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Fiora Build Guide by Muukzor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Muukzor

Fiora - You stink blood

Muukzor Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Hello! This is my second guide on mobafire and I hope you will enjoy it!

I think Fiora can carry very well and would like to make a guide about her.

I am a swedish guy who has been playing league of legends for 2 years now and I'd like to share my Fiora experience with you. Please keep in mind I'm NOT a very good Fiora player but I think I am good enough to make a guide. I don't know how much rating I will get on it though. Some feedback can help it get even better than it is now. I play her when I got some time over but I mostly play Evelynn.

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Pros / Cons


She can:
Get escape ganks easily with flash and Lunge
Kill a squishy opponent in under 3 seconds with her Burst of Speed and Blade Waltz.
Run around ganking and having total map control.
Fun to play!
Dominate and 1-shot everything if you get fed.
One of the strongest ad carries in the game because of her burst abilities. (This is my opinion though!)


She can:
Be squishy and die very fast If you are playing badly and get underfed.
Be pretty hard to know when to try to gank and when to stay away because you are squishy before you get that frozen mallet.
You need some practice to become a god with her.
Be total **** if you get underfed,fail your lane and all the ganks.

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I am not the best knowing what runes to use with Fiora but I try to get alittle of everything to have enough damage,armor penetration,cooldown reduction and health.

9Greater Mark of desolation
Marks= I take these because she needs some armor penetration from somewhere. I don't know what to say hah...

Seals= You are a squishy hero and need armor to stay alive and win your lane against the physical attack enemy champions.

Glyphs= You need to stay alive against the casters and defeat them. Same as the Seals but with casters.

3Greater quintessence of desolation
Quints= I don't have any The Black Cleaver in my build that's why you need alot of armor penetration runes. If you want to change any item in my build for a Black cleaver then you should probably change runes.

Got help from:

Thanks alot :)

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I just want to max out the damage output here. I didn't take defense for the extra survivability because you need the decreased flash cooldown. If you are not using flash then change to the defensive tree instead of utility for your last 9 points.

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Skill Sequence

You charge them with then use and . Then you auto attack them and finish them off with

Is a perfect spell to either initate or if they are trying away you can use it to finish them off. The spell make you charge to an enemy. I take this first and max it out last because all you want it for is the charge and I feel that the cd isn't as important as your 2 other spells.

This increases Fioras damage and make her much stronger! When activated it will send back magic damage back to the attacker. Very nice to have earlygame before you got Infinity Edge and that's why you should grab 2 points early but you should still max out your Burst of Speed at level 9.

This spell is overpowered and unbalanced in my opinion. It gives you looots of attack speed and movement speed. If you kill some it reset just like Evelynns ultimate but this is not even an ultimate! It gives MORE attackspeed than Evelynns ultimate but it still not even an ultimate, makes no sense! That makes Fiora so overpowered and is amazing to play with!

You already have an overpowered spell like Burst of Speed but now you also have this spell aswell. It makes you attack 5 random targets WITHOUT being able to get targeted! If you fight 1vs1 you can use this to finish them off so easily but it does decreased damage each jump you do on the same person. Still overpowered.

can catch people with Lunge and then Burst of Speed to kill enemies easily. If they try to kill you then you can just use Blade Waltz to become untargetable and get alot of hp back with your The Bloodthirster! Fiora got overpowered abilities but shes still squishy. A reason to add a Frozen Mallet in the build.

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Recommended Build.

I start off with either

for lifesteal, hp and damage. A very good item for Fiora or with Boots of Speed and some health potions. I recommend Doran's blade though.

Now you can catch people with Lunge and Burst of Speed or you can escape ganks and run away. You could get example Mercury's Threads but then you would loose some important attack speed and It's a reason I have defensive runes.

You are now taking another Doran's blade because you get hp,lifesteal and damage! It is worth the 475 gold. You want some more damage because your next 3000 gold will be spent on crit,attack speed and movement speed.

I haven't got any damage items yet but it is because I want to get Infinity Edge fast. You can take this or Infinity Edge here. I recommend Phantom dancer because you get movement speed,crit and attack speed. It will make you so much stronger with Infinity Edge than example The Black Cleaver but if you want The Black Cleaver you can buy it here instead of Phantom Dancer.

You are now a beast! You should be able to kill everyone really fast with Burst of Speed,all the attack speed and crit you have! You are a killingmachine!

Some probably think I get frozen mallet too early but Fiora really needs the health points. The slow is also very helpful if your target tries to example Ghost.

Now you even get health back when you kill people! Whoaw! You have much health with your Frozen Mallet and alot of damage with your Infinity Edge. If you are fed now you should be able to kill everyone so fast. If you use your ultimate you can get back alot of health points.

Last item option! There are 3 viable items here depending on what team you meet!

Option 1:

You can dominate everyone but what if you get a sion stun on you? They would be able to kill you easily but not now! You resist their spells and kill them! You can also use a warmog here but not if the enemy team got example a warwick with Madred's Bloodrazor. If you need armor against AD carries take Guardian Angel Instead.

Option 2:

You can have this instead of the Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel if you prefer having much health instead of blocking spells or taking lower damage from AD carries. Be aware that Banshee's Veil can save you from example Karthus ultimate while Warmog can't.

Option 3:

You can buy this instead of Banshee's veil if you need armor against AD carries and have no problem with AP carries. I recommend Banshee's Veil if you have problems with stuns.


You can take this instead of Phantom dancer if you want more armor penetration instead of Crit and Movement speed. Black Cleaver also gives damage so it's a great option.

It give you some damage and makes your ulti splash them to death if you are in a teamfight! Not the best item but still a good item.

This gives you a free ward and lifesteal. A great item. You can rush this and then sell it when you get Banshee's Veil or Warmog's Armor or Guardian Angel

Not Viable:

I don't like it and I think it's a waste of money when you can get much better items. If you would like me to include one if the build then you have to write in the comments why because I see no reason to have this in my build. Cost much and it's not as good as the others.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended by the guide creator:

You can flash over walls and escape much easier. Why wouldn't you want this!? Some people actually complained that I had heal instead of flash in my Evelynn build but I think heal is better than flash for Evelynn heh. Well now they can see that I am no flash hater hah!

You should have no problem killing people with your Burst of Speed that gives you alot of movement speed or Frozen Mallet but if that bastard runs behind a tower with 100 hp then this is amazing to pick them off with! You can also use it in the begin of a fight if you know the enemy team have lots of heals because Ignite reduces the healing on that target by 50%.

If you don't want flash then you can take this. Get movement speed from your Burst of Speed and run away using your heal and survive the gank. I like flash more on Fiora though. Heal is still a very good choice.


If you need to pick up that newb running away then this is fine but I would prefer to flash into them and kill them or pick them off with the ignite and reduce their healing. Use this if you like it a lot. Not the best summoner spell for evelynn though. But If you like it then take it.

You have your Burst of Speed and you don't really need it because Flash is better but if you really want to chase down that enemy with 100hp then take it.

If you get stunned you can't really do anything except for doing flash and try running away. I don't think you need this because the flash and Burst of Speedto get away is enough for me and I don't die that often :D. But you can take it if you like to get away from those annoying stuns.

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I enjoyed making another guide but im not the best with Fiora. Please leave feedback and tell me what I could have done better,what items that you think would fit better and so on.

I have no match history yet but maybe you can send me some? I would add it here asap.

Have fun playing

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Edits and Fiora patchnotes

*2012-04-07 I added another Doran's Blade and fixed the greater rune.

*2012-04-07 I added Guardian Angel to items and changed Warmog's Armor to the last option. Also added Tiamat to viable items.

*2012-04-07 I created this guide.

v1.0.0.136 - 2012-03-20

Fixed a bug where Fiora could consume the second cast of Lunge on the original target while still moving toward the original target.