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Fiora Build Guide by Derpalicous

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derpalicous

[Fiora] The unkillabel attack damager

Derpalicous Last updated on December 6, 2013
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Why feora?

fiora has been my main since season 7 and ive almost playd her in over 1 billeon games! i hit gold earlier this seeson only playing fioar and when i had to suport i realy enjoyed support miss forutne, but thats another guide :). fiora is supepr strong in the early stages of the game betwen 1 and 2 minits, but i make it a personal goel to get around 60 cs by the 20 minet mark, if you can do that then you are on your path to be***ing a feora master much leik me!!!! if u get as much farem as i can tehn you should hjave both ur red sords at this poiant and can 1v1 any champien. noaw lets go on the the pors and cons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pros and cauns

vere good earle game
good scaling
incredibul late game
veryy few bad matchupss
absolutle wrekcs when farming whell

no rannege so bad agaenst ashe anad warwickr
high mana cosats
week againste soam god men
usess neutragena

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match ups

if yoo wana be on ur game u need to know every match up in the gaem, luckily u can make flashcarreds forr al 23 champiens with little effirt and haveign a grat time while doieng it.

good matchups


bad matchups


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in lane fase use man pots at lvl 1 to be able to get enough mana for dash move 6 teism in a row without go no blue bar. go back oneec u gett enemmy inhibitor to gat more helath pots and no die to monstirs and minyens. when posibel kill enemy champ withh sword butt dotnt drrop it or u wont skale veree wel into late gaem

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thuis is wear the reel acshin starsst.!!22 use mega move on enemy men to kil while invisibel!! so ooppp i know riet just doatn get hit or u miat die. if newedd take dragin from circle pit from the oshin and ride himm into baddel.

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tahskn for watching my guide and i haop for u to get vwery godo at game and evetualy hit lvl 30. ur rp wwil drasticaely increes if uu use this gidde and give me ur username and pasowrd. if u pay my squirel inshurance buidl i wil get u althe way to level 8, good bi gies and haev a niec day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!