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Fiora Build Guide by Zamphire

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zamphire

Fiora (not Riven)

Zamphire Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I spent about 10 hours today testing out various builds of my own design and this is what I came up with. This guide is mainly just for me and my friends but anyone is welcome to use it.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence:

You want to start off putting a point into Burst of Speed to help you get through the jungle. Burst of Speed is also her main damage move and the one we want to level first. So cap it out as soon as possible. At level 2 take a point into Riposte. Remember to use Riposte on any "big" minion, this includes both buff giving mobs, both Baron and Dragon, as well as the Black Wrath, both smaller golems, and the red wolf. At level 3 take a single point into her Lunge and let that be the only point into it until all other abilities are taken. From level 3 put every available point into Burst of Speed, being sure to take her Ult when available, and max Burst of Speed as soon as possible, putting points into Riposte when Burst of Speed isn't available. Save leveling Lunge until everything else is done.

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First Purchase:

Come back to finish off . This will let you tear through the jungle at record speeds as well as give you a little bit of AD and armor to boot.

Then build your shoes, either or depending on team comp. Berserker's go a little better with the guide, but CC is a big weakness of Fiora's, so if the team has a lot of CC, I'd go with Merc's.

Next, I'd build a . Good slice of Attack speed, to stack with Fiora's naturally high E Attack Speed. Her E is in fact the reason for this item. An extra 42 damage on each of her very quick attacks, you should be at 2.2 AS now with Berserker's and Wit's End during Burst of Speed, so this item adds almost 90 DPS from the proc alone. To top it all off it gives you a nice 20 magic resist.

Then build and finish it into a . One of the biggest problems I've run into with Fiora is people getting away from her. Even if you hold her Lunge until the last possible second you still have a hard time getting that final blow occasionally. That's where this comes in. Little bit of AD for an AD champion, lots of health for a squishy carry, and 30% slow on each of your attacks will almost guarantee that little pesky rat won't escape anymore.

That should finish off your core build, by this time you're pretty much slicing through everything. After that I'd buy a and finish with a . Fiora's main source of sustain is life steal. I really don't have to explain Bloodthirster, it's pretty obvious why it's good. Same should go for Black Cleaver, shred through any armor they may have.

If the game lasts long or you've got tons of gold, sell off your and purchase a . Finally, if money allows, sell off your and buy a . These last two are really purely optional if you have the dough kinda items. Youmuu's gives an awesome active, which will pretty much keep you at 2.5 AS the whole time it's up. Madred's is arguably the best on hit item for an AD, so why not replace a great item with an even better one?

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling Tips:

You need a leash. Preferably more then just a hit and run kind of leash too. Start at Blue and bring your friendly neighborhood leasher and drop his butt. Let your leasher run off at about 25-40% health. You're initial damage kind of sucks and it will put you quite low in health if you take on Blue without some decent help. Then from there it's pretty easy. Wolves, followed by Wraiths, followed by Golems or Red (depending on your health). By level 3 you're ready to gank any lane so keep your eyes peeled. By level 6 with Red+Blue and Wriggle's you can take

Ganking Tips:
One of the hardest things to nail down and to remember, do not use your Lunge to engage. You will need it once your prey starts to run.

Also, a word on your Ult.. or rather a few words. Your Ult is great for killing under a tower. Baddie got 200 health left? Straddling his tower like no tomorrow? BOOM! ULT! Dead! Just keep in mind though, you will come out of the ult standing directly under the tower. Keep in mind, the ult takes you out of the game world as it's in use. What this means for you, is that if the tower is already locked onto a target, and there are many other targets around you, if you execute your ult and nothing else on a enemy player, the turret will not attack you. The damage you do with the ult does not invoke the turret's wrath because you are not target-able. So as long as the damage of your ult is the only damage you do, you get away scott free.

Things to keep in mind:
Don't preload Burst of Speed. It's a time based buff, not a hit based. So often I caught myself running into battle and popping Burst of Speed before I ever even caught up with my foe. I'd suggest using it as soon as your first Auto attack lands.

You /can/ preload Riopste. Be careful though, the buff on it has a very short duration and you really want to save it for big moves.