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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkByDesign

Galio - Harrasing Glory DPS KILLER

DarkByDesign Last updated on August 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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GALIO - WhirlWind Abuser


Heavy Anti-Caster
Can Harrass Easily
Great Laner
Tank & Caster Dmg
Great Escape Mechanism Skills
Support & Escape Help Skills


Squeshy vs Melee
Weak in 1 v 1
& looks like he eat too much for breakfast.


An Introductory guide to complete domination in team-gameplay action.

Galio is an amazing great tank & magic dealer, my guide will focus on having maximum output for defensence while doing maximum output in damage.

I ussualy build this in 3v3's and 5v5s.

SKILLAGE Basics & Understanding (Important Read):

- Rightous Gust: This is one of my favourite skills, the range on it is mentally great - and you can lane farm and abuse your enemies without being touched, it's also a great escape mechanism, as well as catching running opponents mechanism, and should be leveled first.

- Resolute Smite: 2nd best skill on Galio, extremely fun to use, to help your allie's & yourself escape, by bombing them with this slow skill same time, using it to catch up to enemies to finish them off, very nice AOE on it also, so very useless, when there is a bunch of enemies tower hugging, Combine this splash to slow them and gust them in a diagnal area so capture both targets and damage them is emencely great.

Bulwark - A good support skill for Galio, I ussualy level it at lvl 5, just before i get my ULTIMATE, it come's usefull in team-fights, so before pop'in your ulti, you pop this on yourself or on an allie that is getting hit, it will heal you a bit, while you take dmg and give you survivability to when you pop out of Ulti, so you have time to pop a Rightous Gust and then a Resolute Smite to finish off, or slow and finish off the enemies.


- Idol of Durand: This is one really fun Ulti, it Taunts for 2.5 seconds, but remember it doesn't taunt the enemie's for the full duration of charge, so make sure to click and move, if they trying to escape from the Charge Area of Ulti, otherwise - the Ulti would be a waist. I have noticed that, since playing GALIO and when using ULTI its easy to evade - Either using teleport or Ghosting out of it, straight after taunt, so make sure to move and break the ULTI before they leave the area, it will still Damage them - Now if there attacking you after taunt and not running try and charge fully- That would stack on-top of damage that is dealt to you back to them at a certain %, which increase's the damage, then move a position where the enemie lines up, throw a Rightous Gust to hit all enemie's and then use Smite to slow move further away and Rightous Gust again until they die( This depends, if your diyng try slow and run for your life Lolz).

:::::Explanation of Item Build in Order & Gameplay:::::

First item's to get before game begin's are ( Doran's Ring & Mana Potion , this would give you an advantage in survival same time giving you abit of Dmg + 10 AP and Mana regen.

As you start laning, try and use Rightous Gust as much as possible to damage troops and Enemy's, try doing diagnal strike's from top corner to bottom corner.

After you have gotten some gold, get Chalice of Harmony this will increase your AP by 15 & giving you 30% Magic resist as well as extremely good Mana regen, so you can lane and farm for longer periods.

As you advance next item's would be to get Mercury Threads, try go back after you gain 350Gold to buy normal Boots, then Combine to get Mercury Threads, this will up your AP by 10 and give you another 20% Magic Resist.

Mid Game - You should have nice Mana Regen, decent magic damage and good tanking ability.

You now go for increase of Magic Dmg & Magic Resist -

Everytime you have enough gold - go back for Combining items this is majorly important, it gives you upper hand and helps you obtain kills.

BEFORE going for ABYSALL SCEPTER - You could go for Spirit Vissage - which could reduce's cooldown & increase's your Magic resist + adding abit of AP due to the 50% AP to Magic Resist gained on the Passive of Galio. This is optional, but usefull to spam Gust and Smite.

Now go for Negatron Cloak +48 Magic Resist then get Blasting Ward then Combine it for Abyssal's Scepter. This will give you majorly good magic resist + AP for the magic resist as well as Ability Power flat, & Reducing opponenet's magic resist by 20% Meaning you gain really good damage and Tank stack Magic resist ability.

Now the next item's are dependable on what your up against -

If it's heavy Melee, I would first go for Thornmail & combine it with Sunfire Capes for extra dmg + health, thus increasing survivability, or if against heavy casters, i would top it off with Guardian's Angel or Force of Nature which is pritty usefull, but thats up to you, If your over-fed, just get Mejai's Stack AP and GG.

I hope you have found this guide usefull and goodluck in-game.

Kind Regards