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Galio Build Guide by McBKboy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McBKboy

Galio - The Sentinal's Sorrow (Includes Jungle Galio)

McBKboy Last updated on October 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I'm McBKboy, your average LoL player. Here is my guide on Galio, The Sentinal's Sorrow.

This is just my prefered way to play and build Galio. You do not need to follow this guide if you don't believe it is correct by any means. If you have suggestions or comments, just message me or write a comment in discussions. Also, if there are any typos, please comment and tell me, so I can fix it.

I like Galio because he is a very unique champion and is very flexible among his builds and playstyle.

Galio can do every role besides support and he has a lot of CC and support-oriented abilities.

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Pros and Cons


    Can perform many roles.
    Has massive AoE.
    Has a lot of CC.
    Has one of the strongest ults in the game.
    Has strong harrass in lane.
    Heavily scaling damage.
    Doesn't need AP for damage.

    Squishy in early game.
    Depends heavily on ult.
    Has a weaker gank.
    Low sustain without chalice.
    Long cooldowns.

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I think this mastery build is viable because of the extra early game and magic pen from the red tree to support Galio's passive. I think this build is probably most viable in the top lane if you are going to build galio as an offtank.

9/0/21This build could be viable for support or mid if you are going to dedicate Galio to CC or damage because of the utility gained from the green tree to combine with some extra damage capability from the red tree.

21/9/0This build is best for galio in mid because of the pure damage output of red, but not too viable because of your low amount of AP.

0/21/9This build is most viable in all positions besides top because of the CD reduction and tankiness increases and small portion of utility, which is what Galio needs.

0/9/21This build is one of the most viable mastery builds on Galio because of the heavy emphasis on Galio's utility and a small portion of tankiness which is the definition of Galio as a champion.

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Mana Regen-Quite viable for Galio because it gives him some extra Q spam potential, especially in early game.

Gold per 10-Somewhat viable for Galio if you are going to play him as a passive support role.

Flat Magic Resist-Makes Galio more effective in early game, which is his worst phase of the game.

Scaling Magic Resist-Give Galio an awesome boost for late game tankiness, which is where he shines best.

Flat Armor-Helps boost use of his ult before level 10.

Movement Speed-Very nice for Galio, especially because he is very gank reliant.

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Summoner Spells

Most Viable Picks

Smite-Always pick for jungling of course.

Flash-Extremely useful for getting away and chasing for almost all champions.

Ignite-Very helpful for Top and Mid for extra damage towards kills.

Exaust-With the new meta, this is the most viable support summoner spell.


Ghost-I guess this is okay for chasing and getting away. I think it would also go well with Galio's E, as well.

Heal-Somewhat viable for support for heals because Galio doesn't have any, like the traditional support. Could also be viable in other lanes for bating and in conjunction with his ult in early game teamfights.

Teleport-Very nice for controlling lane and keeping up with farm because of Galio's bad farming power.

Promote-If you want to run the CLG strategy, you could use this on Galio support.

Clarity-Good if you choose to get chalice after catalyst.

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Abilities are what make a champion unique and Riot REALLY emphasized that on Galio in my opinion.

Runic Skin-Galio's passive is the one thing that really defines Galio as an awesome, yet underplayed champion. It gives his extreme viability among builds/setups and allows him to deal damage, yet being a great tank.

Resolute Smite-Galios main ability. Deals nice damage in early game because of it's powerful base damage in conjunction with Galio's early AP off of his passive. The AoE damage and slow really makes in effective within teamfights, as well.

Bulwark-Galio's most underrated ability. Using this on a main tank or a ADC or APC being focused will extremely increase their survivability and can heal Galio for a ton,, if they are tanky themselves already. This move is also extremely needed in the jungle because, not many people remember this, but, using this on Galio, himself, will increase his Magic Resist which will help his damage on his abilities. SO using this before fighting a camp or harrassing an enemy can really make a difference.

Righteous Gust-Galio's most helpful ability. You can use this move to help yourself or a friendly get away, help initiate a fight, help chase an enemy, whatever you need that involves movement speed.

Idol of Durand-Galio's numero uno ability. When timed right, this overpowered move can completely turn around a fight. The taunt is very long, even with only 1 skill point. With enough damage, your team do not even need to get damaged in a teamfight to destroy your entire opposing team if used to the best potential.

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Core Items

These items are Galio's core items because they emphasize his defensiveness and help his early game sustain, which he lacks.


Mercury Treads-Gives Galio early game MR and every champion needs their boots, of course.

Chalice of Harmony-Allows Galio to keep on going even if he is low on mana, which happens extremely often without chalice. This is Galio's best item because it allows him to spam and gives him extremely early Magic resist, so this is a must on most builds on Galio.

Banshee's Veil-Give Galio tankiness against magic, sustain, health, and mana, which is all things that he needs.

Guardian's Angel-Gives Galio a boost of armor while still feeding him more magic resist for better balance between his resists.

Finished Build Variants

Basic Build
    Mercury Treads
    Banshee's Veil
    Rod of Ages
    Guardian's Angel
    Athene's Unholy Grail
    Randuin's Omen

More Damage
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    Banshee's Veil
    Rod of Ages
    Abyssal Scepter
    Athene's Unholy Grail
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter

More Armor
    Ninja Tabi
    Banshee's Veil
    Athene's Unholy Veil
    Randuin's Omen
    Locket of the Iron SOlari
    Guardian's Angel

Ultimate Emphasis
    Mercury Treads
    Athene's Unholy Grail
    Frozen Heart
    Guardian's Angel
    Shurelya's Reverie
    Randuin's Omen

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Situational/Alternative Items

They key to winning a League of Legends game is to adjust your build to your enemy. Finding items to help counter attack or defend from the enemy can really set you and your team ahead.

Abyssal Scepter-This can really help you and your team get more magic damage output while still getting Magic Resist to support Galio's passive and tanking.

Aegis of Legion-Can improve you and your teams survivability during teamfights.

Force of Nature-A nice item to have if you need to participate in fights very often.

Frozen Heart-Helps you get some more armor if you lack any while building MR and provides CDR which will help you spit out abilities and your ult faster.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity-If you feel you needs extra CDR.

Locket of the Iron Solari-Nice for a small boost of health and armor if you lack any and the active shield will help defend the carrier of your Bulwark spell to get more heals off.

Quicksilver Sash-Nice for a late game boost of MR and will help you win Teamfights because of the active Cleanse.

Shurelya's Reverie-Great for support or top Galio for the speed boost active in conjunction with your E and building off of a philo stone if you bought one.

Soul Shroud-A very nice boost of health and can help your team during teamfights to spit out move abilities.

Spirit Visage-A very nice early game item on Galio to help his regeneration and healing from Bulwark. It also gives him health and MR.

Sunfire Cape-If you feel that you are the main tank, then you might want this item for extra armor, health, and damage output on top of you abilities.

Thornmail-Great if you want a big boost on armor if you don't have any armor yet by 20-25 minutes.

Warmog's-Best if you bought Quicksilver Sash or Force of Nature because of the lack of health on those items that you could get on Banshee's Veil or Spirit Visage.

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Top Lane
The top lane is probably where Galio does best. The fact that most other top laners are melee gives Galio an advantage due to the fact he has ranged abilities. When an enemy manages to get up on you, remember to use your Bulwark. Always be spamming your Q when your opponent goes in for cs. You could also use your Q to farm if your opponent is controlling the pack of fighting minions. If champions like Urgot or Gangplank are against you, you might need to back to your own turret because of out harrassment. You could also get an early chain vest directly after chalice to deal with it. Flash ulting isn't really something you need in top lane, unless you are chasing a running low health enemy. Keep your zone bigger than your opponents by keeping the amount of enemy minions low, which is easy as Galio because of your heavy lane control. When your jungler decides to gank for you, always remember to Bulwark the initating person and remember to use Righteous Gust when assaulting the enemy. As Galio, you can easily kick out your lane opponent to go B, so try to gank for mid because of Galio's CC.

Mid Lane

Lane control is a lot harder in mid because your opponent is at equal with you. AN early gank mid would be awesome, so you can get enough gold for a level 4 chalice, which will enable you to spam a lot easier to over come your opponent. It is nice to be Galio mid because you are almost immune to the damage of your enemy is this case if you get at least 80+ bonus MR by level 9. Bulwark is extremely important in harrassment because your opponent can easily make a trade in favor of themselves than you, so if you have the MR buff, you can make your damage exchange stronger on your part. Try to only cs with basic attacks if you know you are safe on your half of the lane. Always keep your zone big, especially in mid, so buying wards will help you be able to back up against brush to avoid ganks and have easier cs and harrass. Use blue buff to your advantage by spamming the hell out of your opponent and the minions to make sure you are always ahead of them, which is hard for a Galio. If you are facing characters like Lux or Gragas, it is easier on you because you are just going to be exchanging cs and will be on par with eachother in cs the entire time. When using your ult in lane, you might need Flash or Righteous Gust in order to pull it off because your opponent is ranged. Always use Righteous Gust when ganks are incoming and use Bulwark on the initiator. When your opponent is not there, try to gank if other lanes are in trouble. Always try to push the lane hard if you want to go B, which is easy on Galio.

As Galio support, the key is to harrass your opponent. Galio's early game damage is comparable to Sona's because of it's nice scaling, so using Righteous Gust into a Resolute Smite with your ADC backing you up could even end up into an in-lane kill. Heavy use of Bulwark can make a huge difference. Always use it on the person who is initiating in firefights to improve your odds of victory. Heavy use of actives on support items are very strong with Galio. Locket of the Iron Solari is very strong in combination with Bulwark. Shurelya's Reverie is also very strong in combination with your Righteous Gust, as well.When using your ultimate as support, make sure your ADC is near to help deal damage and you might want to Bulwark yourself, too because there are 2 people at bot with will deal extra physical damage, especially early game. When going B, tell your ADC to push, so you can walk through your bush nearest your turret and go to the other bush to ult your unsuspecting opponents when they come near. Warding is key to being a support. Try to keep the enemy buff warded to help your jungler with counter jungling and team positioning. Always ward dragon AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, keep the tri-bush warded while on blue team if pushed and ward the bush right next to the lane on the river, no matter what team you are. try to get Vision Wards often to get rid of enemy wards to help your jungler get a gank off bot. As Galio, always use Righteous Gust into Resolute Smite while receiving a gank for the jungler. Galio's ultimate is a lot more useful at bot lane because there are more opponents to ensure both kills.

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Jungling is a very complex role, which makes it even harder, while playing Galio, so I will try my best to get player into jungle Galio, which was Riot's intention to place Galio. For better tips for jungling in general, you might want to check other guides.

You can start at either blue buff or wraiths as Galio. I tend to start with boots while getting blue and getting cloth armor while starting at wraiths, but that's just me. Regarding level 2 ganks as Galio, if you start at Blue buff, go to wolves then head directly to Mid or Top. To level 2 gank bot, you start at wraiths and save smite for red buff, get a leash on both wraiths and red buff and make sure your teammates are clear of red buff, so you can get as much exp from the kill as possible then head directly bot and dont use anything more than your Q because of mana situations and just rely on red buff for CC. Always try to get Chalice as early as possible while jungling like all other positions. Always be wary of your mana if you start at wraiths because you need enough for watching the lanes. Ganking after level 6 is much easier on Galio. try using your ult on lanes that aren't as pushed to ensure kills. Try to have your support or top laner to ward their blue buff because Galio is heavily reliant on that as a jungler to be extremely effective to turn games in your team's favor. Always Bulwark the initiator and Resolute Smite into Righteous Gust for ganks, unlike the initiating combos while in lane. This helps to set your Q cd off first to get it off again while chasing your enemy. Always be ganking often with Galio because he doesn't have a good jungle clearance time.

Covering lanes as Galio is great because of his spam with blue buff and minion killing ability. If a teammate dies in-lane and your opponent is pushing always just Q-E the backwave minions and Q the front wave again to kill them off to hold the lane. If the oponent is attacking the turret, you might needs to E-R or Flash-R to get a kill and always be sure to clear out and center the minions before moving on back to the jungle and ganking.

Ward coverage as a jungler is very important to conserver your laner's gold. As Galio, always ward the enemy Blue Buff and Wraiths, to put yourself ahead as far as Counter Jungling goes. Warding the small patches near mid from Baron and Dragon is important as a jungler to prevent the enemy team getting Baron, killing dragon, or ganking mid. Try to cover your top laner as far as warding goes to help him/her save gold. Especially if you are playing Galio, or some other tank jungler.

Like I said, jungling in general is very complex, so checking out other guides would also help you tremendously when jungling as Galio or just about any other champion.

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If you play Galio correctly during an even teamfight, you could easily win it for the team if timed and played correctly. Pulling off a nice Righteous Gust initiate, a good Resolute Smite landing, appropriate Bulwark, and successful Idol of Durand can make all the difference. Positioning tanks in front while dps kills the enemy dps is very important. Team comp in correlation with Galio can also help win a teamfight, as demonstrated in this video...

Notice how all the tanks were in the front while squishies were in the back, which negated all damage to them. Leona's ult helped Galio pull off the perfect 5 man ultimate while Sona was able to interupt the enemy Nunu's ult basically won them the fight. Katarina and Irelia's focus of the enemy DPS made a huge difference aswell.

Positioning as Galio will help you pull off all your abilities correctly during teamfights. Always be standing right next to you partner tanks and always work with them so you can pull off Idol of Durand nicely. Use Righteous Gust to make sure you and your team are in the best place to start a fight. Items like Shurelya's Reverie, Randuin's Omen, and Frozen Heart require positioning to be used correctly.

Always focus the enemy dps. As Galio your ult is your most important thing, so communicate with your team to focus the enemy DPS while you are taunting with your ult. Right when backing out from your ult, try to Righteous Gust towards the back end of the enemy group to help your team get to the enemy dps in the back. Use Resolute Smite on those who your team is focusing or those who are trying to escape.

Defense among your team is extremely important, especially as a champ like Galio. Don't be afraid to use your ult to save a friendly's life wether in a teamfight or not. Use Resolute Smite on melee opponents assaulting your team to slow them in their tracks and use Righteous Gust to give your team the most mobility during fights to run out of harm's way.

Lane Teamfights

    Initiate with
Righteous Gust
Stay in the front lines
Resolute Smite the enemies in the back of the opposing group.
Ult as many as possible, use flash if you need to.
Keep Bulwark on the initiating tank.

Jungle Teamfights
    Never seperate with your team
    Use bushes to suprise enemies with
Idol of Durand
Keep as much coverage of that area beforehand to prevent escapes and suprises
Let you and other tanks huddle around DPS to ensure safety.

River Teamfights
    Use bushes to suprise enemy
    Use ward coverage beforehand
Righteous Gust to initiate
Stay in front of DPS
Ult the enemy DPS mainly
Stay together.

Base Teamfights
    Keep away from minions for maximum mobility
    Try to taunt under turrets
Righteous Gust to initiate and escape
Try to kite around buildings
Stay extremely close to your team

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Thanks for reading my guide on Galio. I hope you learned something and I hope it convinced you to give Galio a try. Thank you to those who provide feedback on the guide and I will improve and update the guide in the near future. Remember to own it up "With great force"-Galio. This is McBKboy, thanks again for reading my guide.