That is what lets him kite as well as he does. If you cannot enable it or do not know how hit escape this brings up the options menu and hit quick cast all and then hit ok. If you don't hit ok it refers you to the default.If you don't want to use smart cast for his under the r spell there is a lightning bolt click that and it will disable smart cast for that ability. Note: quick cast all ensures that every spell including items and trinkets, wards, and summoner spells are cast automatically.

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Your runes are typical for any adc you take dmg marks and quints and health seals. I like to use cdr glyphs but they can be substituted for magic resist if you do not want cdr.

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I take typical adc masteries except i take the 5% cdr instead of dps.

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Ok your items are the most important part of every champion for ezreal you have a few absolutely necessary items these are the , , and .

These are required your procs items so that's the it does 50% bonus dmg. Your lifesteal is sustain anyway but it works on your and you get a lot of health if you just a minion. Your is so you live lategame. If you die and you are the most fed which hopefully you will be late game then you will be able to kite yourself somewhat with your but your will save you. The other items are not necessary but are recommended. The gives amazing armor pen and the cdr is very helpful. You have 55% crit if your crits your procs items so would do 250% and 150% from making for a lot of dmg.

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Skill Sequence

Max for poke, max for cd and max for no reason other than it gives you some dps and adds to your poke. Get your when possible. Your does a lot of damage in the early game and reduces your cooldowns by 1 second with a low mana cost. But your mana costs will stack up because it has a short cooldown.

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Team Work

When playing Ezreal it is important that you don't engage and wait for your team to engage the fight. Ezreal can pretty much choose what fights he wants to go into. I am going to split this section into three groups early mid and late game.If I didnt mention this before it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT you take Smartcast if you dont know how or dont know what it does look to the Smartcast section toward the beginning of this guide.

Early game: Ezreal is bad at level 1 fights but at level 3 he becomes deadly.His standard combo in lane is to the side of the champ fire off your to the champ and then your and that will take half their health if you land your skillshots. From there you can continue to fight or if you are taking hits from minions back off. If you have to back to base after level 6 and you have your I like to help the lanes out by sending my ult down the lanes because of the low cooldown. And after that you go to your lane. and the wight to reduce your cooldowns by one second. You are in your lane and can start fighting and firing off your combo.

Mid Game:

Ezreal is a roaming adc that must help out the other lanes and get some kills if you haven't already. When going to mid from bot you go into the long river bush and WALK IN do not use your you may need it for repositioning. You walk in and and auto attack a few times when the cool down is off. If they are not dead they are most likely at their turret with 1/3 to 1/2 health this is when you use your , by then you have taken some turret hits and need to back off hopefully you know where they are and you fire your to finish them off.

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For farming with ezreal just try to last hit. I prefer to save my for champs but for cannon minions you can use it on them to get the last hit. If you have a soraka in your lane do whatever the F*** you want she will give you mana whenever you need it.

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Matchups and Synergy


Ezreal loses in lane to:

He has a longer dash than you and a better steroid and can catch up to you for a q on you which will do 1 billion damage. Just poke him and you will out scale him.

His will do a lot of damage to you. If you can get a on your team you will beat him. Taric has the stun the heal and the armor you need to beat draven.

She will beat you early game this is a point where you stay as far away as possible and for creeps because she will wreck you if you get in range of her

If she lands her on you you are as good as dead and she has the that will completely ignore your combo.

If you her she will block it and get mana for it. She has a longer poke with more damage than you do the same thing you would do against caitlin.

Ezreal wins in lane against:

Poke her and win.

Poke him and win. Dodge his Phosphorous Bomb.

Level 1 she beats you but just wait until level 3 and fire your combo and she will be easy.

He is an anti tank would be amazing against him.

Dont get me wrong she will outscale you but you can beat her in lane. Catch her when her is on cool down and use your combo ,, and .
Ezreal Synergy

Ezreal has a lot of skillshots and they do a lot of damage but can miss but leona makes sure that the champ stays in one place so you can do your combo and guarantee it hits.

He is the same reason as leona except he makes you more tanky and can he heal you. Leona is all in, taric is just to secure to poke not to necessary kill every time.

She has a lot of sustain and lets you spam abilities. She can lower the magic resist with her

He is very similar to leona except he has something that lets you get away. Very poor sustain, but very high kill potential.

All around is a decent champ. She can poke, sustain, and kill one with each ability. Her ult can change the game.

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This is Ezreal i do not plan to make an AP Ezreal guide but I can if I get enough people to want it. Hope fully people like this guide. Please leave comments and leave a review of what I did well and what I can improve on. I know that the name may be based off of videogamedunkey trust me I'm not doing it because I don't like him I am doing it to promote him, he is the funniest league of legends youtuber that I know and if you don't know who that is watch his videos and leave him a subscribe.