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Master Yi Build Guide by SkyAssasin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkyAssasin

FULL DMG yi TESTED & Guaranteed(Updated)

SkyAssasin Last updated on December 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Yi is a melee Carry DPS champion which deal tons of damage in late game, and do an annihilation at the end of game. However he is having lot of problem about health,armor,and regen. in this guide i'll help you how for you to maintain save without getting armor and health item, so that you can focus more on getting kill and winning the game

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Keeper of the ancient art of Wuju, Master Yi is a mystical warrior from the isle of Ionia. He descended from one of the few tribes dedicated to the preservation of Wuju, a martial art founded with the principles of absolute spiritual awareness of one's self and one's enemy. When the armies of Noxus invaded Ionia, Master Yi joined in the Ionian defense to fight the craven enemy, bringing his village honor through his unparalleled mastery of the blade. The ensuing battles ravaged the land, but no conflict inflicted as much horror as the day the armies of Noxus closed in on Yi's village. Left undefended, the village became the unfortunate test subject of the latest invention by an up-and-coming chemist, now known as Singed. The remains of the village that Master Yi returned to were so horrific that it remains a festering scar on Ionian history. To this day, no Ionian will ever publicly speak of what occurred.

After the Noxian invasion was contained, Master Yi fell into a deep isolation. For years, he trained morning to night, speaking to no one and refusing offers of consolation by fellow Ionians. The only thing stopping him from madly charging into Noxus battle lines headfirst was his pledge to keep the Wuju style alive. Even though he seethed with impatience, his rage became a tool for sharpening his practice of Wuju, developing stronger and deadlier skills for his eventual vengeance. The only thing that roused him was news of the League's formation, and Noxus' subsequent enrollment in the League. Master Yi now brings his mastery of the blade to the League of Legends with unflinching purpose: to avenge his kinfolk and end the predations of the Noxus once and for all.

''The art of Wuju lives on in Master Yi, and is plunged through the hearts of his foes.'' -- Soraka, the Starchild

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Master Yi's Stats

Master Yi - The basic

Release Date: October 27, 2009

Attributes: Carry, Melee

Cost: 450 IP Points or 260 RP Points

Health Average

Attack Strong

Spells Weak

Difficulty Easy

Health 444 (+ 86 per Level)

Health Regen 6.75 (+ 0.65 per Level)

Mana 199 (+ 36 per Level)

Mana Regen 6.5 (+ 0.5 per Level)

Attack Damage 55.12 (+ 3.1 per Level)

Armor 16.3 (+ 3.7 per Level)

Magic Resistance 30 (+ 1.25 per Level)

Attack Speed 0.679 (+ 2.8% per Level)

Range 125

Movement speed 330

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Heya, i'll go through a rundown of the skill for you.

Double Strike (Passive) - This ability comes naturally to Yi, on every 7th attack he will double strike, i recommend you hit minions till you have 6 strikes then intiate a gank (dont intiate just because you have 6 strikes, but the 6 strikes should be when you do key for your attack to commence)

Alpha strike - Alpha Strike lets you dart from an initial target to 3 other targets dealing base damage with a % chance that you'll deal extra damage to minions/monsters. This i max out at the very start of the game because i believe it gives more harass and far more gold farming then 'E'. It also helps you to initiate ganks, jumping ontop of people out of bushes, and destroying their wall of minions is more effective then you might believe. This skill scales well early game, but with out build in mind, it is only really for intiiating and chasing ( but it wont deal much damage ), you need to remember though guys, you can't have an affective AP & AD Hybrid Yi (not that i know of).

Meditate - Mediate lets your defense/resist skyrocket while you heal yourself for around 1/4 of your health. I won't say that Meditate sucks, but there's just better choices. Alpha Strike and Wuju are much more important, and with our lifesteal/crit build, theres really no point in going for Mediate when it costs a fair bit of mana and requires dipping into Ability Power to become more effective.

Wuju - Wuju is a reall nice skill, better then Alpha Strike, but only late-game. This skill is really nice wether you're backdooring, or just trying to hammer someone hard. Wuju passively gives you more damage when its not on cooldown, and it doubles that damage when you activate it. Its a reall nice skill, but not so important at lvl 1.

Higherlander- Highlander boosts your attack speed and movement speed incredibly, you also become immune to all CC. This is your bread and butter move, although its an ultimate you'd expect it having a long cooldown, well not so friend. Even thought its a 168 second cooldown. You have the perk that if you kill a guy while using it theres no cooldown and you get all your colldowns reset. So ideally, you want to use Highlander to intiate ganks, and pop Wuju while you're at it. Highlander makes you a force to be reckonned with, thats how awesome it is. If you are doing really well at lvl 11, and you keep using this to win ganks, heck you snowball so hard. You will dominate everything if you start well and get successful ganks with this.

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Ally that is suitable to lane together and foe that is annoying

Team Work

You'll notice when using Yi that he doesn't like teammates. Thats because Yi is a cold, kill hording little man who likes alot of gold. During Laning phase i recommend your partner play as a support or heavy CC champion, because Yi's Alpha Strike will end up farming the majority of the minions and leaving the partner a little dry on gold. Thats why support is impportant with yi if the other player wants a chance to do well. Heres some champions that WOULD LANE WELL with Yi.

Xin Zhao








Here's a list of people who you DON'T want to lane with.

Xin Zhou





Why these champions? Because they're your competition when it comes to trying to get kills. (im not saying these are the best, but im just giving examples of SOME champions) You want to go uncontested in your lane.

You'll also notice that Yi has been called bad at team fights, well, yes.. and no. Yi is a fully capable Team fighter when he comes in a bit later to the fight and everyones trying to pick themselves up and he Ultimates from one to the other. He defiantly isnt one to stand in the chaos of the storm and hit people when taking massive damage, he'll die first (without bloodthirsters, still with bloodthirsters you shouldnt risk it due to hard cc).

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at first for the laning phase yi had have already lot of damage as you pick his 3rd skill.
so you can farm well to kill minion as much as possible by last hitting it.
you must save your gold to get the following
- B.F Sword
- Vampiric Scepter
once you can save your gold for that item. you can be very helpful in doing a war

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Pros+ and Cons-

-Yi deals tons of damage in mid game until late game
-His Ultimate is good for chasing enemy and escaping from enemy
-He can get annihilation ,as his ultimate is refreshed for getting a kill

-Low Health and Armor at early game
-Hard in farming against range champion
-In late game he is weak against tanker with thornmail

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Recommendation & Laning Phase

For The laning phase , it is recommended for you not to do an aggresive movement until you are level 6 , never go back to base until your gold is enough to buy B.F Sword , vampire Scepter, and boots. except you are at critical health.. try to get gold by last hitting the minion as much as possible,
Yi is very weak against tanker , especially tanker with thornmail. never attack tanker at first or try not to chase him in late game ,
yi always targeted by the enemy at first, so try to stay together with your allied when all the enemy is missing.
This Build is a full damage build , so try not to open the war before your ally do it for you, or else you will get raped.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Exhaust
are very helpful and effective for doing a kill or a gank
however some other spell are also usefull

This is my all time favorite spell. I take it on EVERY champion. Its useful both in offensive and defensive tactics. You have been hopelessly ganked? Flash away. Enemies chasing you? Flash over the wall. Enemies got away with 50Hp? Flash to them and deal 1 more attack. Simply the best.


While I rarely use it, it can be still viable on Master Yi. This champion is extremely vulnerable to CC disables and if you do not intend on buying Quicksilver Sash, this spell is kind of must take.


I almost placed this spell in the Bad category, but I changed my mind. Teleport can be very useful in laning phase and when backdooring, but this spell is only viable on Solo Top Master Yi. In latest patch it has been buffed and also removes summoner spell debuffs which is great and makes it more viable for Master yi.

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Early Game

Play Safety until you get to level 6 and do a very nice farming as good as possible/
And use your alpha strike oftenly to get more gold. You are really having trouble with mana
so get blue buff when you got vampiric scepter.

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Mid Game

Try to do a gank into your friend lane and makesure your ultimate is not on cooldown.
try to get kill in this mid stage.

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Late Game

By now you should be okay on farming, but it is still ok to farm if you still have items to build but you should focus on team fights and positioning from here out.

Warding baron area : / ramp / tri bush/ etc.

If you have to, give your lizard to your ranged carry, and blue buff to your casters.

Don't be the one to initiate a fight unless you're tanky dps, and you're chasing someone down who got caught.