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Galio Build Guide by yoke

Support Galio wanna poke poke (SUPPORT- AP)

By yoke | Updated on April 15, 2019
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Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight


Flash and smash.
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Galio wanna poke poke (SUPPORT- AP)

By yoke
How to poke poke in lane.
Basic Goal: Poke ADC with Q when trading. Go in with E when possible, and combo with taunt and Q, ignite. This is the main Goal. Catch the ADC, or squishy support and kill them. BURST DAMAGE AND KILL. When Jungle comes if you have flash you can e in and w taunt. If you can get a plan E into W that would be ideal, but do not be afraid of flashing to help the jungle confirm multiple kills. BE AGGRESSIVE. CHANGE THE GAME.

While I do in fact call this guide Galio goes poke poke, this is not changing the main point of Galio. Galio needs to catch the ADC, or Squishy support in CC and kill them. Now when we are going AP we do significantly more damage to the ADC. Instead of just CC we can change the fight dramatically. This will result in a more snowballing lane. If we do catch the ADC he will NOT survive 90% of the time. This isn't a delayed fight around CC, it is a quick and all in kind of damage. The reason for this AP early is to take away the dependence on our own ADC's skill. If we can burst the ADC down it will allow our ADC to do as little as possible to get fed.
We will need to rush Rod of Ages after crystal, and move into tank in the middle to late game.

ARGUMENT FOR AP SEMI-TANK GALIO SUPPORT: (When I say we wanna poke poke that doesn't mean we play passively, and only poke. This is still Galio. Our main ability as a support is to engage on the ADC. The reason why I argue for the AP items is the ability to influence the lane. In Pro games, and in Diamond and above we can see that most people play full tank Galio support. They however can depend on their ADC to dodge CC, play the fight well. Unfortunately this is not the case for Plat and lower. I believe this is why the win rate on Galio support is still so low. I have trouble winning Tank Galio support at times, and I am a Galio Support one trick. We must take as much influence over the game we can get. This means we need to burst in the early game. The build for these lower ranks is AP early, Semi-tank later.)
Introduction Back to Top
Intro: Galio support has not always been popular. It was basically not played. I have been playing Galio support since before the remake, and it is the only thing I play. I am Plat 4 this season. When Galio become mostly insignificant in the Mid lane, Pros discovered that his main positive attributes still apply to the support lane.
Now people have flooded the support lane with pure tank Galio support. I do NOT believe pure tank Galio is ideal in lower ranks in SOLO QUE. I think this plan to see with his win rate. In solo Que we need to apply as much influence on our Bot lane as possible. This is so we do not live or die based on our teams ADC skill level. My guide focuses on this. AP GALIO EARLY INTO SEMI-TANK LATE. If you want a fully realized Galio guide please go to one of the many excellently formatted guides available. I am only trying to bring focus to an alternative to tank Galio support. I believe that this is the best way to climb as Galio support in lower ranks.
Go tank tank in late game. Back to Top
After rushing Rod we will then Go tank. The goal of this guide is to influence the early game as much as possible, and then move into traditional Support. We now have enough damage to hurt an adc, or mage. Our damage will go down over time, but we can still be effective as a tank. This is the transition that will either make or break the rest of your game. YOU MUST GO TANK. YOU EARLY GAME AP BURST, AND LATE GAME TANK.

You will either engage on multiple enemies, or peel for your adc. This is a delicate balance, and will be what makes you a good late game support or a bad one. You can change the game in super postive ways, and horribly negative ways.
League of Legends Build Guide Author yoke
yoke Galio Guide
Galio wanna poke poke (SUPPORT- AP)
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