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Azir Build Guide by Lestrade

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lestrade

Fighter Azir - A True Emperor Fights Alongside His People!

Lestrade Last updated on September 28, 2014
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A firm grip and sharp eye amidst the fray...

A recurring issue I've seen with people playing Azir is that they don't seem to understand just how clunky he is giving orders. While it's true that much of your survivability comes from kiting, as a champion with no innate sustain who deals sustained damage it seems bloody well foolish to be diving in squishier than the sand itself!
With that in mind, I turned to the infamous Rylais and Liandry's combo - a combo I've found incredibly efficient with his style of damage. Combine that with some tanky stats, and suddenly Azir has the time to dish out all of the damage he needs - whilst diving into the fray himself like a true Emperor!

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General Tips!

- The damage of additional soldiers attacking a single target decreases dramatically the more you have out. With that in mind, try to avoid having more than a single soldier out during laning, always keeping one in reserve for emergencies!
- See your Q less as a damaging skill and more as a repositioning tool. Why summon another soldier when you can Q your current one to your destination and E at a greater range?
- Your ultimate is incredibly flexible with its application, acting as an excellent way to divide and conquer your foes!
- Avoid the tempting noob-trap of Nashor's Tooth! Not only does it not proc its passive with your soldier's attacks, but in general due to the low AP of this build the additional damage is measly!
- Try and get your troops behind your target before Eing in, as this will allow you to knock them up and gain your bonus shield!
- Azir's attack speed takes a great amount of time to adjust to!
- Despite the targeting graphic showing where your ultimate will end up upon casting, it neglects to show you that the knock back begins from where you are standing! Keep this in mind for those literally FLASHY ultimates! (Zing!)
- Azir has one of the lowest attack speeds in the game, so much so that stacking AS is actually inefficient on him. Try to avoid overly committing to AS items!
- Never overestimate your mobility: While Azir is more mobile than someone like Brand, his E has a significant cooldown, clunky deployment, and is generally unreliable!
- While this build allows you to go toe-to-toe with other fighters, ADCs can still tear you to ribbons quite quickly. Remember your priorities, and focus them down!