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Sona Build Guide by eniledahs

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eniledahs

(Freljord AMA) Aggressive Sona

eniledahs Last updated on May 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pictures are a thousand words...

Victory ARAM games with Sona:

Every game I use what is in this guide.. the item sequence, runes, and mastery. I win every Sona game. I am usually the main person killing in the game. Like playing Aggressive and you like Sona? Try out my item sequence, ability sequence, rune setup, and mastery setup. Amaze yourself.

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Please be patient as this guide is a work in progress.

Be aware that this guide is not your traditional Sona guide. I want to kill enemies fast. I also have done a lot of research on Attack speed / AP champions. This guide will work well with any AP champion that wants greater attack speed kills with ability power burst. I have tested this also on eve.

I created this build because everyone expects Sona to be a support only type of game play and that I wanted to "surprise" the enemy that Sona can take them out faster than any other champion in the game!

Sona is a Ability Power hog, but she does not farm well because of her starting attack speed. The mastery is setup to help her early game. Near the mid - end game, her items will be the majority of the reason she can kill so many champions so quickly.

Usually the enemy won't focus on Sona very much because your not a "threat", but once you start getting triple kills, they will start focusing on you mainly.. so keep an eye on Sona after your first triple kill.

Use the bushes to your advantage, but don't forget you are squishy too. You can wait in the bushes until someone attacks a team member, then you come out with your fast attack speed and Q and gun them down. If I'm not getting attacked, because its early game, I'll come out and attack from a distance to bring their health down. If it is mid to late game, I'll wait until they are half health or less, then come out and kill them there (with team help).

You will find out the best way to make triple kills is to attack the lowest health enemy during a team fight. The enemy team does not expect you to do much damage to them, and usually goes after the damage dealer. This is where you can surprise them and get your kills in. Standing outside of the circle team fight, moving slightly and keeping in range - yet far away, keep clicking on the lowest health enemy or if you want to help your team click on the highest health enemy. You will notice with my build, that you will greatly increase how fast they lose their health due to your attack speed / ability power burst.

I know this maybe a repeat of what i said in the previous sentence, but just in case I didn't make much sense, here is another way I say it: When your team is fighting someone, stand on the outside shooting into the crowd (keep clicking on the enemy you want to target / kill) use Q to finish them when they are at very low health. When you have about 2 items of attack speed, enemy players will fear you.

Very important: Keep buying Mana Potion early - mid game! You may continue even thru to the end of game. Mana Potion help you tear enemies down quickly while keeping your team healed. (Your main priority as Aggressive Sona is Damaging your enemy, but you also need at least one or two team mates nearby to distract them while you push your super fast attack speed damage onto your enemies unknowingly.)

Unless your enemy is running away with super low health, don't follow them if you do not have any other team mates around.

There is a reason I do not have any boots in this build. The way I play, I don't need them. The speed burst you get from E is just enough to get you and your team to the enemy if run speed is what you need. Most of the time I am like a vulture waiting for a enemy to come in and fight a team player.

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Starting Items: Buy Stinger First, then all the rest of your gold buys Mana Potion (3x ?)

Stinger will help you have less cooldown on your spells while being able to attack faster in the start of the game. This will help clear the minions out faster.

when you buy Nashor's Tooth, it is where you will start getting your "surprise" kills. Not a lot at first, but some well placed Q ability will help a lot. Also keep clicking on the enemies you want to kill. You need to keep focus on your enemy champ by clicking on them, that is how the attack speed kills them. Don't forget to keep the minion population down!

Phantom Dancer helps you move around easier in the game while giving you the extra attack speed needed to surprise your enemy. Target your enemy with the enemy being the one with the lowest health first, working your way up... unless everyone is targeting a certain enemy, for which you also need to target.

I highly recommend you keep the attack speed items, and if you wish to change out items for some reason as the game has changed, I recommend you do so with the other items that does not contain attack speed bonus.

Since there is a cooldown cap of 40%, my setup of items meets the 40%. I know there are scaling cooldowns in your runes area, but those play a role for early to mid game development.

Work in progress...

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  • Mana regen - Extra mana regeneration is a plus, as you will want to spam Q throughout most of your game as Aggressive Sona.
  • Armor - Good to have.
  • Magic Penetration - Just in cause they have Magic Resist on their Runes.
  • Scaling CD Reduction - mainly for early game until you have both Nashor's Tooth and Athene's Unholy Grail which both items will cap your cooldown reduction.
  • Magic Resist - Just in case.

Work in progress...

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Skill Sequence

Your primary goal is to have Hymn of Valor max out first, then keep Aria of Perseverance and Song of Celerity at the same level with Song of Celerity being more important.

Always level Crescendo whenever you can.

At around level 14, we usually win the game, so from 15 after just choose which abilities you believe you need most and go with it.