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Ezreal Build Guide by ZearcKK

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZearcKK

Ezreal, no luck, just skill. [AD]

ZearcKK Last updated on February 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Ezreal guide, my name is ZearcKK and i play on EU/Nordic & East, feel free to add me with questions concerning this guide. Ill try and go as much in-depth with Ezreal as i can, as my goal is to make you a confident AD Carry. Key to Ezreal is his skillshots, as hes based on them, so if youre here to figure out, whether or not to buy him, then dont if youre not into semi-complex Champions. Hes a hard champion to master. But everyone can get used to him, its just a matter of time. It took me one day to get the hang of him.

I didnt want to make a really complex guide with 30 chapters, so i broke everything down simply with 6 chapters. Explaining everything that any other Ezreal guide has and more.

Why i wanted to make this guide is simply because i realised that some of the top guides were senseless. So im here to learn you how to play him simple.

Why i got into this champion is mostly because of his skillshots, i love being in control of skillshots. So i basically love everything about him.
I hope youll enjoy this guide, and that it will give you an advantage in game!

If you think that i didnt manage to cover everything about him, feel free to add my skype: Alexander.bordum. Remember to point out ur reason for adding me though, as i get a ton of daily invites.

Guide Published: 2012-02-09

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Pros / Cons


-Good escaping abilities due to E with a Flash combo.
Advanced, overpower when mastered.
-Long range.
-Really good spells, (Ultimate) has an across map range.
-Not a Champion that gets bored after a couple of games, concluding that he is worth the cost.
-Fun to play.
-Easy to lasthit Champions = Easy to CARRY
-SO OP with Smartcast
-Looks like Naruto


-Hard to play well
-Squishy (Allthough his plus makes it alot -easier to escape ganks.
-Team Reliant - If your team is bad or feeding, youre most likely to do the same thing.
-Need a good lane buddy in order to do well.

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Build Preferences / Summoner Spells

I have set Dorans Blade as my first buy, however i like to grab boots and 3x because, it makes me able to stay in lane for a longer duration.

If you choose to run with Dorans Blade, i suggest you swap out with , as someone else from your team is most likely to have ignite, whilst you should rather focus on avoiding damage and incoming ganks. So that makes and your most reliable escaping tools, so when you got that, you can have lasthitting creeps and hor***ment as a priority instead of playing defensive.

The reason i run with my and Health Potion build, is because you would most likely go for a firstblood, and there will be a big chance that you will cause enough damage on the target to pop Ignite. Now here comes the smart thing. The mastery we put a point in, causes me to do a bonus amount of damage, whilst Ignite is on cooldown. And that causes me to do about 50% less damage then i would have with my Dorans Blade. And that damage will come in handy to lasthit mineons, as its hard to lasthit with only Boots of Speed. Because the damage of Ezreal's auto attacks arent optimal in early game.

Now you can choose whatever seems most logical for you. I build both items, but if youre in a ranked game i suggest getting . However, getting a Dorans Blade as first buy, when youre going bot with a support is a good idea too, in order to have more control over lasthitting creeps. Ive had succes with both builds, and they are pretty similar in what comes to damage, so i guess its just what you prefer.

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Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation is pretty much a must for any AD Carry. It ignores a big percentage of your enemies health in early game, giving you a huge advantage over them!

Glyphs: I run as my blues. That gives me that extra 4% CDR so that i can pickup a Brutalizer giving me extra damage, instead of getting . Cooldown Reduction is a must on Ezreal as we want to be as short on cooldown as possible, because its our most reliable source of damage.

Seals: I always run MP5(mana per 5)/lvl(per lvl) seals because i run out of mana so fast. Its most effective in late game though. However i can feel a difference when i dont have this rune on. So definately, is the right Seal to pick.

Quintessences: I also run flat Armor Penetration Quints just for that extra early game "true damage", if you feel like Ezreal is to squishy, you can go with some flat HP ones instead. However Greater Quintessence of Desolation is my best offer of OP'ness.

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In-Depth Abilities and Smartcasting

What is smartcasting?

Smartcasting is an an option you can enable, so that you fire your shots/abilities whereever your mousecursor is placed. This will make you faster, because you wont have to click on the map every time.
On smartcasting makes alot of sense. It will speed up ur hor***ment, and just improve your gameplay overall. It takes some time getting used to, but it works out in your favor at the end of the day, trust me.


only has 3 abilities worth using. His (Q), (E) and ofcourse his Ultimate. Unfortunately his ability runs on Magic Damage making it rather useless. It has a debuff with it, which sometimes can come in handy, but i only use it sometimes to initiate teamfights. It also buffs allies if theyre hit. But in what comes to Damage, his W spell is really bad when running AD Carry build.

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Tips and Tricks

Here i will go over some different tips on how to play well with basically every AD Carry.

1. Zoning:

A zone, is the maximun range of ur abilities. Zoning means that you have full awareness of the enemies zone, towers zone, and mineons zone. You need some experience to know the zone of every Champion though, but with time comes greatness, remember that! Zoning is pretty hard to explain, so ill let this video do the rest.

2. Game Sense and Map Awareness:

You will always have to know where the enemies are, especially if youre team is bad at calling ss. Having Map Awareness could grant you an extra kill, by sniping with your (R). Having Game Sense covers alot of stuff in this game. One of the things ill go over, is knowing what fights are lost and what fights are won. If you know when youre a possible gank victim, bein able to lasthit creeps without taking damage from opponent, all that kind of stuff. It takes months of practice, but eventually, youll get the hang of it.

3. Combos:

In order to get the best damage output on your enemy, avoid standing near mineons. The best way to counter an Ezreal is to stand behind mineons, so that he cant horr***. When you attack with Ezreal, standing near mineons is a problem too. As your {icon=Arcane Shift size=20] hits the nearest enemy. And you want that damage to hit your opponent, and NOT a mineon.

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The End

I put quite alot effort into this, i believe that this guide turned out well, and i hope i share that opinion with alot of you guys. Wanna thank my IRL friends for playing so much with me, making me a confident Ezreal player, so that i could put out this guide for you guys. Ive tried this build out on alot of other AD Carries, and its actually quite effective on those aswell. But its mainly focused on Ezreal. So please thumbs this **** up, and ill see yah around. CU <><