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Fiora Build Guide by JakeTheImmortal

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JakeTheImmortal

Fiora: Top Lane ADC

JakeTheImmortal Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first attempt at making a guide on MOBAFire. I am currently ranked at Silver V (Got out just in time for season rewards) And if I recall correctly my Elo is somewhere around the Slver II Area. I play Fiora alot, mostly in normals but occasionaly in ranked if I have a partner that I can count on to use CC effectively. My goal for Season 4 is to play ranked alot more often and hopefully catch up with my friend in Platinum.

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+ Insane amounts of damage
+ Excels at fighting 1v1 and once you have 3-4 items 1v2+ becomes easy as well.
+ Has the ability to assassinate enemy "High Priority Targets"

- No CC what so ever.
- Very hard lane match ups (It all comes down to if you can outplay your opponent)

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Item Choice + Situation Items

This build probably looks really weird right now but bear with me. Hydra is not necessarily the first Item you should rush but it is quite common as it lets you push waves very quickly and causes your ult to deal AOE damage. Overall this build is designed to deal True Damage to all your enemies in the area. Each strike of Blade Waltz applys Hydra, and BC stacks. LW helps remove that extra little bit of the enemies armor and BloodThirster and Scimitar help with that extra 170 AD. This is just a Core build however and should not always be followed to a T. Other great items for Fiora include but are not limited to: Zephyr, Blade of the Ruined King, Guardian Angel, and in some cases Phantom Dancer + Infinity Edge.

Zephyr: This item gives you every stat you need. Movement speed to chase down runners, Atk speed to supplement your Basic Attacks, Cooldown to get your Q and W back faster.

BotRK: This Item should only be used in cases where there is a high HP enemy presenting a large problem for the team. Last Whisper should quickly follow this item as Armor directly counters BoRK and anyone who knows what their doing will build armor to counter it if they had mainly HP before.

Guardian Angel: If you get focused down hard this allows you to come back and then ult healing you back to full hp.

Phantom Dancer + Infinity Edge: Crit Fiora does alot of damage but it has a slower start. Typically to do this build Static Shiv is the preferred start but thats for another guide.

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Q: Lunge: Fiora's gap closer and Main initiation. Dashes to the target and deals damage, can be cast again within 4 seconds.

W: Riposte: Passivley grants 15/20/25/30/35 AD, Active: Blocks the next enemy Auto Attack.

E: Increases Fiora's Atk speed greatly and basic attacks against Champions and Minions grant a movement speed boost capping at 3 stacks, Resets on champion kill.

R: Blade Waltz: Dances around her enemies striking up to 5 times. The first and last of the 5 strikes will be against the same target. Hitting the same target twice in a row deals 25% damage. While it is preferable to use this when fighting 1v2+ it still deals a lot of damage to single targets. While active you are untargetable but Damage over time can still kill you if you don't have life-steal.

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Match ups

This list contains some of the more common top lane champions that you'll end up facing against.

Singed: 2/5 This is one of the matchups you might want to rush a Blade of the Ruined King, it's passive helps fight his high hp and the active will help you either run away or stay with him. It's best to test how much damage you can really do before committing to a fight of course.

Riven: 4/5 Riven is one of the most annoying match-ups that you can win against. This comes down to purely being about skill. An armor item is recommended. Also you cannot win pre-6. Don't attempt to fight her pre-6 thinking that if you get an early lead you might be able to stay ahead once she has her ult. What you really want to do is read her play style and ult when she's about to ult. 9/10 times I can ult around an opposing riven's ultimate.

Shen: 2/5 If you at least know what you're doing shen isn't too much trouble. Get Last Whisper and you'll be golden. You cannot follow him with your ult when he attempts to use Stand United. You're best bet is to warn you're allies and then push his tower as much as possible.

Renekton: 5/5 You don't have a chance here. Turtle to hell and hope you can do something mid-late game. Lane swap if possible.

Pantheon: Yet another 5/5 Odds are you don't have a chance. Unless you have enough lifesteal to come back after his stun you're going to lose. He takes very little damage from your poke combo and two q's will even out the damage.

Irelia: 4/5 She's a very hard counter especially when rushing armor as most do these days. Typically Ninja Tabi and Zephyr are recommended. Wardens mail is a must.

Nasus: 2/5-4/5 If you can keep track of his Q's cooldown and block it effectivley you should win. Rush Black Cleaver and Blade of the Ruined King. Wither is an annoying skill but doesnt have massive impact.

Rengar: It's possible to block rengar's Leap Q if you're reaction time is quick enough. Overall his skills don't counter you too hard and in essence you should be able to out damage him unless he gets too much of a lead over you.

Kha Zix: 5/5 You're dead. Request lane swap.

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Fiora is a very challenging top lane. She is very unforgiving and easily countered. I don't recommend taking her to ranked until you have 150+ games with her. I have over 400 games with Fiora. 60 in ranked and my win rate is only 55%. Fiora is more for having fun with then play competitively. Until they fix her passive (Should be sometime before Season 4 starts) I wouldn't recommend using her in ranked.