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Garen Build Guide by Lilarcor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lilarcor

Garen - Haste, Life, and Crit.Very Effective! ^_^

Lilarcor Last updated on August 11, 2012
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Introduction: Not actually trolling but having fun with it. ^_^

Recently, I am playing Garen with my friends and even with my clanmates using Palthios' guide. (Regards sir Palthios ^_^). I did get the idea from Palthios because I actually am using his guide for almost all my Garen play. Then, the night when I'm about to play with my clan, then there goes Champion selection screen. Then I picked Garen because they said "Pick Garen, we have to win this, I have to qualify for the event." The game started already. Then at the load screen, I noticed that Instead of putting either Exhaust/Ignite in the First SS slot, Surge was there. I said "oh boy, let's see what will happen with this SS Surge. Though I picked ghost as for Decisive Strikes and advancement purposes. I went on solo top. Then there goes Master Yi and Nautilus. At first, I thought I'm going to die because I went aggressive to kill nautilus but I got stunned by his passive and Master Yi pops up then they began to topple me. 2v1. I was just standing my ground, used DS and Judgement and also Courage, but not enough as we're still level 3 that time. My life went down to a quarter so as they. Then, I said, I have to use this SS (SURGE) then I got shocked the moment Garen started acting crazy (well I'm the on who's crazy) then I went for a double kill. Same process repeated. 2v1 toe to toe with Yi and Nautilus still double kill. Then I pushed them by myself without the help from my jungler as I got fed with kills and got items early.

As my adrenaline rises, I started to think of a troll build. I thought of Xin by that time as Xin Zhao is also one of my main. I started building it up to the last game. They're not surrendering. So we rushed them initiated by Rammus and I followed DS-Spinning w/ Courage and began auto attacking like tryndamere. They started to focus on me but they couldn't kill me because my blood thirster is in full stacks and I acticvated Surge so, I was Auto attacking like crazy. Then, it's a GG.

Well, I just started this guide to make a tribute for Palthios' Spin-to-Crit as this idea of mine arose from his build.

Palthios, Madalin, Aegis. Good day to you and have fun reading this crazy simple guide of mine. =)

Word of advice:

Do not tank. Your not a tank. You have to enter the clash late or you can infiltrate them from behind. As you won't last very long even though you have life steal. Let your tanks go in for the clash first. Then find a way to kill your enemies' carry. You can also kill a tank with this build but make sure no other enemy is around and don't target tanks during clash.

You can hunt for the enemy tank in the map if you like and kill it 100%. Even if the tank has thorn mail as it will only tickle you with it's passive. ^_^

As you may have noticed from this picture. This is the second game from the time I battled toe to toe with Yi and Nautilus and tried to build the items I like.
This time I went toe to toe with Jax even when equipped with rageblade and other AP/AD items and still using his skills, Jax is still no match. No spin, no decisive strike used. Try it.
I changed Atmas Impaler to another Blood Thirster after this game for him to survive when entering clashes.
(I really am glad that Purehitz captured this. This is the proof that we did stand 4v5 with the other team and they started trash talking after we have defeated them.)
The picture shows that, the last item is Last whisper. Why? because my enemy shyvanna tanked for their team and one of our mates DCd so I have to find another way to shut Shyvanna fast. I took LW to penetrate her armor. 4v5 we won the match. So sad that I didn't captured the screen because the enemy TT'd against us and we just answered them nicely. Anyway. If there is another game, I'll make sure to record it. We were up against Shyvanna, Warwick, Veigar, Caitlyn, and Fiddlesticks. Our lineup composed of Rammus, Ziggs, Garen, Graves, and Sion (Who got DCd.) Still we won the fight. But I still prefer Blood Thirster over Last Whisper.

Tip: Garen's Decisive Strike and Judgement can now do lot's of damage late game even on tanks. Also, if the skill is in cooldown you can just cast Surge, autoattack w/ life steal and even kill enemies with it while waiting for his skills to become available again. Don't worry about the KSing as he is strong enough to kill anyone 100%. I bet you can score a penta using this guide, still, depends on how you will execute your moves to do it. Haven't scored penta with Garen yet but maybe you can? Why not try it and see. =)

I'll update this from time to time. ^_^

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Summoner Spells

So for the summoner spells, I recommend you use Either Ignite/Surge and Ghost.

This is how I use Ignite and Ghost when hunting/chasing an Enemy.

more to come sorry for the slow update.. ^^