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Qiyana Build Guide by rCadeKing



Updated on October 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rCadeKing Build Guide By rCadeKing 4,959 Views 0 Comments
4,959 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author rCadeKing Qiyana Build Guide By rCadeKing Updated on October 22, 2021
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Runes: armor rune vs ad (obviously)

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide


By rCadeKing
about me
I am rCadeKing (previously ckreborn) and hit 878 lp earlier this season. in my OPINION, i am the best Qiyana NA (i think davemon and royalroy are good, i don't interact much with johnnyfast but he is most likely good too)

i peaked rank 5 Qiyana in the world on league of graphs if that means anything (it doesn't)
i only got of a screenshot of me being 6 tho :p

878 lp was rank 150 at the time for all u high elo fellows

(decayed now but still playing before season ends)

and heres the chall proof

I've been playing since like s6 when i was super young and since then I've practiced almost every champion and think that Qiyana (and Zed) are the most broken (i stopped playing zed tho)
this guide is about lethality Qiyana mid (NOT JG, NOT BRUISER they are not as good in my opinion)(ESPECIALLY BECAUSE CONQ IS GETTING NERFED)

this will be split into laning, mid-game, and late-game

afterwards, i will have combos and just things that have to do with mechanics

if the guide seems too long for you, I would recommend skipping around to the parts you want to know about (but i wrote it in this order for a reason for those with the time on their hands)

Qiyana is a relatively difficult champion BUT i think she is incredibly broken and (along with Yuumi/ Zed) would not mind her being removed from the game because these champs are just conceptually overloaded
out of every champion in the game, Qiyana is the ONLY champion that 1 shots someone INSTANTLY. (besides Rengar and maybe Kha'Zix)

she is also one of the BEST late-game AD assassins in the game

her w Terrashape even makes her mixed damage meaning that people can't only stack armor against you

her combos are too fast to react to, constantly putting the enemy in a disadvantageous position.

in terms of high-level play, qiyana is almost always the one forcing the enemy to outplay in order to win, and the only reason she is not played in pro is because coordinated play can deal with how deceptively straightforward her kit is

OBJECTIVES WIN GAMES and Qiyana is the STRONGEST champion in THE ENTIRE GAME while in river

also, she just looks awesome and super flashy and the only reason i play videogames is skill expression and overly flashy things
building items
before we get into laning, make sure you follow the builds RELIGIOUSLY as Qiyana is a very stat sticky champion. you always need to be building the best items, and while you are still learning her I recommend just doing what I have put so that you aren't needlessly weaker than you should be
Youmuu's Ghostblade into a mythic is the best right now, and Umbral Glaive is a good second item if you are trying to 1v9. lethality mythic items are not as good right now but I would get it at third item the latest (and i would never buy Eclipse unless i build it first item)
As i mentioned in matchups, use your starting Long Sword to build a Hexdrinker vs difficult stat stick matchups ( Sylas Fizz Diana)
to be honest, laning is very hard to explain as league of legends is very intricate and complex.

however, the idea is to take as little damage as possible levels 1-2 and all in at level 3 (weaving as many autos as possible and igniting early)

I take Biscuit Delivery so that i ALWAYS win these all ins. You should learn when to eat your Biscuit Delivery and when to drink your Refillable Potion. In my opinion, midlane is a war of attrition and this combined with wave control is how you win in high elo (usually)

just like on every champion, always be mindful of both junglers and try to foresee how ganks or fights will play out involving the junglers so that you know when and where you should be in order to help

In higher ranks (diamond 2+ or smurf queue) it is best to let them shove in and have your wave bounce back around 3:15 so that you are stronger for the scuttle fights.
In my climb to challenger, scuttle fights are the MOST IMPORTANT part of the game. ALWAYS play these correctly or you can risk the entire game

later on, look to shove the wave and roam either top or bot, saving ult Supreme Display of Talent IF POSSIBLE (ult Supreme Display of Talent for 1 kill is usually worth it, but don't waste it if you can kill them without it)
for higher elos, you can also look to just go and 1 shot the enemy jungler

WHEN YOUR JUNGLER GANKS YOU, e Audacity through minions to close the gap between you and the enemy laner. even if they Flash, you should almost always kill if played correctly

again, i am sorry that i cannot go into too much detail, especially in laning, as league of legends is just a really complex game :/
i am going to categorize mid-game as two things:
dragon fight is happening
your botlane starts going mid and you start going bot (usually higher elo only)

in dragon fights, play for HUGE flash ult Supreme Display of Talent plays on the ideal targets (fed adc, fed jungler, etc.)
if their carry is a tank (like a trundle) there are two things to do:
ult ALONG RIVER (your ult Supreme Display of Talent stuns on the riverbed) so that both the tank and the enemy backline get stunned) and 1 shot the tank with your team, so stay with your team and then e Audacity onto the tank --> r Supreme Display of Talent TOWARDS enemy team members (NOT TOWARDS A WALL, IT STUNS EITHER WAY)

the second option (more advanced so prob a higher elo thing) is to do the normal thing and just Flash 1 shot the enemy backline and then kite the tank. having a numbers advantage is really op so always look for picks as an assassin (more in late game)
if you're here you actually care about learning qiyana grats. like i said just now, mid-game is all about dragon fights. dragon soul is an INSTANT win if you get it and use it correctly. this is because qiyana scales very well and you can always 1 shot any late game threat ( Kassadin, Aphelios, Jinx) but I always ban lulu since she can save these champs from getting 1 shot

remember that killing tanks is NOT YOUR JOB, it is your adcs. you should aim to ult the highest priority target (either enemy backline or enemy frontline so that your adc can kill). if you have a bad team and can't win, it happens to all of us.

late game is the same as mid-game: play for objectives as Qiyana is strongest in the river
look for picks if possible (utilizing vision) because although Qiyana does not have much out of combat mobility (gap closing), she is incredibly mobile while IN combat (e Audacity and w Terrashape) and will one shot anyone that gets into range
comboing on Qiyana is VERY EASY once you understand the champion. usually, it is any combination of ulting Supreme Display of Talent and then just using q Edge of Ixtal twice, autoing them to death after if they survive

Supreme Display of Talent --> Edge of Ixtal --> Terrashape --. Edge of Ixtal

weaving autos can be important sometimes but i don't want to overcomplicate things :P

the combo without ult is just like this:

Edge of Ixtal --> Terrashape --> Edge of Ixtal

In lane, powerful tools include using Audacity through minions to get closer to the enemy, and then using the above combo to q Edge of Ixtal them twice from range:

Audacity through a minion --> Edge of Ixtal --> Terrashape --> Edge of Ixtal

1 shot combo (any point of the game) are these 2:

Flash --> Audacity + ICE/RIVER Edge of Ixtal --> Terrashape --> WALL/ROCK Edge of Ixtal (auto before the WALL/ROCK Edge of Ixtal if they are not below half hp yet


Flash --> Audacity + Supreme Display of Talent --> RIVER/BUSH Edge of Ixtal --> Terrashape --> ROCK/WALL Edge of Ixtal

also, you can catch most people off guard by just not using an element for your first q Edge of Ixtal since most bad players would underestimate you (the rest of the combo should be the same)

IMPORTANT NOTE: you USUALLY auto before the ROCK/WALL Edge of Ixtal during the ult Supreme Display of Talent combo but for the sake of simplicity i am leaving that out

similar to how kha'zix uses his w BEFORE his e when 1 shotting an unsuspecting foe, as qiyana you should use your q and THEN q+e instead of q+e and then q again

also, always remember u can e Audacity-->r Supreme Display of Talent in the same way you can e Audacity+q Edge of Ixtal (just have to aim the r manually)

if you really want to be good at qiyana combos, I would go into practice tool

here is a montage of me playing qiyana ^.^ all the clips were taken from one day of solo q meaning this is all practical stuff
flash combos
you probably know of these, this is just a short list of flash+ability combos (i put the abilities in the order you press them in)
Edge of Ixtal + Flash
Supreme Display of Talent + Flash
Terrashape + Flash cancels the Terrashape dash animation so you can q again faster (ADVANCED)
Flash + Audacity is the perfect gapclose for 1 shotting a target
usually in the side lane, qiyana 1v1s end quickly. either sit in a bush and e Audacity + r Supreme Display of Talent combo to 1 shot squishy champs or shove the wave to roam/try to catch out the enemy again in a different bush.

vs most champs, make sure to abuse your bush q Edge of Ixtal as the invisibility lasts long, has a generally low cd, and does noticeable damage. DO NOT RUSH FIGHTS (you can bush q Edge of Ixtal as many times as you want, you don't ALWAYS have to get rock/wall q Edge of Ixtal second!)

just like when laning, you should ALWAYS be mindful of both junglers (especially the enemy) and try to foresee what ways they would gank you in if they were to gank you
conclusion (tl;dr)
this qiyana build focuses on using mechanics to solo kill, roam, and snowball. solo killing is NOT necessary and will come naturally if you are the better player (do not feel pressured to solo kill, you can still win by snowballing from objective fights).

qiyana is very stat sticky and thus difficult for enemies to outplay, meaning you should make sure to abuse their weakest players. always build full damage as my gameplay style is that of a glass cannon and i have tried bruiser qiyana, it is not good unless you are literally against 0 carry champs and are only against tanks.

knowing how to combo and macro are the most important parts of Qiyana. i recommend going in to practice tool if you are new to Qiyana or new to the game in general. Additionally, if you want champions similar to Qiyana in playstyle, I would pick up Zed (easy) and Talon (not as easy but definitely easier to learn conceptually)

if you don't succeed at first, don't feel discouraged! qiyana is a difficult champion to learn but I promise learning her is worth it if you are confident in your mechanics and skills as a player
thanks for reading

there is SO much stuff i couldn't cover and even more stuff i probably just forgot because league is just such a complex game, but and I recommend watching players better than u if u want to improve (i would make a list of good players but i cba). if u want u can watch me ^.^

reading something is NOT the same as experiencing it so I would go into practice tool or watch others play her (like my montage :3) if you are really invested in getting good at qiyana

and heres my time to plug, do the stuff u usally do if u want to, otherwise gl on the rift :D
guide for climbing in solo queue
to climb in solo queue, having a good mental is the strongest weapon.

don't tilt (especially if your team tries to tilt you)
if a game is lost, just accept it is lost and move on
many players in solo queue lie to themselves for peace of mind, i would recommend
just being the bigger man and having peace of mind even if you know you are bad o.-

drop the ego when u don't deserve it (but keep it if u do, motivation is how you climb)

my thoughts on dodging: now that there is a dodge limit of three, it is usually never worth it to dodge. In the first place, your goal going into each game should be improving, not just getting temporary internet points.

ALSO, if you go on a loss streak, it happens. now ur in a lower elo than u deserve, so winning should be easier :D just keep a good mental and you're sure to improve
good luck ^.^

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