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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eschrods17

Galio, magic res killer.

eschrods17 Last updated on September 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build has helped out a ton on team fights, but even as a top or bottom lane melee it still keeps you from dying and a better chance for you to survive the lane itself. I have yet to try this build in the middle lane, but I would think it to be a failure for the team if you tried it.

The build is straight magic resist with a little mp5 and health to keep you going. This easily gets you 31 AP right at level 1, so resolute smite will hurt even without a lot of magic pen. Galio's mp can go quickly, even with the additional mp5, so get chalice first since it helps boost your magic res and your AP. This makes bulwark not as much of a priority to get, since you can take some magic hits and gain some health, boosted ap and armor for a couple of seconds if you're running low on health. I leave righteous gust for later because you'll be able to handle bunches of hits in your lane, so it's main purpose for this build is to either do extra damage in a group fight or to help your allies flee if they are low on health. Idol of Durand creates the icing-on-the-cake, since you're mainly a magic res tank, and it causes your idol to take out about 45-75% health even with 2-3 enemies in your taunt. Pay close attention to which enemy champions get cleanse or flash; it will pretty much deteriorate the damage to some extent.

As I said earlier, Chalice is priority to get first so you can lane easily, even if you end up dying once. The next item is Mercury Treads. You may replace it for Boots of Swiftness if either you're facing against speedies like Yi or Miss Fortune or if you are called to help in every single team fight.

The next items are very simple: If they have a tank that's focusing mainly on armor and magic res or they have a strong melee dps, go for Randuin's Omen first to get you a boost of hp5. If they have a strong caster or hybrid champion that's destroying your team, get Aegis before Randuin's Omen to help soak in the damage, especially in team fights.

See how much wiggle room there is with this build? I love it! <3
Anyway, after those items, there's two item paths you can take.

1.) Health Regen
- This can be twofold, since there are items like Warmog's Armor or Force of Nature that can definitely keep your hp high. As long as you have one of those two and Spirit Visage, consider the match a win. If you do, this I would recommend Force of Nature over Warmog's Armor, since the magic res bonus is HUGE. Plus you get .35% of your total health back plus the 0.3% and 4% from masteries. Killer! I prefer this path a lot more because of Randuin's ability.

2.) Ability Power / Magic Pen
- This one I don't use much, but I've seen it work fairly well. Naturally Zhonya's Ring or Rilay's Crystal Scepter would be ideal. However, if your team is failing, I go for Lich Bane, since it will give you yet an additional boost in movement speed, AP, and also bonus damage on your next hit. Put it this way: Idol + Resolute Smite + physical hit w/ Lich Bane...yeah, it's heavy damage. After that, Void Staff to help devastate foes with Idol plus Resolute Smite. I've gotten double and triple kills with those two spells alone with this build. I don't recommend doing this one if you're not comfortable playing a tank, for it does require some skill. It's even difficult for me to do at times.

Naturally I get Clarity for a boost of mana in case your allies or you need it in a pinch, then either teleport or ghost depending on which point you want to spend as your 4th in the utility tree.

The End.