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Build Guide by roockeeteer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author roockeeteer

Ezreal, The Prodigal Carry

roockeeteer Last updated on April 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ezreal, The Prodigal Carry

Ezreal was born with the gift of magic flowing through his veins. Ezreal, however, was also born with a much stronger sense of wanderlust. Put into school to become a skilled techmaturgist, Ezreal quickly became bored with magical studies. By the time the boy genius was eight years old, he had fully mapped out the underground tunnels of Piltover. The quality of his work was so great that the government of Piltover purchased his maps and salaried his services as Piltover's Grandmaster Explorer. This sealed the deal on Ezreal's path in life - he would eschew the arcane arts in favor of archaeology. Since then, countless of Ezreal's adventures have been written about as romanticized stories.

One of Ezreal's latest adventures, however, has brought him face-to-face with his other legacy - his latent magical power. While exploring the pyramids of Shurima Desert, Ezreal uncovered an Amulet of incredible power. Aside from the sheer size of the amulet (it was made for a being easily twice Ezreal's size), it allows the wielder to control and shape magical energy - provided a source of magic is in the vicinity. This allowed Ezreal to tap into his natural talent for magic without having to put any serious effort into it - a big win for the Prodigal Explorer. The drawback is that for some unknown reason, the amulet is attuned with summoning magic. Without warning, Ezreal may find himself acting as a champion for, as he puts it, ''a summoner hell-bent on resolving some irrelevant world-shattering League conflict.'' Still, Ezreal feels being summoned into a Field of Justice on occasion is a small price to pay.

''There's little time to study musty tomes when you're busy crawling around where the musty tomes originally came from.'' Such is Ezreal's credo.

Ezreal in my eyes

Ezreal is an extremely fun champion to play. He has a very long range and the ability to poke in and out of fights. The best thing about Ezreal? He has a built-in flash which allows his survivability to be very formidable. Although he is squishy, he can snipe and burn down your enemy carries at speeds unrivaled.

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Before I Start

Oh, your build has no HP. Your build has no Sheen/Triforce. Blah blah blah!

This is an early to mid-game guide that lets you take the advantage for a quick-game. On a good start with an Ezreal, I usually can only play up to mid-game and then win with a surrender. I never solo-que, I'm always in ventrilo with 5 people that used to be on a team with me for Counter-Strike league seasons, so I'm pretty sure that we're getting matched with premades too (All level 30 if you wanted to know).

Okay, yeah, my build has no HP items, but getting a survival item in the beginning is a waste of money on an aggressive Ezreal with a Flash, Arcane Shift, and Improved Ghost. DO YOU REALLY think your going to get caught in the beginning? Play smart, play safe, play aggressive.

Now for Sheen/Triforce. I've heard this needs to be added into my build way too many times. It's expensive, Sheen will not benefit you as much as other items in early to midgame with just a 100% damage.

DivineIntervention wrote:

This thing REALLY lacks a Triforce. With that ammount of AP you need a Triforce to become even deadlier and take advandtage of your spamable spells. Also you've got no HP making you squishy as Teemo, i'd highly recommend that you add Trinity force to your build :)
However its a nice build.

As I stated before, most people get a Sheen and then attack damage items. After they finish one attack damage item they finish their Sheen into a Triforce most likely, but I stated my reasons why Triforce would be less beneficial off the bat. Let's take into example if you were going for a Triforce. Now you have your Sheen and your Zeal now. Your damage output is close to nothing since your AD would be EXTREMELY low, which is Ezreal's downside early to midgame. Now take it if you had my Occult. Even without stacks thats 10 more Damage than you would get with a Sheen. Now let's move to an Occult with maybe a Pickaxe or B.F Sword to match that Zeal or something. My damage output is now, 10 +(5 for assists and kills) +25 (pickaxe) + (50 B.F Sword). That's nearly 85 damage you get permanently and even more for kills + assists. Now my damage is close to the 200 mark and I now have 100 more AD for mystic shot and Trueshot Barrage. Do you really think your Sheen and Zeal can outmatch my items?

I hope that answers future "OH NO SHEEN/TRIFORCE. GOOD TRY ON BUILD BUT NO THANKS". This is an early to mid-game guide with an aggressive playstyle. Try it out before you comment please.

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Annoying people with Ezreal

Ezreal has a very long range along with a flash. Use these skills to your advantage and harass your enemy. Your strong enough to take them down if they charge head on. Keep poking in and out.

Team Fights

I can not tell you how many times I see other Ezreal's initiating a team fight. Why would you do that? You keep poking in and out with your Mystic Shot for them to be lower and to back them off. Once your tank steps into initiate, stay back and position yourself to their squishy teammates. With 2 flashes and a ghost, I don't see why you can't get into a position with Ezreal's range. If you can't seem to get in, let them line up and start off with your Trueshot Barrage. Reason being is that it creates 5 stacks automatically which helps increase your damage output. As long as you are aware of your fight and not standing there like a "STOP SIGN", you will definately win the fight.

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Pros / Cons


-Heavy damage dealer
-Capable lane controller
-Very versatile
-Great range
-Cross map ultimate


-Vulnerable to CC
-Extremely squishy once caught
-All his abilities are skill shots (which require practice)
-Very team reliant

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Why those runes?

The reason why I use 6 armor pen. marks along with 3 damage marks is because of his low base damage. As an AD carry, Ezreal's main abilities that you will be spamming is his Mystic Shot. With these runes, you'll be around 75 AD at level 1 with just a Doran's Blade and it'll keep increasing per level. His Mystic Shot at level 1 will do tremendous damage and let you control your lane. The Dodge will keep you sustained alive longer if you DO happen to get caught (which you shouldn't even let happen). Along with the Ninja Tabi boots, you'll be up to around 20.75% dodge which is VERY formidable against other physical dealers. As for the Magic Resist, it'll help you when you solo mid or go in lane against casters who otherwise would deal ridiculous damage on your already "low-life" Ezreal.

Full Armor Penetration Marks + Quints are better!

They should be late game, but my build is designed for dominating early to mid game to control your match. The early damage along with armor penetration should be more than enough for you to take down the opposing teams squishies. You shouldn't be targeting their tank anyways. At level 1, most champions have around 20-35 armor and with the masteries, you'll be put up with 75 AD with 16 Armor pen. which should devastate them with a single Mystic Shot.

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I go full offense grabbing Archaic Knowledge because his Arcane Shift scales and Ultimate do INITIAL magic damage (although his ultimate will be scaled with AD in this build). The 8 in defense are to help you sustain hits by grabbing armor and finally putting the last points into the 2% dodge which helps achieve your 20% dodge. I don't really feel the need to grab Nimbleness when I already have 2 flashes and a ghost. The last point in Utility should go to improved ghost to help you get out faster and the longer duration may just save your life. I'm sure other masteries will work, but I play aggressive during early to mid game, so these masteries help with that.

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As for Sheen, I see a lot of people getting it first after boots. It adds 25 AP + 250 mana with your next skill to be 100% damage. As for sheen's use early game, I feel it to be a little less beneficial than others. With the 1400 you spend on sheen, you could have gotten more damage with an occult or save up 450 more for a B.F Sword where it would increase your damage since it affects Ezreal so much. That's why if you can get the core items such as your IE, occult, and BT, the Triforce will become more viable at that point because your ability shot becomes a 150% not 100% from sheen, and at that point, it'll become a more viable due to all your stats already.

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Ezreal's Strength

As I said before, Ezreal has a really low damage without his items and runes. Ezreal's main item will be Infinity Edge. Gives amazing attack along with critical chance. Besides that, it also gives 250% increased critical damage!

You may be controversial to Ninja Tabi boots, but it's such a tremendous way to help you increase your dodge since it is the only item in game with percent dodge. If your team is full of CC, grab Merc boots instead, but if they're heavy on the physical dps champions, grab these boots.

Since you are playing aggressive early to mid game, I suggest you ALWAYS get a sword of the occult, no matter if it's a slow game. Your assists + sniping skills along with your ultimate help build up stacks even when your team is at a disadvantage. I must say this item is always a must for me.

Bloodthirsters are the next choice. Life steal + 100 damage at full stacks. Amazing item in general to help increase your overall AD.

These should be your main items, and if you ever feel the need to have more survivability, grab a Guardian Angel to help keep your stacks and for the resists in both MAGIC and ARMOR. If that doesn't help you still, I'd suggest a Banshee's Veil along with it for increased survivability.

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This is supposed to be an aggressive playstyle Ezreal. Play smart, but play aggressive enough to let your lane opponent know that you are the dominant player.

Just a quick guide to my Ezreal playstyle, and will be adding a TON more in if the community needs me to update it.