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Gangplank Build Guide by BusDriver210

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BusDriver210

Gangplank - On the Front Lines

BusDriver210 Last updated on September 1, 2011
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Introduction - Why Tanky Dps?

Welcome to my Gangplank guide! So I'm guessing most of you off the bat don't agree with this type of Gangplank build. That is fine. I understand you would much rather see that huge crit parley and be the carry character of your team. Sadly, I think that playing a Gangplank who focuses on making parley as good as possible takes away from ALL his other abilities/strengths. Glass Cannon Gangplank excels at his job, but only with a strong team around him to allow his damage to happen. As most of you know, the majority of teammates might not always act with YOUR best intentions at hand.

This build focuses on a couple of things, but its main objective is easily explained. Health Based Damage. By focusing on your health pool you can fully utilize and really make it shine! Adding in some soaking items and finishing strong with makes you a force to be reckoned with. In short, you will be targeted if you are doing your job.

At best a tank's build can be situational. Being a tank means more than taking damage. You must know how much damage you are taking and in what form it is being dealt. By buffing health you are adjusting your game to both, but it still takes one or two soak items to guarantee survival. This build will focus on my usual items, but I will dive into short detail on a handful of replacements.

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Disclaimer - Your not Crit Plank

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of this build I would like to make something very clear. This gangplank is not major dps. With this build you will have the ability to soak a great deal of damage, but enabling survivability takes away from your damage output. For no reason should you build this way if your team is created with very light DPS. You need to have at least two other players who will be dishing out damage to make this build work. This build will allow you to dive for those almost dead champions and the enemy team will hate you for it.

This build will not give you the huge damage you auto lock-in carry types want!

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Gangplank - Pros/Cons

Playing Gangplank can be a whole lot of fun, but he is only as good as his team and that means a few things.


  • Excellent farming capability with
  • Great Cleanse/Heal with
  • Great 1v1 champion
  • Amazing movement speed
  • Amazing survivalist
  • Global Ultimate
  • You will LEAD teamfight


  • Very gold and item dependent
  • With this build he cannot be counted as real DPS
  • Susceptible to OOM Doom
  • Is only as good as his team
  • Very slow early game

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Runes & Masteries

These are my runes/masteries. They can be changed to fit the player.

Greater Mark of Desolation

Armor Pen is a must for Gangplank. Your attacks need to eat through your target's armor all game and these will help you rise to the occasion. Great for early, mid, and late game damage.

Great bonus to early game armor. This helps with all around damage soak.

Since you will be focusing on taking damage these runes are great. With we are already taking some great armor. To excel we use these runes to compensate.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

More More More armor pen! This helps your overall damage.

We take 8 in offense to help your early game. 21 in defense for obvious reasons, but we avoid ardor. Take 1 in utility to help teleport become more useful.

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TankPlank - Role, Laning, and Fights

Playing tankplank takes some balls, let me tell you. Its your job to initiate as the tank so you'll have to put yourself at risk to make this work. As long as your team follows you in everything should go swimmingly. Tankplank is VERY team dependent. If your allies are to scared you will lose fights often.


As Gangplank I usually take middle, or solo top. You'll need to farm to make this build work, so don't get stuck bottom. Your objective for early game is to farm up to zeal. If your team is getting beat you won't be of any use tanking damage this early. Use your ult to protect your allies and insure your farm is high.

parrly is your farming tool. Once you have philo stone it should be easy to stay in the lane and spam parrly.