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Fizz Build Guide by Wess

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wess

Fizz Reliable AP Guide!

Wess Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Require comment to vote is on for precautious reasons (trolls).

So I've seen lots of AP guides over here, but I figured I'd post the one that fits me personally most.

I've been using this build for quite some time now and I've noticed how Fizz is played at it's full potential.
With above guide, if you have a completely stacked Soul Stealer you'll be at 700~ AP at lvl 18. With that much AP, Urchin Strike will deal around 700 damage, Playful / Trickster will deal around 800 damage, Seastone Trident will deal about 250 + Lich Bane's added damage (900 total) for a simple melee poke and Chum the Waters will deal around 1150 damage, while still maintaining enough HP and MP to survive in tough situations.

Using Playful / Trickster smart will make you able to ninja a champ out in a 4v1 and still manage to escape, however, this needs quite some skill to succeed.

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The items are bought in this order since Mejai's Soulstealer takes quite a while to stack up fully (10 champ kills or 20 assists), having it early in game will give a huge disadvantage to the rest (who doesn't want a free 16 AP after every champ they kill). Even tho people say it's a really risky thing, to count AP on the amount of champ kills - the times you die, this item still has worked out really well for me.

Since Mejai's Soulstealer also has 15% cooldown decrease when fully stacked, you will be able to spam out mainly Urchin Strike, which with blue buff will only have a 2 second cooldown! Even Playful / Trickster's cooldown will be low enough to quickly jump into a fight, finish off an enemy, and quickly jump out again!

Your main damage will come from Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff Seeing as the combination of the AP boost and Magic Penetration of those two items will surely increase the damage you deal to enemies. Ofcourse, Lich Bane makes your regular attack damage go pretty insane late game, since you can simply dash through an enemy with Urchin Strike and then quickly poke the enemy with Seastone Trident to deal a high amount of damage in a matter of seconds!

But let's not forget about our Rod of Ages. This item is the key to survival for Fizz since this will be our main supply for HP and MP.

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Summoner Spells

As Summoner Spells I'd advice taking Heal and Ignite. The reason I'm not taking Flash is because the cooldown and range have been too badly nerfed for it to be useful anymore, therefor the chosen summoner spells ( Heal and Ignite) will give you an advantage early game when you're trying to farm minions for your gold. Another good combinition would be Surge and Ignite, or Surge and Heal since your damage is high enough to skip out on ignite and still be succesful!

Then again, this is your own decission. A few good facts about your spells:

  • Handy to jump in/out fights with.
  • Possibility to teleport through jungle walls to quickly get away.
  • Playful / Trickster has equal purpose to jump in/out of fights with.
  • Short range.
  • Easily outweighted by other summoner spells.

  • Increased Movement.

  • Ability to stay out of base for a long time early-game.
  • Able to heal self when quickly killing a champion and run from turret.

  • Bonus AS and AP, always a nice stat!
  • Short cooldown.

  • Decreases enemy healings.
  • Able to quickly kill off an enemy when he runs.
  • Might not be better than Surge or Heal in some matches.

  • Might be able to compensate that little MP needed.
  • The MP given by Clarity will not be needed late-game.

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Jungling as Fizz is not recommended, although you might want to pick up some quick monsters, like the Wraiths for a little boost damage (if not taken by someone jungling in your game). You should focus on keeping your lane and getting last hits for the gold. Try and poke your enemy mid-laner a few times, which is made easier at level 3 cause of Playful / Trickster and Urchin Strike, but try not to get yourself killed!

Late-game I kinda advice getting the blue buff, since the cooldown reduction will really work out amazingly for your skills! With all above cooldown reductions ( Mejai's Soulstealer and the blue buff) you will be able to have a low 40 second cooldown on your ulti which is good enough considerring you need time to walk through the map aswell!

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Pros / Cons

This guide does has quite a few cons, such as:
  • You're really reliable on teammates to back you up, so you won't lose your stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer.
  • Early game you might not be able to get your kills up fast enough, this will compensate late game, but don't feed the other team. Fizz is really squishy before you get his ulti!
  • You're the main target when you have 20 stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer
  • Does not has a great white shark skin

In my oppinion the pros outweigh the cons, namely:
  • Able to kill off enemy champions in just a few seconds (even high HP champions such as Cho'Gath!)
  • Nearly no cooldowns. With above items your cooldowns won't last too long. because of the high AP you're not dependant on your ulti, which means if your ulti is still on cooldown, you'll still be able to finish off quite some champions.
  • Durability. Even tho the guide is mainly focussed on AP, you'll still have enough HP to survive throughout a game.
  • Fizz has a killer whale skin!

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I can say much more about this guide, but words don't convince. Give it a try, rate it and please, don't tell me my guide sucks. Instead, please point out what I could improve on my guide, and I will take a look at it and change it if the results turn out better.

Thanks for reading, hope to have helped some of you out!