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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpaceSchuttle

Ezreals AP/MPen Build

SpaceSchuttle Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Hey guys, Space Schuttle here to give you guys my MP/AP build for Ezreal. Keep in mind that this build is for a 5 v 5 solo Ezreal. It does alright in top/bot lanes but playing Ezreal their just isnt wise. Anyway Please enjoy i appreciate any CoCr in the comment section. I also like to see scores form people who use my builds.

*Please note that this build may not work for you. this is ok it's just not your play style.
**Also please add me on LoL IGN- SpaceSchuttle

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I like to put all my red's and Quints on MPen. that leaves your yellows and blue's for armor and MRes. Their really is no wrong rune set. just do whatever is comfortable and afordable for you.

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Pro's and Cons of Ezreal

-Great ranged
-High AP put out
-Low mana costs
-Ranged ult
_Awesome dance
-extremely mana dependent (some people can argue this but for the sake of this build lets leave at this)
-If you aren't good at Skill Shot your are extremely bad with Ezreal

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Your passive gives 10% attack Speed per skill that hits. it stacks 5 times. Good for turret busting.

[Q] - Mystic Shot

By far this skill will be your best friend in the laning phase. it reduces cool downs on contact and has a modest damage output as it stacks.

[W] - Essence Flux

This skill is very flexible when you use it. it can deal a decent amount of damage and slow enemies attacks but, it can also Speed up ally attacks and in return your own. i like to use this at turrets on my team. It makes turret busting a sich

[E] - Arcane Shift

this is your getaway car. yes it does damage but i relly like to hold onto it until im in trouble. I NEVER use it to hit players although ive known a few friends who like touse it to set up thei [Q] skill.

[R] - Trueshot Barrage

you will get about 80% of your kills with this. It hits hard and has awful map range. The best part is that if you use your [Q] skill frequently the cooldown on it is barely noticeable.

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Play Style

I usualy play ezreal more on the passive side only to bully with Essence Flux. I will never recomend a Agrressive playstyle on Ezreal as if he over extends it means certain death in any lane.
Always stick behind your minions! I cannot stress this enough. Most champs won't bother with you if your behind a wall of minions and Flux makes sure that they don't or even better they get fed up and you just skill shot them easy squeazy.

It's also important to get teamates to help you break down your turrets. Do not go turret hunting alone. it usually makes you over commit to killing it and usually brings about your end.

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Early Game

Alright Guys, Early game it is so important to Stay in the lane as long as you can so you need to pick up either a maki pendant or a mana manipulator to keep your mana up. make you objective in the mid to stay their until level 9-11. it's easy to do if you stay behind your minions and bully the enemy with your W skill. be sure you get LAST HITS on most of the enemy creeps as that will put you ahead of the enemies mid if you get the gold increase.By the end of your early game you should have already gotten your abyssal as well. I like this item because of the aura magic res debuff. it makes Ezreals moves that much more power full.

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Mid game

By now you should be about level 11 you should also have your Q spell almost to level 5. Q is your bread and Butter because the more hits you land with Q the more ultimates you can spam picking up kills and putting yourself that much away from the rest of your enemies when it comes to Damage output. I mentioned getting abyssal before and i think that it really depends on what You think you need first. getting sorcerers's is also a good 3rd item because you still get that extra Damage output with your skills.

Around level 13 you may find yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to survivalbility thats why you need the ice sceptor. usualy by now your team will be full pushing their lanes (atleast this is what my teams do when we get closer to the end of mid-game) So you can just chill in the back and let your tanks and carries take most of the damage. So by the end of mid-game granted you have fed a little you should be able to afford atleast half of ice sceptor.

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End game

this is where Ereal does the best for me. Since you have your extra health from the sceptor you can start bullying them most of the game. Your E and Flash spells are your lifelines in case you get trapped in an enemies gank. If placed correctly you really cant be killed in any situation. (god forbid they have Ashe Ezreal Karthas or Lux) There isn't really much explanation here. just chip at their champs and help your team push turrets. if you do all this correctly it should be GoodGame. Thanks for Viewing please rate and comment below.

-Space Schuttle

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This page will be left for when Ezreal gets buffed/nerfed and also when you guys give good advice that gets added to the build.

Build created
Thanks Neoxon for your opinion