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Fiora General Guide by HashtagYoloSwog

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HashtagYoloSwog

Fiora - 1V1 ME BRO!

HashtagYoloSwog Last updated on January 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out my Fiora guide. First I'd like to tell you that this is my first guide. This build is my most successful build with generally high scores when played properly. Fiora is an AD Carry, but she can be played a few ways. This is the most effective I find. Anyway lets get started!

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Runes, Masteries, Skills, Spells and Items.

Please see above for the setups for these.


I take flat Damage and a slight Attack Speed in my runes. Simply to deal as much Damage as possible early game as runes and masteries tend to not make a HUGE difference late game.


For Masteries I take 21-9-0. For obvious reasons.


For Skills I use: W,E,Q,W,W,R,W,E,W,E,R,E,E,Q,Q,R,Q,Q. I max W first as it gives you extra damage as a passive with the parry as an amazing bonus. I max E next as it is your primary damage tool. If you land a hit (which stack up to 3 times) you gain bonus movement speed helping you chase them down. I max Q last as it is really only useful for catching up to your opponents and scoring hits with your E. You Ultimate should be used like Darius'. Wait till they get low then execute them, also dealing damage to multiple targets.


For my Items I like to start off with Cloth Armor and 5 Health potions. I don't need boots until my first recall and I want to be able to stay in lane as long as possible. So Cloth Armor and Health Potions will certainly do the trick.

I then buy Boots of Speed, I get these so I can keep up with all the other players as Boots are extremely popular to buy and it will be difficult to chase other players when necessary.

Next it's straight off to The Brutaliser. This will be your Primary Item Early-Mid game. It's your Bread and Butter. Good damage with Cooldown Reduction, why not?

Now we want to buy Vampiric Scepter. We are getting this so we can build other items later but the extra damage and life steal always help.

Now we want Berserker's Grieves/Mercury's Treads/Ninja Tabi. Obviously to give us more movement speed but the added effects you want vary on your situation. You want Berserker's Grieves if you have a few kills under your belt or have a slight level advantage. Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi if your lane is still contested and you need some protection from attacks.

Next off is The Black Cleaver. Pretty common to see on AD Carries but it's your main item. This item helps across the board with everything you need to destroy an enemy.

Now it's The Bloodthirster. This nifty blade will help help you with some nice attack damage and life steal. Max it out and you can have some crazy damage output.

Next up it's Ravenous Hydra, by now you should have sold your cloth armor. This item is a great asset to your arsenal with a nice passive which does splash damage to help take out those pesky minions.

Guardian Angel and Frozen heart will be your defensive items. Giving you Great armor and Good Magic Resist, you will be sure to dominate your enemies in no time. Guardian Angel's revive is hilariously funny if the enemies forget about you after death and you walk away to live another day.

I put Youmoo's Ghostblade here just in case you feel like you have something you don't like. Generally don't get this unless you REALLY want to.

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Pros and Cons


Great Damage output.

Great Abilities for 1 on 1 fights.

Good minion sweeper.

Your Q can be used twice to close the gap if they flash away after the first.

Can block an attack with W and deal some Damage back.

You E is OP.


Terrible in 2V1, 3V1, etc.

Only 1 good team fight ability which is your Ult

Easily Focused

Kinda Squishy

Not much team support

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How to play Fiora

As I mentioned before. Fiora is an AD Carry. So she should usually be used on the top or mid lanes. When farming keep sturdy and don't let your enemies bait you towards Brush, Towers or other players. As Fiora tends to become helpless against more than a single enemy unless you are extremely fed. It's OK to tower dive if your opponent is extremely low and you can pick up a kill with 3 seconds. Try to farm as much as possible, if you can get a good one or two level advantage you will win 99% of your fights. When dueling your combo should be E,W,Q. You can E to increase damage ASAP, your W will avoid a basic attack and deal additional damage, and when they run, use your Q to catch up, with you E stacked you can outrun any foe. If you see 2 or more enemies heading your way a good idea is to flash over a wall to escape, if you have no choice run towards your teammates or tower. If you MUST defend your self (eg being in the middle of a jungle, flash is still on cooldown). Pick the squishy enemy and use your combo, execute them with R. If your lucky, you may pick up a second kill, if you get the third, your a BAWS!

Remember when farming use your E often. Don't spam it but if a few minions get low at the same time, you can deal quick last hits on them. When fighting an enemy continue farming until they get close, then use your combo, you should pick up the kill or drop them extremely low. Remember not to overstay your welcome if your low without much health or potions left, don't be afraid to recall.

Your role in the team is to overpower the enemy team, late game, push a lane all at once, your enemy will have no choice but to try to stop you, you will show them to stay dead.

If you are playing mid and you are getting ganked alot, ask your team to do the same. I have been ganked many times and have simply switched to the new enemy and kill them. Maybe a double kill if your lucky. Most of the time you will have to retreat to your turret but you have the lucky occasion.

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Final Notes

Play aggressively, win games, have fun.

If you would like more to be added or have any tips I could use to improve. Please let me know. If you wish to play with me my Summoner name is: HashtagYoloSwog.



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