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Fiora Build Guide by ac Anubis

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ac Anubis

Fiora - The Glass Cannon

ac Anubis Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my build and take on Fiora, The Grand Duelist. With my experiences with Fiora in 3v3s and 5v5s, is that no matter the player, she can change the battle very quickly.

This is my build, remember to vote and leave feedback!

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9 Armor Pen Marks - To give that beginning and overall Armor Penetration (Because attack damage is not needed near as much as this is early game.)

9 Flat Armor Seals - To hold your own against those like Master Yi, who think that they can counter you., before the use of Riposte.

9 Magic Resist / lvl seals - Won't help as much late game as it will early, but they shouldn't even be able to target you before you kill them.

3 Flat Damage Quints - For that beginning shutter to your opponents, letting them know that Fiora is here.

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I go with a 21/9 build. Taking all of the main physical damage masteries in offense, and some armor, magic resist, and life in defense.

This is to ensure that you can not only have sustainability in the battlefield, but it helps to be that AD carry that everyone fears and loves.

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My experiences with her have me chanting one item over and over again. Wriggles Wriggles Wriggles. Build a pair of Boots of Speed first, and then building a Wriggle's Lantern is the best bet for Fiora. Follow up with your Berserker's Greaves and a B. F. Sword for a higher damage output, eventually building it into an Infinity Edge. By this time, the tanks and other enemies will start to realize you mean business, and start getting massive amounts of defense. Last Whisper is your best friend here. Giving more attack damage and Armor Pen %, it is your greatest ally late game. This is where you can free it up a little. If you feel as if you are mauling your enemies to pieces without a problem, build defensively and get a Frozen Mallet. If not, build a Trinity Force for a nice mix of everything. Either way you go, eventually get the other one.

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Skill Sequence

Max Riposte first, for maximum damage output, no questions asked. Some say Burst of Speed is better to max first, but when you are already so fast, there is no need. Take a point into Lunge at level 4, for closing the distance when ganking enemies (don't be afraid to use the lunge on a minion just to use the second one on an enemy champion). Max Burst of Speed second, and taking a point into Blade Waltz every chance you get. Not putting any more points into Lunge until ABSOLUTELY necessary.

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Summoner Spells

If Jungling, take Flash and Smite. If not, take Flash, and consider the following (in my order of preference): Exhaust , Ignite , Ghost , Heal

Pretty simple and self explanatory there.

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If you aren't jungling, then I suggest going bottom lane with a tanky/support champion.Farm as much as you can, and farm often.

Even on your way to team fights later game around lvl 14-15, you can easily use Burst of Speed and kill a whole minion wave, without wasting any time at all.

Also, with wriggles, you can solo dragon @ a decent level, or when you are just passing it later in game.

If moving from bottom lane to top, you can kill the enemy jungle with ease.

This gets you experience and money, and takes it away from the enemy jungler.

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Team Work

Never engage first. I don't care how much you think you can Blade Waltz your way to victory, you are wrong. You will be targeted first for several reasons: Fiora is very squishy. Although fast, a couple well timed CCs can kill her faster than she moves in Blade Waltz.

Always engage last if possible. Focus on weaker targets, eventually cutting through the tanks.

IMPORTANT* Don't EVER begin fighting using your Blade Waltz. Under no circumstance should you give the enemy team a reason to come after you. Fly in using Lunge, Burst of Speed, and Riposte if an enemy champion targets you. (The timing of Riposte can be the difference between living and dying.) If 2/5 of the enemy champions are at 2/5 or less health, target the squishier one and Blade Waltz like there is no tomorrow.

Remember: Burst of Speed's cooldown is refreshed if you kill an enemy while using it. (You can abuse this if times properly).

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All in all, you want to build very offensive. Saving defensive items for later in the game (Life i mean). Remember to save your Riposte until you are targeted, work that Burst of Speed, and Blade Waltz your way to victory. Every single game you play!

I hope you enjoyed my guide for Fiora, The Grand Duelist.

Please leave comments and feedback below!