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Gangplank General Guide by Kellth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kellth

Gangplank o wait TANKPLANK Solo Top Lane(Under Construction)

Kellth Last updated on October 21, 2012
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Introduction To the Tankplank

Hello this is my first guide for the mighty Tankplank! now for all who do not know Gangplank is a very versatile champion that can do many things. He can plank Critplank as people like to call it or he can play Tankplank and some people even go AP with him. I have never tried that but well have to see how that goes one day.

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Lore of Gangplank (in case you never read it)

Gangplank was born the son of the dread pirate captain Vincent the Shadow - one of the most wealthy and feared pirates in all of Blue Flame Island. One might think this would have spoiled the boy with a cushioned life of privilege, but the truth is quite the opposite. Growing up in the city of Bilgewater isn't easy; pirates are not known for their compassion, and that most certainly extends to their families. Vincent wanted his son to grow up tough and strong, so he was extremely hard on the young Gangplank. Even as a child, Gangplank was as mean as a snake and is said to have slept with his eyes open. As he grew, the young man rapidly became the most ruthless and feared pirate in all of Bilgewater, and his daddy was never more proud than on the day of his son's eighteenth birthday - when Gangplank stabbed his old man in the back and claimed the famed pirate ship, the Dead Pool, for his own.

The continent of Valoran, however, is a dangerous place for pirates; Gangplank could read the writing on the wall. The den of pirates known as Bilgewater would soon be pulled down by the undertow of Valoranian politics and the Institute of War. It was time for Bilgewater to have their own champion to represent them in the League of Legends, and who better than the fiercest pirate of them all? It is said that Gangplank has enough power and favor to claim the title of the Pirate King back home, but that he is simply biding his time and building his reputation as a champion before he returns to a life of piracy.

Yo ho, blow the man down. Or at least shoot him when his back is turned and steal all his booty.

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Pros/Cons of Tankplank

[*] Very Tanky late game with Warmog's Armor and Force of Nature
[*] Good for initiating fights with Cannon Barrage
[*] Cannot be kited hard because of his Remove Scurvy
[*] somewhat of a good escape ability because of Remove Scurvy
[*] Its a friggin pirate

[*] Mana dependent early and a little bit of late game
[*] doesn't do much damage (because your maximizing being tanky)only the Trinity Force is all your damage.

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Skill Sequence

Now the skill sequence is pretty normal. You usually start off with Parrrley to maximize farming capability. Then you grab your Remove Scurvy to fend off poke and ganks. Then for your third skill you take Raise Morale to get a little of attack damage and movement speed. Then you start to get tanky when you start maximizing your Remove Scurvy which helps out allot from the opponents jungler.

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Summoner Spells

is like a second scurvy. It helps to run away or to heal up your whole team in a team fight. I do not see why anyone would disagree with a second scurvy but i think Heal does a great job. i would say is also great for tankplank because it gives him a chance to run away from people or to flash in for the kill. It helps with fending off ganks and is just a great summoner spell for its versatile actions. I quick comobo i use when i am being ganked is Remove Scurvy then if they got me locked down i will use Heal then Flash at about the same time and it does the trick. Some people would say Teleport is great for going top lane and i agree but the heal and flash combo works out so well. Teleport is good if you want to replace it if your going agaisnt someone who can push a lane hard like Yorick or Riven with there Aoe Spells.

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I choose these specific runes to again maximize tankyness and help with a little mana problem Gangplank has. Starting off with Greater Mark of Health Taking those runes to help you against early game poke. I then take Greater Glyph Of Vitality to help late game health. For the runes above those are for tanking it out like a boss but how do we fix Gangplank mana problem? easy.... Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration does just the job. Helping with giving you mana through out the entire game. Greater Quintessence of Defense helps with just defending agaisnt Ad carries such as Vayne, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Corki, Ezreal.

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I would say these mastery are pretty simple. Take a little bit in Utility and get your 21 points in Defense. It helps with mana-regent.

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Games/Pictures Of Tankplank

2 of my recent games with Gangplank

Explanation of pictures above

The first picture i was playing more of a standby tankplank. Were i do not take the kills and let the ad carry get them so they can get better/strongly carry the team better. As a tankplank in say a competitive format you want to stay away from taking kills from your teammates. So that your teammates can get the items they need to get.

The second picture i was dominating the field taking kills and assisting my teamates. Overall i did a lot better in the second picture because i had more assist and kills. Also i did not have as much deaths. You see as tankplank you do not die much which is great!

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Farming is not hard

With this simple video it should teach you a little how to use your Parrrley


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