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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by poopeatern

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author poopeatern

Fiddlesticks: Why so scared?

poopeatern Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is going to show you my way of playing with the champion Fiddlesticks. This is my own mixed up build and it has worked just great for me with it in both 3v3 & 5v5 matches.
The items isn't always the items I have chosen, sometimes you may have to switch some of the items if the other team has pumped MR or barely any MR at all, but overall this guide is going to show you my playstyle with fiddle & why Im buying the items that I buy!

This build is under progress and I will
update it when I have time for it, keep
updated and I will show you a good way
to play and carry your team with Fiddle.

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Pros / Cons

- Great @ Soloplay (Can harass/silence with Dark Wind, cc with Terrify, lifesteal with Drain)
- Can stay in a lane for a long time because of Drain
- You got a fear. Use it to your advantage to get kills or escape from enemies
- Good harassment
- Awesome in teamfights (can CC target with terrify & ultimate + spellvamp = win)

- Usually main target
- Squishy if you get CC'd
- Ultimate requires preparation
- Not very good at killing minions or pushing up a lane

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x9 x9 x9 x3

Now you probably think, Why have he taken so much AP runes instead of CD reduction & mana reg. I can tell you why.

Fiddlesticks abilites Drain & Dark Wind deal great damage in early game and with the rune boost + Doran's Ring it deals even greater damage, because of this Fiddle can stay longer on the lane and harass down the enemies forcing the enemy to return to their base hence you'll get more xp than the enemy players. And with much AP at the start, Drain will give you more hp per second thus helping you stay on the lane even longer and thus gaining more xp than the oposite team.
And after a while you will get your Hextech Revolver which gives you spellvamp, with spellvamp & much AP you will recive more hp from drain, you will also get healed by your dark wind ability.

With Greater Seal of Ability Power, Greater Glyph of Ability Power & Greater Quintessence of Ability Power you will start with 29 AP. With my build your first item to buy is Doran's Ring so you will start with 44 AP and that can make a big diffrence in the beginning of a game.

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My mastery build is called "AP TP" in-game, because I have trained in Spartial Accuracy which reduces the delay on the teleport spell by 0,5 sec & decreases its cooldown by 5 sec. I think it's great for Fiddle to have tp because he can hold the lane for a long time and when you got enough money you can go b and buy that item you wanna buy and fast come back to the lane with the teleport. Awesome.
The other Summoner spell I have trained in is Blink Of An Eye which reducses the cooldown of Flash with 15 seconds. Flash is just an awesome spell, you can escape with it, you can flash into enemies with it or you can do the most awesome thing Fiddlesticks can do with flash. activate the ultimate and flash into the middle of everyone dealing massive amount of damage.
The Flash will be from 255 seconds to 240 seconds and with this masteries you also get the final rank in the Utility mastery which is Presence Of The Master, which will reduce the recharge time of the summoner spells by 15%, And after that your flash spell will just have 204 seconds recharge time!

And the other stuff in the masteries is like standard for caster + the 15% magic penetration. (Archaic Knowledge)

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The first item to start with is a Doran's Ring to get more early AP, hp also you get the most important stat for early Fiddlesticks, 5 mana/5sec. After that you should buy the Sorcerer's Shoes for the magic pen.

After you have bought these two items you should save for the Hextech Revolver the reason you wanna buy that is because you want the spell vamp. Spell vamp is like lifesteal but for abilites, so when you are using your Drain you will gain more health from it. So that's the reason why you want the Hextech Revolver.
After these items you should buy Rod of Ages which gives you health, mana and more AP as the game goes on. After that you should upgrade your Hextech Revolver to Will of the Ancients to recive more AP & more spell vamp. All these five items are a must no matter how the game starts out.

-> -> -> ->

After these items the game can change but that depends on the enemy team, if they stack up with much MR you should buy the Void Staff as the sixth item, but if you are against enemies with much CC you should buy Banshee's Veil and you can change your shoes to Mercury's Treads if you feel the need to reduce the CC even more.

/ /

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Skill Sequence


Drain is the main ability you should upgrade first of all. There is a few reasons to that.
- You can stay at the lane for a long time because you can just drain life from enemies/minions to get back health
- You can harass the enemies with drain because it will take alot of damage to the enemy because of all the AP you start with, and later on in game when you level it up & get more AP it's going to be legen...wait for it...DARY!
- If you got low health and you're scared to die if you stand alone on the lane, you can just go jungel some minons and get full health again with the drain.


Terrify is also a important ability in my opinion and I will explain exactly why.
- With the Terrify you can easily do a good harass on the enemy even if you are on mid lane or some other lane, but if you are on a lane with someone you can with ease get him down if you terrify him and drain while your teammate bring him down.
- Terrify also allows you do escape. If your about to be ganked or the enemy you're holding against in mid are attacking you and you go down, you can terrify him and run away or do a comeback and start to drain back the health and bring him down.


Dark Wind is an awesome ability to silence, harass & just annoy the enemies. I will tell you why.
- With Dark Wind you can silence the enemies. Can interrupt a gank from enemies because Dark Wind silence and bounces betwine the champs, you can also start with it so they cant counter attack. Dark Wind -> Terrify -> Drain
- Dark Wind is a awesome harass ability, you can just send it away to one of the enemies and if you have luck it can bounce betwine just the two enemies on the lane and not some minions. And then it will do massive damage and they maybe do have to go b.
- You can also just annoy your enemies and send it away whenever you can so they can't do any abilites or push the lane.


The ultimate. Awesome AOE damage that you can make a penta kill in a group fight! I'm going to explain how.
- With the right timing and in the right situation you can make a massive advantage to your team.
- When you have the spell vamp you're going to get much health from doing the ultimate, and also you're going to do the massive damage.

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Team Work


Fiddlesticks can turn around a whole groupfight with his ultimate Crowstorm. With the right timing you can pop the ultimate right into the enemies and turn around a gangfight you could have lost, and when you do the ultimate try to Terrify one enemy while you drain another, its most effective that way.
If you are far away from the fight and standing in like a bush or something, you can Flash into the fight and kill them with ease with backup from your mates.


If you're teamworking with a mate at a lane you can play like this. Use your Terrify to CC the enemy while your mate keep slashing down the enemy, then you start to Drain and if they start to attack you, you can use the Dark Wind to silence them so you can keep killing them.
Also try to keep inside the bushes when you're about to be level 6, so you can use your ultimate Crowstorm when you get it and you can with ease get down atleast one from the lane with your ulti + your lane mate's help.

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Farming is kind of hard with Fiddlesticks, I prefer to harass down the enemies and just try to last hit the minions. When you get the Dark Wind at level 4 (if you're following my build) you can try to get minion kills with that one but its still hard to do it. Try to farm that way or just kill the enemies!

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Unique Skills

Im going to tell you about some unique stuff about this build that makes my build special from others.

- SPELL VAMP is one of the typial things that makes this build unique from others. The spellvamp make Fiddlesticks get more health from all his abilities.
Ex) If you use your ulti in a groupfight you get 25% of the damage back to your health. Just from the ulti with spellvamp, and then you can like drain also or send Dark Wind to get even more health.
- MAGIC PEN ignores your opponents magic resist. With this high amount of magic pen (~69) you can also do high amount of damage to tanks, which I think is really awesome.
- HIGH EARLY AP is an awesome thing about this build. You have 44 AP in the beginning with Doran's Ring which gives you a good start and you can get a oppening kill or maybe first blood which gives you an huge advantage.

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I hope you have learned about Fiddlesticks thru this build and are ready to pwn some ***es now!
If I have forgot something just tell me, because this is my first build so I learn!
Thats all from me!