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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Cuackmire

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cuackmire

Fiddlesticks S3 - Welcome to the Jungle

Cuackmire Last updated on January 12, 2013
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First of all, this guide is not a Bible. If you don't like something, just change!

Fiddlesticks is a powerfull champion. I think the most important thing you have to know when you use this champion is that your ultimate is a pain for the enemy team if you use it in the right moment, but it can be also a pain for your own team if you don't use it properly.

I used to play him on middle lane, but it's an excellent jungler too. With some little changes, you can use this guide to play him as a mid-lane champion.

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About Mejai

Some people don't like Mejai. It will be just a waste of money if you don't get to have at least 8-10 stacks on it, so if you think you won't get this, you better try another item!

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If you get fed, you will get near 800 AP at late game. With Zhonya, this amount of AP, and your ultimate, your team will win the game normally.
Some games you'll have to change something. Maybe more magic penetration instead of Mejai if you don't get many stacks on it.

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Creeping / Jungling

First of all, while jungling, you should control respawn times of main monsters to avoid enemy steals. If you get your blue buff stealed, it won't be a good game for you.

Start on your blue is the correct way. With your drain and smite, you'll get it with no problems. Ask for protection to avoid enemy invade. If they invade your blue, try to get their one. After blue, with W/E you can farm the rest of jungle easily.

When you get your drain (W) at level 3, you can try solo-dragon. For that, you may need some protection of mid and bot lanes and a Pink ward. If you play as a team member and get dragon when secured, your team will thank you.

Red buff is not necessary. Just take it first time, then give it to your top-lane)

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In my opinion, you shouldn't gank before level 6. Sometimes you can get some kill or assist, or avoid a team partner death. Gank only if you are sure about your options. You won't like to lose Mejai stacks at early game.

Your ganks will be terrible for enemy team after level 6. Ultimate + Flash + Fear + Drain will make you a pain on every lane. You want your ganks to be effective, so, pink wards are your friends here. If your enemy lane see you, they'll just go away. Ask for your support to pink-ward their lane around dragon.

As soon as you get Morello and blue buff, you'll be using your ultimate each 80 secons. Try to save your flash for bot-ganks. There will be 2 enemys there (2-4 stacks on Mejai).

If you get successful ganks, you'll get your Mejai with 20 stacks on 20-30 min of game.

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Team work: Sometimes you die for team

All your team should know this. Sometimes a champion must die (try just not to be the chosen one :P) for your team to get more kills in teamfights.

- Your AD is death and your support is on turret and your ultimate is ready. Ask him to defend while you go in a safe bush. If he/she gets dived, then, you can get easily 2 kills.
- Your mid lane is being pushed by the whole enemy team. You're in bush, they are all together, and you team is near. You must go, even if there is nobody there to start the fight and you die but your team gets a 4/1 or 5/1 teamfight.

Your goal is to win the game. Talk to your team, ask for help when necessary, and give your best to help them.

Never blame on others mistakes (you will also fail sometimes), and, of course, try to have a good time. Nobody wants to lose, but if you do, try to learn for your own mistakes (you won't play with that ***** feeder all games, look at your bad moves and try to learn something when you can't win). Remember this is a game!!

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Some champions will make you life easier, like Sona, Amumu, Kennen, Alistar, Malphite...
If your team is composed by some of those, you have a good combo, so, take it.