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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xFrozenFish

FrozenFish's Top Fiora vs AD Bruisers.

xFrozenFish Last updated on September 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! My IGN is xFrozenFish, former competitive HoN Player, recently moved to League of Legends as the game was dying ;( But! I'm enjoying this game a whole lot more than I was on HoN. This is my first guide for Fiora the Duelest! She has decent early game presence and amazing late game presence. The biggest problem with this hero is farm. She needs really great farm early game and late game, if she does not get this farm, she will be really weak and you won't contribute to much :<

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Unique Skills

Duelist - Grants HP Regen on hit, stacks 1 time on creeps, while stacking up to 4 times on attacking heroes, giving her good laning presence also making it easy to trade.

Q Lunge - Leaps to an opponent, can be casted within quick succession dealing good early game damage also an amazing gap closer.

W Riposte - Parry's an enemy attack dealing damage to them as well as giving you passive damage per level.

E Burst of Speed - Activating gives you attack speed and movespeed per attack stacking up to 3 times killing a champion refreshes the cooldown of this ability. Grants the additional attack speed for 3 seconds, and the movespeed for 3 seconds.

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Pros / Cons

Pros and Cons of Fiora!

Pros Cons
-Amazing Damage late game -Easily Shutdown early game
-Fast pushing potential due to E -Falls really far behind with bad farm
-Good in most 1v1 Situations. making it hard for her to catch up.
-Can solo Baron late game -Countered easily
-Fast Clear -Low HP early game.

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Creeping / Jungling

Fiora can clear jungle relatively fast with her E, she can jungle if she must, her W negates 1 hit from big nuets in the camps, also her passive which gives her regen on basic attack. Her E makes her a fast jungler! She can gank at with red, but with no cc/slows they need to be overextended to pickup a kill.

Instead of going for creeps, aim to trade with you opponent, as you are much stronger and can negate an attack which puts you ahead. Most of the time you want to save your W for when the enemy has a crit move like Aatrox's W which gives him extra damage / Lifesteal every 3 hits. which 9/10 will win you fights at early levels.

When you're really far ahead and forcing them out of lane with your amazing early game lane presence, you can free farm ^_^~ Just make sure you keep the river warded, don't want to get ganked and lose your advantage.

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Quints - 1 Flat AD Quint + 2 Lifesteal quints are really effective on Fiora stacked with a Doran's Blade, giving 9 Lifesteal per hit! Along with her passive granting her HP Regen on hit, giving her amazing sustain early game.

Marks - Flat AD Marks giving her roughly 8-9 damage along with her Doran's and AD Quint boosting it to about 15-16, along with W (Passive + 15 dmg) on level 1 gives you over 100AD at level One!

Glyphs - Flat Armour Glyphs making duels with AD Bruisers at top lane a breeze!

Seals - Scaling Magic Resist, since most AD Bruisers have no AP moves, you don't need Magic Resist early game, Scaling MR gives you more MR than Flat MR runes, taking full advantage of late game presence.

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Standard 21-9-0.

1 Point in Summoners Wrath is incredibly useful early game, after you've ignited the enemy you get a boost in AD and AP.

Standard ADC Offensive Masteries, stacked with your runes will give huge boost in damage making these perfect for you.

Standard counter AD Bruisers defensive 3 in Hardiness giving you a small boost in defence making it easier to trade, stacked with Armour Glyphs making you pretty tanky v AD Bruisers.

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Doran's Starting is good with Lifesteal Quints + passive gives you amazing sustain during early game and making it easier to duel enemy's during early levels. First back grab a second Doran's, +160 HP + 10 Dmg + 10 Lifesteal per hit from 2 dorans. Amazing stats for less than 1000 Gold worth of items. Grab your Tier 2 boots preferably Berserker greaves unless you need/want Ninja Tabi. Work towards a Brutalizer to smash through their Bruisers armour!
Next up grab an avarice blade, Crit chance is amazing for Fiora, as your E increases attack speed making it easier for you to win trades with free crits during hits! Passive Gold with extra gold per creep makes it easier to get the farm you need to 1v5 late game! DO NOT upgrade this until you've finished your Ravenous Hydra, this is a core item on Fiora as when you use your ultimate, the slashes deal AoE damage making team fights so much easier for you AP Mid/ADC clean up.
I usually go for a Statikk Shiv which works as your E increases attack speed making your Statikk Shiv proc a lot during fights. If you want you could work towards a Ghostblade instead if you more Movespeed + attack speed complimenting your E.
Now get your Blade of the Ruined king, it's an amazing item for Fiora, this compliments your E giving you movespeed and reduces their HP by 15%. Lifesteal, damage attack speed! Good item on Fiora. At this point in the game, start team fighting, pick up an Elixer of Fortitude!
Work towards Bloodthirster, after this item, you can easily solo baron if the game is around 30 minutes, 40-50 minutes will make baron abit to strong for you to solo UNLESS you're full build.
Infinity Edge makes your crits do more damage, your E really gets you free crits as it gives you attack speed procs crits even easier, you can also crit during ultimate! 1v5 easy!!!
Boots are meh on Fiora, E + Q is more than enough for you to catch up to the opponent.
You can swap out your boots if you want to pickup a last whisper or a Zephyr. DONT FORGET ELIXER OF FORTITUDE!

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Skill Sequence

Most Fiora players max their Q last, I prefer maxing it first, it reduces the cooldown by ALOT and does 280 damage on both hits combined. W is picked up second as the +15 dmg is really effective during laning phase, making it easier to trade. Picking up E on level 3 is almost a guaranteed kill. Maxing W second reduces the cooldown and doing more damage making it easy to farm jungle as well as lane. E maxed as it doesn't scale as well as the others, it gives 60% attack speed on level One, but the other levels it only goes up my 15% AS per level. last as the other 2 skills are just better during laning/mid game.

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Fiora is an amazing hero, with farm she is unstoppable! She can kill early, farm efficiently, push towers with ease, although shut down early is a big problem with her, transfer to jungle if you're falling behind. Hope you enjoyed my guide! Upvote if you liked it, I would appreciate comments and feedback, if you want a more in-depth point of view in either of the sections, feel free to PM me on, or even message me in game: Oce Server - xFrozenFish

Good luck!


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