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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MyAssHurts

Gank anyone. AP/DPS Twisted Fate build

MyAssHurts Last updated on May 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction to Hybrid AP/DPS Twisted Fate

This is a simple build for those who are aiming for AP/DPS and survivability (covering life leech, spell vamp, and CC blocking). It also focuses on maxing Wild Cards as fast as possible for harass. This would be a "typical" DPS build, but due to the AP stacking, you have some spells that are actually worth while to use -- while still keeping up with DPS.

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Pros / Cons of Hybrid


- Versatile
- Can gank anybody if done right (tanks, mages, support, anyone with CC, etc)
- Can make good use of both spells and auto attacking
- Can go from fight to fight due to and Blue card
- Great team fighter for singling out one enemy at a time


- Jack of all trades
- Hard to master

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General playstyle

The most important aspect of Twisted Fate, especially in high level games, is knowing when to fight and gank. If you see someone running away, it is your job to catch them with Destiny, and/or catch them with Red/Yellow card.

If you see their entire team or any individuals MIA, do not hesitate to use Destiny. Only teleport to them if you feel you can take the fight. You will die pretty fast against with anyone with CC unless you build for it/know what you're doing/they're not at max health, so don't even try.

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Early/Mid/Late game


Auto attacking creeps is helpful for getting Stacked Deck to proc. When you have Stacked Deck's proc up, it will helps with last hitting creeps, but more over harassing enemy champions. Red Card can be used to hit someone who is out of range of our auto-attack, but next to a creep. Regardless, whenever you're running low on mana or need the free damage, Blue Card is your best source of spam. If you majorly need mana or damage, you can use Pick a Card in conjunction with Stacked Deck's proc.


As soon as we have , we're able to push lanes easily and move onto jungling with ease. You don't want to leave your lane until we get this item. This item is works perfectly for us, due to our high attack speed. Make sure to abuse it by killing every high HP minion and monster you can.

It's time to start using Destiny. Start ganking anyone who is below your level/low on health, or use it help a team mate in need. You can also start ganking anyone you feel that you'll easily be able to take by surprise.


Depending on how well you did with the build, you should more or less be easily able to kill almost anyone who is out alone and jungling or pushing with Destiny. If it takes another person, don't hesitate. You should never engage someone who you're not 100% sure you can kill by yourself.

The best part about Twisted Fate late game is when he has CDR (cool down reduction is around 25% for us, may change depending on your rune choice), it massively drops the cost for

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Alternate Summoner Spells

This spell can help make some cool things happen with our skills, specifically Wild Cards, and you can also use this to get away after assassinating someone.

Somewhere between Flash and Ghost in usefulness, I'd say this is worth it if you've changed the item build around and/or hate being victim of CC. Definitely a good spell, regardless.

Used for chasing, but is better for team fights, 1v1, and preventing enemies from running from a source of damage (and with our mastery, it also weakens them). If used, you must also get Exhaust with it. It can be better than Exhaust for getting away from enemies, but you can just as well use Flash for that (especially for getting out of AoE spells).

Since we'll have , this helps a lot for pushing. We're not really meant for pushing, but if you feel that your team composition requires it, go ahead.

This isn't entirely useful (we need all the fighting tools we can get as hybrid), but worth a mention. It operates on almost the same cool down as Destiny. Use if you're good with it, otherwise you might as well avoid this since Destiny does the same thing but better, unless you feel like ganking in the jungle.

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Alternate Items

This item has a good use due to our ability . As you can tell, they're both dealers of severe 4th hit damage. Get it either early-mid due to it's low cost, or when you have stacked deck maxed. It's up to you, since it's flexible.

This is a great inexpensive item for killing people who have some magic resist. If you think you'll need this, you want to get it early, either before or after .

If you feel that you need extra survivability and more secured kills, either of these are a good replacement for . I would say these items are for the situations when you want to go from kill to kill within 60 seconds of each other, or if you want to fight team battles due to the slow. These are worse in 1v1 situations in comparison to , since you lose out on HP gain from Life Steal and Spell Vamp. I wouldn't recommend these if your fights end up being very long and drawn out.

If things aren't going your way, this item can save your life. You may sacrifice some decent DPS and survivability by using it in the final build, but you gain an awesome life saver and decent AP.

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Skill Sequence (Stacked Deck - Wild Cards - Pick a Card)

Wild Cards You want to focus on maxing this first, because Wild Cards will only excel in damage by itself without AP for so long. It will slowly lose it's value if you start failing to get the AP items. Amazing for harassing/farming early, this is the legendary annoyance most will have against them. You must remember to refresh your mana in between with Blue card, though you could also make it even more annoying with the AoE of Red card.

Pick a Card This spell has amazing usefulness even at level 1, so we're maxing it second. Blue card is used to help replenish mana for Wild Cards, while being a good free source of damage (and on the occasion, to help get back mana during team fights). Red card should be used if you're in a team fight, or if you want to get multiple minion kills/target a champion near minions for kills. Yellow card should be used to cancel channeling and/or in 1v1 fights.

Stacked Deck is great for attack speed and cool down reduction, and deals massive damage on a 4th hit. You only want 1 point in the beginning for help from it's 4th hit proc, because the rest of the effects only shine when it's mid-late where we have use for our attack speed and cool downs being reduced.

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Masteries - 9/21/0

9/21/0, with some additional runes, makes better use of our points (since we're not going crit). 21/X/X or other type of build would be useless for what we're doing since it's focus isn't entirely the same. The Ardor mastery makes up for any loss of AP/DPS due to not going 21/X/X.