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Yorick Build Guide by BusDriver210

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BusDriver210

Yorick - He just won't die!!

BusDriver210 Last updated on September 20, 2012
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Classic - Tank/Offtank


Dominion - Offtank/Solo lane

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Announcement - Yorick Nerfs

The quick answer is Yorick is basically the same, but you need to spend mana extremely carefully early. Ghoul damage is harder to land, unless you slow with W of course.



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Welcome to my second Mobafire guide! Wondering why I play Yorick? Playing him well is very rewarding and he is one of the most misunderstood champions in the game right now. I'd like to start off by saying that this guides core credit goes to Elementz. I mainly write guides to help myself further master a champion. Writing down my thoughts and reflecting on them allows another added layer of observation that increases my in game skills.

This guide will focus on Yorick as a tank/offtank.

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So playing Yorick can be really fun when you understand your limits. Your reach is strong and your sustain is huge, but you need to keep an eye on your damage output to know where you stand.

  • Wins the zone game easily
  • Strong harass
  • Strong sustain
  • Strong presence
  • Escapes with ease
  • Trades like a BOSS
  • Great team utility
  • Can tank MASSIVE damage
  • Snowballs with the best
  • Crazy ult
  • Mana hungry early game
  • Squishy early game
  • Damage drops late game
  • Requires good positioning skills


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Updates - 7/10/12

Spoiler: Click to view

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Runes are pretty much personal preference. I enjoy these because they buff his early game and allow him to gain lane dominance easily.


  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage
    Great for early game poke/sustain. These make your E combo hurt.
  • Greater Seal of Armor
    Taking flat armor seals adds a really nice chunk of early game armor. Great for surviving harass.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
    These act the same way your flat armor seals do. Taking these makes your early game strong and lane dominance easy.
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
    These quints work wonders for your early game damage/sustain. They work well with all your spells and also stack on your ghouls. To be honest they don't fall off after early game, but that is when they are most noticeable.

Greater Seal of Defense

Optional Replacements
Greater Seal of ReplenishmentGreater Quintessence of Desolation
  • Greater Mark of Armor
    I know this looks a little like overkill, but building early game armor is a great way to throw off your opponent. These will make you SUPER tanky early game along with seals.
  • Greater Seal of Replenishment
    These can turn Yorick's early lane power from great to DEADLY. Awesome for early laning and will enable snowballing in bad lane comps.
  • Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    Great for early game damage. These combined with marks will eat through your targets armor which will allow you to dish out almost true damage with Q.
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
    Great quints for any champion really. Movement advantage is always good.
  • Greater Quintessence of Gold
    Take these on support Yorick for increased gold gain. Great when stacked with Gp10s.

I am working towards these when I choose masteries. I want to increase my early game dominance as much as possible. The utility tree offers great bonuses to speed, CDR, and mana early.

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Summoner Spells

  • Classic

SPACE I take teleport because I usually solo top with Yorick. I enjoy being able to keep my presence strong and buying whenever I like. This also gives you great map control and can be used to gank lanes.

SPACE Taking flash is a no brainer. Great escape/gap closer. Can be used in a variety of ways on Yorick.

  • Honorable Mentions

SPACE Exhaust is sooo good. All game this will make players hate you. It can be used for slowing purposes, or nerfing a enemy's damage output.

SPACE Great for extra damage. Can insure that you get the kill. Great against pretty much everyone and those annoying sustainers like yourself. (AD Sion, Mundo, Swain, Soraka, etc)

SPACE Heal is great for baiting. Taking this allows you to be really aggressive early.

  • Viable Options

SPACE Ghost is one of my favorite summoner spells. Using it on Yorick along with movespeed quints and masteries will make you ridiculously fast. I use ghost when I don't need to tank.

SPACE This skill is useful in many ways. Pushing lanes becomes faster with your added help, but can also happen without you being there. You can allow minions to neutralize a lane while you fight for another.

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Skill Explanation

Yorick's kit is very straight forward, slow target enemy and harass. Every time you use a spell you will summon a ghoul for 5 seconds. These ghouls will prioritize champions, but can also be used as last hitting tools. Taking advantage of your ghoul's auto attacks will be a important part of your damage.

- Damage/Damage Reduction

Basically what you need to understand about Yorick's passive is that his ghouls scale with 35% of his AD and Health. Another major factor is for each ghoul alive Yorick gains 5% damage and damage reduction. (topping off at 20%) To use Yorick effectively you must fight when your ghouls are up and keep them up as often as possible when in combat.

I personally enjoy the damage reduction most. This is what makes your enemies rage and scream "He just won't die!!"

- Damage/Escape/Speed boost

There are so many different opinions on this spell, but I will give you my outlook. It acts as your chase, AD nuke, and escape mechanism all in one. Early in the game putting yourself in melee range to use this nuke is VERY dangerous. It is important to note that it doesn't give you the speed boost until after you have proc'd its effect. I mainly use this as a last hit tool early because it resets your auto attack timer. Do not let me be misunderstood, this spell can dish out some serious damage! You should rely on this more throughout the game.

This spell can double as a escape if you do it right. If their jungle suddenly appears simply Q a minion and run your little *** out of there. Follow this up with your slow and they shouldn't be able to catch you.

- Nuke/Slow

This is your mid range AP nuke/slow. In laning it will be your best friend and your enemies worst nightmare. Use this to kite your enemies until your cooldowns return for another nuke fest. It can be used as an opener, or a finisher to make those last ticks of ghoul damage happen. This is also a great tool for escaping ganks. Simply slow your enemy and walk away. A true master Yorick will kite people all day with this spell.

This spell can also be used to block skill shots such as Nidalee spears and Blitzcrank grabs.

- Nuke/Sustain

This is the reason you dominate any lane. Use this spell to harass your enemies, but most importantly heal yourself. Combo this with your W to maximize damage/healing. The nuke itself heals, but you need to focus on getting as many ghoul hits as possible. Maximizing the healing coming off of this spell takes practice, but is insanely rewarding. This separates a decent Yorick from a good one.

While in lane don't feel bad about using this spell on a minion to guarantee some decent healing. I usually hit every tank minion with an E for a little healing.

- Clone/Rez

So many things to say about this ult. The most important point I want to get across is that this will not save anyone from death. It will only prolong the target's lifespan and allow them to continue to fight for a decent amount of time. Simply casting this spell on a teammate will grant you a revenant (clone) of them to control. (Similar to Morde) During this time, after your cast and before their death, there will basically be two of the target on the battlefield. You need to prioritize your AD carry with this spell. The revenant will not be able to cast abilities so you need someone with a strong auto attack. If the target of this spell is killed while the revenant is still active they will respawn for a short time in the revenants place in order to rein doom on your foes!

This ult can change any combat situation for the better. You can basically add an extra man to the fight. The revenant also counts as one of your ghouls, adding the 5% damage/damage reduction buff. Casting this on yourself can be beneficial, but having two Ad carrys is better than two tanks.

You can also push lanes using your ult. Simply shove a minion wave into a tower and ult yourself doubling your auto attack damage.

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This is where I find most Yoricks fall off the right track. They build a massive AD item early and gimp their kit/mana. I know most people now understand the need for manamune, but then they buy something like Bloodthirster. You need to get past the belief that Q is your main objective. Having a big auto attack is nice, but you need to prioritize your kit's potential.

Building towards CDR is important on Yorick because his kit is already so fast. Increasing the speed at which you cast spells allows you to kite the vast majority of champions and kill them if they are dumb. I describe the perfect Yorick fight as a dance of some kind. You need to poke constantly and make them angry enough to misthink a fight situation.

I want to stress that I use W and E as my main sources for damage pretty much all combat. I don't hate Q or my auto attack to any extent, but Yorick is very squishy earlier on and many people force themselves to be in melee range when there is little reason to be. Your cooldowns are very low and if you build CDR your kite will be spamable. I kite people around until my cooldowns return and spam into them over and over. When I know I have a decent advantage I fully engage and spam Q like an ***. In my opinion, and I know there are those who differ, Yorick's greatest potential is to focus on his kite more than his auto attack.

When you begin to prioritize CDR in your build you will begin to feel the true meaing of "He just won't die!!" With you passive up for a massive amount of time you will reduce, pardon me, a **** ton of damage. You will also compete with some of the best for damage as you gain the 20% bonus. Don't be afraid to build Atma's without a Warmogs.

These builds focuses on taking a massive AD/Utility boost early and finishing off with another big AD/Defensive spike later on.

Shurelya's Reverie

There is a lot of room for CDR in anyone's build. On Yorick you can find it a number of places and most of them work well with him. Don't be scared to try a few of these out.

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Classic - Top lane Terror

So you've grabbed your meki pendant and couple of health potions, but your wondering where to go? Well you can basically go anywhere, but you should focus on solo top. Your E is important in laning because it provides massive sustain.

Solo top or Mid

Start to last hit, but stay on defense at this point. If you get harassed return the favor with an E. You'll heal their damage and stack your own. Try to establish a zone around the minions where you will constantly poke your enemy when they enter. A good trick is to last hit with E and watch your little ghoul chase an enemy around. Until you hit level 4 you should be saving mana with a poke here or there, but once you hit 4 you can start to combo them. Try to keep their life below half while yours is at full. Draw a line in the sand and punish them if they cross it. Use your brush to pressure when the minions are in your favor. Harass with W and follow up with an E, then return to last hitting until your cooldowns are back. Once you get enough gold for Tear of the Goddess you need to bluepill and teleport back. Getting tear asap is important.

Harass with the combo below.

Simply slow them, pressure, and E. Keep them away from the minions and show them your in control. Just kite with your combo and focus on gold. Don't worry about smacking them with Q often, all you need to do is keep them from farming. Most Yoricks die early because they rely to much on Q. Kite your enemy with W and damage them with E.

This is for receiving an enemies initiation. You open with your E because you want it back as fast as possible. Q is mainly for melee combat, but even if they are range you can catch them after you W. If you want to start a fight there are a couple of ways to do this.

auto attack a minion

This is best used while coming out of the brush due to its high movement speed initiation. You exit the brush and smack a minion. Cast your W on them and chase like an ***. If you get into melee range attack them and cast your E.

I like to use this combo while my enemy and I are close to each other when last hitting. Open with your E and slam down with your W. Begin to fight and cast Q. Chase a bit with your speed.

Your W will always be your longest cooldown, with the exception of your ult. Focus on opening combat with E only when you need to heal again soon after. W is great for controlling your enemy. Kite melee all day and punish ranged from afar.

2v1 top

Oh man, this is gonna be some work. Your job? Fight two people. Yeah I said it, 2v1 the whole game. Don't fret though, I have some tips. You will level quickly before them, at level two focus on slowing the minion line down with your W. This enables you to keep the minions out of tower range, but on your side of the lane. Basically you can keep your enemies over extended. If they are a bit more harassy than just 2 melee you need to focus on playing defensibly. Try to avoid damage at all costs and use your reach to even the fight. When you need to last hit approach, E the enemy champ and grab your last hit. Walk away after this at first, but once you have some confidence with Yorick you can control 2v1 lane.

Standing in your minion pool is a awesome strat designed to force enemies to take minion volleys. Your really a mid range champ so use that to your advantage. Are they hiding in the brush? Simply W the brush and slow them while your ghoul harasses.

Like I said before a good trick is to use E as a last hit and watch the summoned ghoul agro the enemy. This is especially useful in 2v1 lane.

Duo Bot

Its best to lane with someone who has the ability to support or harass from afar. You need to fill the opposite role depending on who. Have Cait laning with you? Act like an Alistar. Sharing a lane with Blitz? Act like the ranged harassment. Use the same harassment combo listed below and grab lane control asap.

If your sacrificing last hits for your carry remember to pick up a philo stone, or heart of gold. Your slow is a great tool to guarantee your teammate a skill shot. I usually take 1-2 last hits per wave and leave the rest to my ally, if they can manage. If not I start picking up my early farming while continuing to zone.

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Classic - Offensive Support

Throw away your meta and give me something crazy! Welcome to Offensive Support! I know what your thinking, calm down. This is real and you yourself should fear it. Do you want your bot lane screaming for jungle ganks, getting terribly zoned, and unable to trade in any harassment fight? Welcome to my second build, Yorick support.

Before you even attempt to play this lane setup you must have a great deal of experience with Yorick. This lane is rowdy and in your face. Its your job to run the lane and show the enemy how life is going to be for the next 30ty minutes. To put your job simply, harass.

You will need a well rounded runepage to make your early game bullying a little easier. Taking these above are recommended, but can be swapped out at your leisure. I enjoy trading the Greater Mark of Armor for Greater Mark of Attack Damage. You increase overall sustain a great deal by doing this.

+ x3sight ward + x2

This is a decent start. You won't be able to stay in the lane FOREVER with this but just long enough to get a philosopher's stone. Honestly feel free to farm 1-2 minions per wave until you get some gold per 10s. You need them badly for this lane to work and your carry will love you for it later.

Offensive Support

Ok, follow me down the rabbit hole. (lolz) After your usual level 1 jungle defense, you find yourself in bottom lane with clairvoyance. You are level one with rank 1 e, 2-3 wards, and 1-2 potions. Your job is to waste a ward in your enemies' brush and make their life hell for the next hour. How do you do this? Well at level one you can't do much, but you can still E the hell out of ashe when she moves in to last hit! Harassment is what makes this work and why the lane is such a battle zone. Yorick at level 4 in this lane can begin to zone both the enemy AD carry and support by out poking their sustain. Warning! Aggressive Alistar and Taric support rival Yorick. You definitely still have a good chance of winning the lane, but a lane with a Soraka is much easier for you to manhandle.

This is your tool of devastation. Your going to smack them in the face and heal whatever damage they throw at you. Hammer that Ezreal with this combo a few times and show them your low cool-downs mean business. Hide in the brush and ward the river like 500% of the time. Heal off minions when your hurting and continue to zone when full health.

Warning!!!!! -Jungle ganks incoming-

When your pissing your opponent off this much, you can bet their *****ing. Expect a whole **** ton of ganks when using this playstyle. Thats why we ward A LOT. I'm serious CV isn't enough. You need to be grabbing wards every time you B and when engaging watch the river. You need to be constantly on your opponent's ***. Making their farming terribly annoying. Smack the **** out of them and pressure with aggressive behavior. Faking a charge at your opponent is a good move when you have cool-downs to spare. Use your mid range to avoid as much damage as possible. Once you have a philosopher's stone mana shouldn't be much of an issue.

Yorick's ultimate works best with AD carries. This is why you run this lane setup and why you play him competitively. His ultimate has nothing to do with what stats he has. His kit doesn't depend much on items, so your going to be especially useful early game. Your lack of items and power don't matter when you have 2 AD carries. You can almost double your team's damage output while making it safe for them to devote in teamfights.

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Classic - The Lonely Mountain

Top lane. The lonely lane. Lonely for Yorick that is, seeing as he kills anyone who attempts to farm it. Welcome to my third build, DPS Soak Yorick. In this lane setup you'll be running the lane your usual way, but you will have ordered your jungle to completely ignore top lane. Why?

Dragon. Nuff Said.

Yorick is fully capable of handling a 2v1 lane. His control over a minion line is second to none. Keeping that in mind we opt for more dragon control over ganks. In this lane the most effective setup is to get Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible followed up with a Glacial Shroud and Negatron Cloak.

What your aiming to do in this lane is just completely deny your enemy farm. Constantly zone them away from the minions and farm farm farm. Usual stuff right? The distinction were looking for here is that you will not push the lane. When new players settle into Yorick they sometimes rely too much on his spells to farm. This causes the lane to move so that your over extended. Being over extended usually leads to easy ganks for the enemy jungle. Your task in this lane is to completely shut down your opponent while keeping yourself from becoming overextended.

"BusDriver isn't that what we should be aiming for in the first place?"

Absolutely, if your skilled enough to do this every game you'll most likely win. The real difference is that you have told your jungle this is already going to happen. Allowing him full dragon, mid, and bot lane control as well as the ability to counter jungle while the enemy jungle is top. This strategy is simple to understand, but difficult to master. You must use a great deal of sight ward's. (this is why we take the Scout mastery) Every bit of control helps and you need to be ready for the enemy jungle. The massive frustration you will be causing will get you ganked more than once. Like support Yorick your main objective is to just piss your opponent off enough to warrant more opposition.

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Classic Items


  • First Picks

Depending on your team comp and lane is what these items come down to. If your solo and your going to be offtanking you should grab meki pendant. Manemune is pretty much globally accepted on Yorick and rushing tear is a must. Faerie charm is a good start when duo laning because it grants a similar bonus to meki pendant, but builds into philosopher's stone. Regrowth Pendant should only be used when you have a good amount of practice with Yorick's early game. It will allow you to passively heal small harassment and save mana for big momments.

Philosopher's Stone

Tear is used mostly for the laning phase, but rushing manamune never hurts. Philosopher's stone is also a great item for laning, but doesn't build into anything straight damage. Boots of speed are a no brainer.

  • Core Offtank Items

This is your core. Your objective is the grab these quickily because once you do you become a very big bully. These will allow you to dominate any lane and just piss your enemies off.

SPACE This item is just amazing on Yorick. Mana, mana regen, and AD is exactly what you lack early. Manemune solves all these problems with the use of just one item slot.

SPACE I don't find any boots to be as good as Merc Treads. Even with the buff to tenacity items I usually grab these. They grant you a nice chunk of MR and allow you to move in combat uninterupted. You can trade these for Ninja Tabi or Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

SPACE Once you have attained this item you will be very bulky. Your lane presence will almost double if you can kite correctly. 2v1 lane should not be an issue after this if you played your cards right.

  • Core Tank Items

Shurelya's Reverie

These are my personal choice when duo laning while fulfilling the role of pure tank. Gold per 5 items make up for the lack of CS in bottom lane.

Shurelya's Reverie SPACE Great for tank Yorick. The speed increase will allow him to gap close even better than usual and it doubles as an escape tool. The health and mana regen are great for laning. The biggest thing about reverie is the CDR and how it effects your support damage.

SPACE I only really use these when I'm playing support on bottom. The CDR is great for your kit and stacks nicely with reverie. You can rely on Q as your damage with the massive CDR early.

SPACE This provides health and much needed gold to a support Yorick. Builds into Omen later on and is great for the lane phase.

  • Situational Tanking

SPACE I love and hate Warmogs. Its great if your doing well and want to keep yourself ahead of the enemy team's damage. If your behind it almost always seals your fate due to you spending to much time on it. Depends on the player, but you can easily find health/defense somewhere else.

SPACE I find this helps you hold onto people, as well as generate health for Atma's. Great item for your chase game.

SPACE Omen is a great item because it scales all game. Every item you need for it is good in some way during early-mid game. Small CRD bonus is awesome and the active can increase your kite.

SPACE CDR, mana, armor, and a great disable. Syncs well with manamune and glacial shroud is a great midgame item.

SPACE Armor, Crit, and damage based on max health. Taking this item after a major health boost like warmogs is a must. For all the health you bought you'll be recieving bonus damage. Focus on Chain fest first and finish once you have the funds.

SPACE Awesome item for Magic resist. The speed increase alone is worth a buy on Yorick. Whenever I finally grab this item I always feel like I enter "god mode" status. People won't be able to escape your reach in a chase.

SPACE Maw is slowly replacing Force of Nature for me. I find it stronger later, but Force of Nature still has its place. If you feel confident and are ahead I suggest this over FoN.

SPACE This item syncs well with manamune and atma's. The magic resist is nice and the passive allows you to safely initiate.

SPACE CRD, Health, Magic resist, and a decent passive. If you need magic resist early and your ahead in cash you can buy this with some more laning ahead of you.

  • Extra Damage

SPACE Great item to finish your offtank build with. Everything you need to be really dangerous and adds another slow to your kite combo. This is the best choice when looking to finish off a build with more damage.

SPACE For a long time I thought buying trinity on Yorick was a little overkill. The fact is its awesome. Q hits like a truck now and all your CDs are relatively short. Like Udyr Yorick really uses Trinity to its fullest potential.

SPACE I buy this when the enemy team is mostly melee AD. The damage increase is straight forward and the lifesteal is a great bonus to your sustain. Why against melee AD? Well their damage usually ranges around 200-300 AD and attack speed. Bloodthirster will have you healing overtime while in combat with these baddies.

SPACE I don't buy this one often, but I enjoy throwing it into my build when I'm playing for fun. CDR is great and the active is pretty boss.

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Combat - Your Role

So you've stumbled onto a small fight in the river and your wondering what to do? Honestly, playing Yorick is very situational. You might need to slow the enemies right off the bat or you might need to blow your ult. You'll need practice to prioritize your kit for every situation, but I can help you out a bit.

Your Roll

Yorick is somewhat hard to place into team comps. With no real hard CC, your role as a tank/offtank is one that focuses more on generating threat and maximizing peel. The amount of damage your reducing during a fight is crucial to your team's survival. You need to be on the front lines bossing people about forcing them to pay attention or die. You have decent poke, but at best your over extended. You need to be on top of your positioning to pull off some pro Yorick moments.

Is someone about to die?

At first glance using your ult on someone about to die would look pretty sweet, but I find it really depends on who is taking damage. Always try to focus your ult on the teammate providing the most damage. This will often scare the enemy off their target and force a chase. This is the best time to be playing as Yorick. Your chase potential is ENORMOUS and it also doubles as support.

Using this correctly is very important. How much damage are you doing? Are you a support Tank? When tanking you want to focus the teammate with the biggest damage output. AD champions are best, but allowing your nuker more time to nuke isn't horrible. (This only happens if they die!!! @_@)

Do you need to apply massive pressure?

Are you entering bottom lane from middle only to find your team on the bad side of a chase? Well no worry teammates! Yorick will scare them off! This is where you need to be a little ballsy and straight out rush the squishiest enemy champ. Lay into them with Q/W and then ult yourself. This should cause a panic if you have manamune, if you don't you'll need to devote a little extra health before you begin to flee. At this point Q a minion and dash out. Cast E on something to gain a bit of life as your revenant just chases them as long as it is up.

If things go bad try for a trade with your ult. Jump on them and never stop once you have been resurrected. Q is your fastest CD so use it the most at this crucial moment. Spam that **** and trade for that save!!

Initiating Teamfights

As a tank you'll need to start ****. This can be done a number of ways. A simple flash initiation works, but it can be easily avoided by a smart player. Most of the time I will snag someone squishy with my W and tunnel vision them to generate threat. The key is to be one step ahead of the enemy team while using this simple strategy. Warding helps provide the much needed map control to successfully setup on an enemy team. It is important that you punish enemies that are in your reach and overextended. A simple fact, but its important to note.

Remember once fighting you need to spam your kit to soak damage using your passive. 20% is no joke and if your not utilizing your passive you won't be feared.

Team Utility

Your kit is all about chasing, but thats not the only use for it. With your slow you can effectivly kite people away from your team. If your team is behind in the positioning of a fight simply slow an enemy champion and force a fight on the other enemies. Continue to slow them as the fight continues. This works great on champions like Udyr that require melee range to be effective.

Remember that your ghouls are physical minions in the game and they are able to intercept skillshots. W is best used for this because of its click and summon gameplay. Blitz about to grab someone? No biggy, just land W behind your allie and watch your minion soak the damage.

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Dominion - Bottom lane Beast


My fight philosophy

In Dominion I prefer to stick to a 1 bottom 4 top team strategy. One person will attempt to push/defend bottom by themselves while your team hopefully outnumbers the enemy near windmill. Yorick can fulfill both of these roles easily and is great for early fight.

I want to stop you here to stress a point that NEEDS to be said for most new dominion players. Fighting on a point, whether dying or winning, is extremely important. I don't enjoy seeing my teammates chasing down a nidaleee in the middle area of the map while I am getting 3v1'd on bottom. Try to at all times fight for points. Don't chase for unnecessary things. Remember that is it captures that determines the winner not kills.

Solo bottom push

I enjoy this most with Yorick. Your 1v1 or 2v1 ability is great and your a dominate lane fighter. The first thing you want to do is grab your point. Once you have, you need to follow your minions into the lane and begin to push toward your enemy's point. I usually use my auto attack and shove the minions forward while harassing the enemy/enemies I am encountering.

Why push the minions BusDriver? It is important to note that Dominion can be won with or without pushing. It is safe to say it is easier when you do push. Minions can increase the pressure you apply to a point and help loads when capturing. If your simply back caping then you have no use for minions, but if you need to protect and defend on bottom minions can really make the difference.

Controlling the Healthpack

Many players do not realize that control of the health pack is what wins the lane push. You simply need to move your effective zone control to include the health pack and top entrance. Its a very simple concept, but one many players forget to include in their gameplay.

This combo is still your main harass. Hit them hard and hit them often while pushing bottom minions. If you force them to bluepill just start capturing. If they are low and want to fight on their point use the minions to continue neutralization while you poke for the kill.

Windmill fight

If your going top you should hit the 1st speed shrine on the way and get to the windmill as soon as possible. Don't fully engage until you have a few teammates, preferably everyone. Focus squishy DPS and try to avoid skillshots. I will sometimes ghost to rush a windmill defense against champs like Rammus of Gangplank.

Remember to poke constantly and try to kite you enemy. Free damage is so important at this early fight. Pop a health potion as soon as you take damage.


Dominion to me is always a giant midgame battle phase. Your constantly in skirmishes and running from here to there. Once the top fight has been determined the tone of the game has been set and one team is usually trying to catch up to the other. If your bottom lane is boss they can swing for a crazy bottom cap early and demoralize the enemy team.

After first fights you need to focus on what your best at. Personally I am awesome at defending points as Yorick. I can easily keep 3 people from capturing and forcing them to spend the time fully engaging me. If your better at attacking it all depends on how many of your team are with you. If your alone pushing a point that is currently being defended you need to push minions quickly. Apply pressure to the point with minion presence and try to poke/zone/kill the enemy with your reach. If you have a friend or two you can simply go for the capture and group attack the enemy there.

Determining what point to go to is also important. If I start bottom I usually stay bottom. I explain to my teammates if I need a gank or help, but most of the time I can handle 1 or 2 enemies. When I win at windmill I like to continue our top push and heal off the enemy minions in lane. Apply pressure around the map and split the enemy team up.

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Dominion Items


  • First Picks

This is my usual dominion start. I find the mixed health, CDR, and speed are great for early game. Health potions are great for fights that are really poke focused.

SPACE Why Kindlegem? Well its really about my personal playstyle, but I find CDR early to be better than flat AD. Your passive also plays an important role with CDR because it grants you both damage and survivability.

SPACE I gotta run, simple logic.

SPACE Like I stated above if your battle is very poke focused, nid spears etc etc, then these will insure you win. Healing overtime can add a small, but noticeable advantage.

  • Core Items

For dominion this is my main core. It can be switched around a bit, but almost every game I focus on these items.

SPACE A good amount of starting armor and super cheap! These are great all game and help against strong auto-attackers.

SPACE CDR, MR, health, and increased healing. Great against AP champs since they scale better early. This allows you to stay on the map FOREVER. Push some minions and heal up while the enemy realizes what you are doing. CDR increases damage and survivability.

SPACE This is what enables you to completely own on dominion. No one will escape you. No one will be able to solo you. No one will ever take a point away from you. Trinity gives Yorick a wide variety of stats and he uses every single one of them.

  • Defensive picks

SPACE Massive armor and a strong attack-speed debuff. Along with some CDR and Mana you won't find a better buy for Yorick!

SPACE A nice chunk of MR with two awesome passives. While fighting at low health your Q will hit like a mack truck.

SPACE To put it bluntly you need more magic resist. Force of Nature gives you that while also granting bonus speed and regeneration. With your E you should be able to stay on the map 100% of the time and never bluepill for health.

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Closing & Thanks

Yorick is a very misunderstood champion. People often view him as either a auto-attack champion or a support, but the truth is he fills both roles. He can deal decent damage all game and support with the best of them. I hope you enjoyed the long read and thank you for reading!