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Gangplank Build Guide by Chucknorrisesson

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chucknorrisesson

Gangplank-I got them Crits like Jagger!

Chucknorrisesson Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Aight lets go

So you wanna play Gangplank huh? Well Ghetto nerd in the house lets do this LEEERO-nvm. So basically in this ****py build imma show you how to just go around making everyone your ***** as Gangplank. Once built you'll legit just be able to walk around and right click any enemy champion and watch bright red large numbers fly over their head then POOF. Let me warn this build is based very much on helping you early game so that you get the items that make you amazing late game. Lets get to it shall we?

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Pros / Cons

Really good farmer
Awesome harrass with [Parrrley]
Fairly easy character to play
And very overpowered with this build.
Kinda low on mana (blue buff can fix that easy!)
If paired with just the overpowered pair of people, can be easily shut down and can really make the game bad for you.

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[Greater Mark of Desolation] [Greater Seal of Alacrity] [Greater Glyph of Focus] [Greater Quintessence of Furor]
[Greater Mark of Desolation] Alrighty I get this one peeps because every character has natural armor, or at least most do (don't blame me I don't go around researching this stuff) so that is an easy and obvious chice.
[Greater Seal of Alacrity] Wait strange man with a turtleneck, what is this? [Greater Mark of Alacrity] gives more attack speed! YOU SIR ARE WRO-silence. Since we already used up our Marks for armor pen, seals are our second option to go for this extra boost. Helps with early game farming, therefore making you get your items faster.
[Greater Glyph of Focus] Whai u no get per level? Because as intro said, runes and masteries are built to help you very much early game. They're your little pirate arm floaties that help you stay aloft in the deep and dangerous seas that are league games.
[Greater Quintessence of Furor] This basically makes your crits hit harder, also helps you lifesteal more. Bye bye enemy health with this.

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[Boots of Speed] -> [Ionian Boots of Lucidity] -> [Cloak of Agility] -> [B.F. Sword] -> [Infinity Edge] -> [Vampiric Scepter] -> [B.F. Sword] -> [The Bloodthirster] -> [Cloak of Agility] -> [Cloak of Agility] -> [Cloak of Agility] -> [Phantom Dancer] -> [Infinity Edge] -> [Infinity Edge]
Ok, why these you ask? Why not a [Doran's Blade] or another Doran item? I'm sorry young sir but no matter how "hip" a doran item you're sticking with your boots! they help you get around faster and close in for the first blood.
Woah bro, I want to hit faster though! Patience even though [Beserkers Greaves] are a viable choice, you want the [Ionian Boots of Lucidity] instead. They enable you to use your [Parrrley] more in combat, and that makes you do more DPS.
Infinity Edge is an obvious early choice for GP. His [Parrrley] works with crits if you didn't know, so it can crit therefore doing alot of damage. Infinity Edge is basically like steroids for your crits and your [Parrrley] due to having the most raw Attack Damage.
Ok, so you got them steroid crits now, so you wanna get this. Attack damage, so obviously harder hitting [Parrrley] and basic attacks too. Also, lifesteal works with crits, so the harder you crit the more life you steal. Very usefull.
Bro, why you spam this shiez? Because it buffs your crits. More critty critty for our friend Gangplank.
This gives the most raw crit chance out there. And it buffs your attack speed up past 1 per second. Very viable and helps you move around faster.

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Skill Sequence

Best harrass move ever and a fully built lvl 18 Gangplank with this will be like a cannon.
Be carefull with this early game because if you spam it you can kiss your mana good bye.
Amazing and I mean amazing move to help your lane partner or team to destroy turrets or to just get away.
Best way to get assists :] haha you just shoot it in a spot where you want to slow some poor enemies down and then your team can catch up and slaugter them. Extra cash for you or nice for defense against large minion waves and scares off enemies.

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Summoner Spells

Very nice if some loser thinks "Oh I fast! I get away nao!" He thought wrong. Poof exhaust, bye bye enemy.
You want to heal and get away? Nuh uh bye bye gold digga.

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Thats about the extent of it, be good children and only pwn just about everyone.
Thanks to:
dogking185-He inspired me to write this, and thanks for being an amazing friend. spam him with friend requests!!!!!!!!! >:D
KoolDawg- even though you are a noob, someday, somewhere, you shall succeed!
jhoijhoi- Thanks for the How To guide, if not this guide woulda sucked (well it kinda does already)
Add me in game if ya want Chucknorrisesson is da name.
Thanks for reading, thumbs up if ya liked it and if it worked :D