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Shaco Build Guide by Calebrpg123

Assassin Full AP Shaco Jungle (6.15)

Assassin Full AP Shaco Jungle (6.15)

Updated on August 12, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Calebrpg123 Build Guide By Calebrpg123 1,981 Views 0 Comments
1,981 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Calebrpg123 Shaco Build Guide By Calebrpg123 Updated on August 12, 2016
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  • LoL Champion: Shaco
    Full AP Shaco Jungle (6.13)
  • LoL Champion: Shaco
  • LoL Champion: Shaco


Hello I am Calebrpg123 and this is my complete guide for a full AP Shaco jungle. This build is great for low elo carring and who doesn't love doing tons of damage! This guide shows you the correct runes, spells, items, masteries, and skill order for the best outcome in a shaco jungle game. This guide will go into depth about how to play the champion although its in words it will help tremendously!
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Learning the mechanics and What to do first

The first items you buy is Hunters Machete and 3 Health Potions, Now the first thing you need to learn about shaco jungle is that you do not depend on leashs, With your jack in the boxes doing all the work in the early game you won't have to worry about taking health thats why you choose that skill first. When you first get into the game the first thing you go too is grump, this will give you a healthy start to the game. Your jack in the boxes only last 60 seconds so use them wisely. The jungle monsters spawn at 1:40 so if you place your jack in the boxes on time they will stay longer enough to do the work. What you want to do first is wait until 0:55 and place a jack in the box near blue, but not to close so it doesn't auto attack, then place one of the grump, then 2 on the blue, once you fight the grump and smite it, you take your E and throw it at the blue and walk near your jack in the boxes, they will then start attacking either the blue buff or the minions, that will allow you to backup and not take damage as the blue buff will focus the jack in the boxes, Continue through the chapters to learn all you need to know about the powerful AP Shaco Jungle!
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Continue your jungle clear and ganking

Now that you have your blue buff you should be healthy and should go ahead and leave the wolfs and head over to the Red buff, Once you get to the red buff you will have your smite ready to go if you used it correctly on the grump and can easily fight it, Once you defeat it your will be level 3 now before you take another skill you should examine the lanes and if all 3 lanes are doing good and don't need ganks its smart to level up your W again and continue jungling, if a lane does need help its smart to take Q so you can turn invisible for an easy gank in the beginning. Shaco can also be quiet the aggressive jungler with being able to go to the enemies jungle easy because if caught you can use Q to safely get out. Now continuing on, usually around level 4 when you have about 700$ or more you can recall and buy your starter jungle item and some potions, its also quiet smart to buy a pink ward so before you walk into a push to gank place it to make sure the coast is clear. When you use your Q enemies can see your particles but if you use them while in the bush they never know that you are coming to gank so Shaco is very easy to gank once you get in the lane you can easily use W and E to get the kill.
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Coming into the late game

Shaco has a very strong early game with easy ganks and easy kills but the late game shaco can have trouble, shaco can do tons of damage but his late game against tanks can be hard, but if you play your cards right you can easily kite and kill enemies along side your team. Shaco also can easily ward and Q to steal baron and dragons and easily flash back out, which is very useful for late games.
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End + More Tips

Now that you know a lot of tricks for shaco you should have an amazing time with him in the jungle as he is easy, fast, efficient, and just fun to play!


1. Use your Q to escape and easily get past lanes

2. While going through the enemies jungle its smart to ward around and know when to Q to get out safely

3. Have Fun!

This probably isn't the best guide out there but its not the worst, this will help you get started for your guide to Shaco jungle, this may leave out important details or might just help someone out so enjoy and have fun in the jungle!

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