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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagilooh

Fiddlesticks: Faster Jungling, Faster Killing

Nagilooh Last updated on March 7, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my Fiddlesticks guide.

In this guide i'll explain how to jungle with him and be a good asset to the team.
Ofcourse there are many other guides about how to jungle with Fiddlesticks.

Play as you like. I play this way because I think I can jungle faster then the others and be more usefull and quicker usefull. I will always level at least just as fast as the mid and the solo lane, but it isn't strange we you can even surpass them. Let me explain how in this guide.

Please comment and vote to let me know what you think about this guide.

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As first my runes.

I have picked some standard runes for casters like Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration. Ofcourse Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction is pretty standard aswell but he has a special role in my build allong with Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction.

You see, when you jungle with Fiddle, he doesn't really need extra armor, extra defence in runes masteries or whatever. The best part about that is he can focus on being a good ganker.

But a great dislike I had with Fiddle is that although his Drain is very powerfull and the only thing you need to jungle with him, it also has a too long cd to be a effective jungler. With any other jungler I could almost jungle twice as fast because with Fiddle you need to wait untill you can use you're Drain again. In that sparetime Fiddle almost doesn't do any damage.

So, In my runes I put allot of cooldown reduction. Especially the Quintessence help allot here. This way I can do way more and faster damage on the creeps and therefor a lot faster Jungling.

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My masteries are quit simple.

It's all about doing damage. 21 in Utility for some extra cooldown-reduction, xp, mana and manaregen. All of these are required to make fast creepkills and level fast without having to recall all the time.

The other 9 points are in Offense for the extra damage output.

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The Itembuild can be diffrent for each fight. The build i've put in the top is my basic build and can be used for almost any fight.

I start with Doran's Ring wich makes jungling easier for the extra hp, extra ap for damage and some regen for more mana so i don't need to recall to much.

Second are naturally my boots. Some magic penetration wich is usefull to gank early. They should speak for themselve.

Third is Rod of Ages wich is a great item for Fiddle. It has some more survivability, mana, and ap for damage. I pick this item instead of Mejai's Soulstealer. Well, I can understand why you wanna buy that one. But i serious think Rod of Ages is the better choice. Because you lose allot of stacks when u die with Mejai's Soulstealer and Rod of Ages always gives a 100 ap wich isn't always possible with Mejai's Soulsteal.

So, the Fourth item is Morello's Evil Tome wich is one of the best caster items imo. It gives again more cooldown-reduction and some nice ap and mana-regen. Now you might say that more cooldown-reduction isn't needed anymore since by the time you have this item you won't need to jungle so much. Well that's true but I still need more Cooldown-Reduction for my Dark Wind wich has a to high cd for me. I'll explain why I use this skill the most in the Skill Sequence chapter.

My last three items are all chosen for their ap on them and their defensive and offensive bonussen. With Rabadon's Deathcap you get a nice ap bonus. With Rylai's Crystal Scepter you get a nice hp boost and a awesome slow. And as last Abyssal Mask gives some good defence and better a good offensive bonus since it reduces enemy magic resist.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is very diffrent from what i've seen with other players.

As first I start with Drain wich is pretty standard ofcourse. However after level 3 I won't need another rank up untill I maxed out Dark Wind.

Why do I go for Dark Wind instead of Drain? Although Drain does more damage then Dark Wind I still think that it's worse. For Drain you need to be in range with you're enemy for a long time. Almost no Drain can be complety on a enemy player. A Dark Wind on the other hand can be cast from a longer range (so it's better for harrassing aswell should you choose to lane), and it always does some nice damage. You can even hit enemies out off you're range if you cast it by a enemy minion. That being said, they Dark Wind most off the times bounces multiple times on a enemy champ so does quite some nice damage. And you can guess that in a teamfight this is a killer spell since it will damage allot of enemy champs and even silence them all. This will be a great asset to you're team.

Ofcourse you're ulti has priority at all times since it's you're main gank spell.

More on how to use you're skill in other chapters.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells i have chosen for Smite and Flash. While jungling Smite is essential ofcourse for faster jungling and in cause you get ganked you can still take the buff or take it from another while you gank (dragon or baron steal).

Flash is aswell a nice spell for Fiddle. It's a good offensive and defensive spell as we all know it. Next to that I like the combo with Crowstorm. In case you miscalculated you're ulti and miss the target you can still Flash in them.

Teleport is also a nice spell should you wish to exchange one of mine. Still I think none other can replace them.

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Creeping / Jungling

So, now to the fun part of the guide, the jungling part.

As said before it's most essential to level fast! Now in order to do this you needed cooldown-reduction.

I always start jungling at the small golems. These will provide you're first level. You can also start at the blue buff, but that way you got more chance to be ganked (unless you're team knows how to cover you ofc.). So anyway, The small golems. I start using Drain on one and after it's finished use you're smite on the same golem. Finish him off and move to the second. Use Drain any time it's off cd.

Second you go to the wraiths. Use Dark Wind on the blue wraith and then Drain him. kill the rest off with Dark Wind and auto attack, and if needed another Drain.

After that you kill the three wolves. Again Dark Wind on the big one and then Drain.

After the wolves go to the Big Golem. Start again with Dark Wind and use Drain after. Use both spells whenever they are from cd. Dark Wind always has prior to Drain unless the small creeps are dead already. Smite the big golem as soon as possible. Most people wait till the end so they can use it when they get ganked. I use it in the beginning asap so It will do max damage without having to waste any off it.

Then go down and kill the 2 small golems again. You should be atleast level 4 now. Then kill lizard same way as you killed the golem.

If the opposite team don't have a jungler go kill their golem and lizard aswell. Then start you're own cycle again.

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I don't explain everything about ganking since there are many ways possible.

Most important is to start ganking when you are level 6 or when you teammates need it.

Try to time you're ulti at the right time from a bush or behind a wall. If needed Flash into them if you misplaced you're ulti. Terrify them asap and start Drain. Don't try to finish you're Drain if they run. Instead run after them and cast Dark Wind.

After level 7 you start with Dark Wind After you Terrify them. Then use Drain when possible.

You can turrent dive at level 7 or so if you maxed Drain early. But my advice is to use my Skill Sequence and only turrent dive after level 9.

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Last Word

So to add up.

Cooldown reduction is your friend!
Ganking is essential as a good jungler. In order to do this level fast, so jungle fast!

Be a teamplayer. you're kill/death ratio isn't important. What's important is that you win the game. So sometimes you need to give away a kill in order to give you're carry a little boost. Sometimes you need to let that enemy champ escape with one bar so you can push the turrent. Play smart and let go off your ego.

Don't harras people. Calling people noob and stuff is just imature. If you want to be a good player give you're teammates some tips instead of making them feel bad. You can't win the game alone..

This was my guide on fiddle. Please comment and vote. I will read all and reply on new suggestions. Let me know how you played with this build!