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Master Yi Build Guide by Lilarcor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lilarcor

Yislashes Everyone in his Path. [*Update in Progress*]

Lilarcor Last updated on November 8, 2015
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The Yislasher


And another Yi lol xD

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hello and welcome to my guide. Please feel free to read and enjoy the fun herein. Actually Master Yi is one of my first ever champ I bought because I thought of him as a very cool champ for me now but I sucked at him before.

One of the reason I like Master Yi is that playing a Swordmaster class in an RPG makes me feel like strong and speedy (always my first pick when playing D&D games.)

Now let's get a move on shall we? Good. =)

By the way, Master Yi walks like differently 'coz he's newly circumcised. Can't close his legs well enough unless he's meditating. ( Of course it soothes the pain because it heals it temporarily) xD Juuuust kidding. =))


You can also use this build on Xin Zhao, Tryndamere, Miss Fortune, and specially on Ezreal just replace Infinity Edge with The Black Cleaver if you prefer high attack speed. I tested it last time I played and it is really effective on them. Makes them an unstoppable monster. Just don't initiate team clash. xD

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*New Criti-Offtank*

Try this new build. Even if the Critical Rate is at 50% I still scored a Penta. But don't be greedy and aim for a penta. I just shared that I got a penta with this build. Team work is still important. But if you're sure that you can pull a penta then do it.

Just check the fourth section of above about the build.

Blade of the Ruined King Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer Mercurial Scimitar Randuin's Omen Mercury's Treads + Enchantment Furor

This build has 3 active Items

Blade of the Ruined King's Life Steal with movement speed debuff
Mercurial Scimitar's anti-debuff
Randuin's Omen's slow debuff

Just follow the jungle route of this guide and you're good to go.

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Pros and Cons


+ High damage input mid to late game
+ High attack speed, critical strike chance ranging mostly at 90% - 100%, and very high life steal
+ Lane pusher, farmer
+ Good at destroying turrets
+ Good at escaping and chasing enemy champs
+ Good when entering late in team fights. Gets most of the kills =))
Some builds here aren't squishy


- Other builds are squishy. So initiating a team fight is a big No! No!
- Highlander removes most buffs but disables like stun, holding skills and other related disables.

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For runes, I use this set to dominate early game and for farming purposes in lane.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
x9 = This gives you enough damage to lane against enemy champ and for easy last hitting when farming minions.

x9 = This gives you enough armor to stay in lane.

x9 = You don't need high MR early game so MR/level scales well late game.

x3 = Again gives you additional damage for early game domination. =))

*If you want to deal high critical damage, you may want to sacrifice your early game attack boost for:

x9 Greater Mark of Furor
x3 Greater Quintessence of Furor

These rune combos can give you an additional 33% critical damage boost + 10% from masteries which makes your critical damage when equipped with can now crit up to 293%. It is viable but like I said, you'll be sacrificing your + 15 attack damage early game. Well, Master Yi is a late gamer after all so, it will depend on your judgment. Judgment lol

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This set works well with Master Yi


Increases damage output, attack speed, armor penetration (% and flat), a little life steal, small HP regen, and some defenses for survival purposes.

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AD Items for AD Yi

The first item you should buy depends on how you'll play your early game. You can either go for and 3 s first if you prefer movement speed early or a and 1 if you wanted to go for a first blood. Then upgrade to

Kill or farm as needed. You should be able to buy on your first trip back then rush as possible. If you can't get enough kills, try to farm as much as possible to cope up with your teammate's and enemy's items.

Then Build next. Again, why this item and not or any item with damage or attack speed boost? Remember that you have your and your which gives enough attack speed and movement speed boost.

Next go for . A good Attack speed boost and critical strike chance is your friend. Improves killing capabilities and backdooring purposes.

Now for the last item, go for and start stacking up for it. Or you can swap this item with if you see enemy champs with very high Health then build Static Shiv(for benefit of movement speed, high critical strike chance and a passive which can also crit and any damage you're dealing related to auto attacks will restore your health as your Crit-Chance is already at 90% (i.e critical strike damage.)

By the way, if you think that Master Yi is way too squishy for you, you may substitute over The Statikk Shiv as Frozen Mallet can give Master Yi CC as he doesn't have any.

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Situational Items for enemy Champs with High Health regeneration rate and H

Go for . Why this item? 'cause it gives you high critical strike chance and a passive ability which is helpful when killing enemies with high healing ability (i.e , , , etc..]] and similar vampiric items (i.e , , etc..)

You can swap for if there are Enemy Champs with very high health.

Also just in case you need armor penetration damage you can swap with if many Enemy Champs go for the Offtank route and bought some armor (Although this seldom happens but you have to observe and predict well what might happen later in game) so losing -15% Critical Chance Rate isn't bad as you attack very fast so Crits will proc most of the time.

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Solo-Top Yi by Request

Okay. I, myself, is a devout solo-top player. Of course whoever is viable I'll use it and go solo-top. Master Yi is an excellent candidate for solo-top because of his high sustainable ability which render him impregnable when beside his turret. His W's AP scaling was nerfed down which makes AP items not viable anymore.

Just follow the item sequence above and you'll do fine.

The rune set that I am using will also help Master Yi to become quite formidable as it has high armor and most enemy at solo-top will be using auto attacks and most of them are AD champs.

I also included Mercury's Treads just in case you don't know whether it's going to be an AD or AP champ but the tenacity that this boots provide will help you survive in your lane just in case you got CCd by either 2 or 3 enemy champs.


Don't over extend your lane, ever! Unless your jungler says so. You don't know when the enemy jungler might show up so it's better to be aware and stay in the safe zone just in case. It's better to stay alive than feeding your enemy with kills.

Blue Line - Flash Direction
Yellow Line - Walk Direction

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Summoner Spells

I suggest you take the summoner spell / and

It's good to use this SS when backdooring your enemy turrets and teasing your enemy to divert their attention and breaking their focus when making team clashes in game. lol

As usual. Deals true damage and also finishes off runners with little health.

Okay. This is pretty obvious. It's use is for fleeing and chasing enemy champs. Also very effective when backdooring your enemy and using this for them not to catch you. =)

Use this if you'll be jungling.

Okay so to sum it up.

+ = effective backdooring enemy base.

+ = Highlander ver.2 lol

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Using Activated Items

When entering clashes don't forget to activate your as it is very helpful because of the attack speed boost and movement speed boost it provides and the effect stacks up with .

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Tips about backdooring

Be aware at all times. You're Master Yi and they will be defending their turrets against you so stay alert. Always! When the coast is clear, use your first (reserve just in case they'll notice you), but if they're still busy at something (farming elswhere, team clashes) continue pushing to the next turret then use to destroy it. Just in case they're gaining at you, use to escape. This is the funniest. Believe me! The part when they'll get annoyed by your freakin' Backdooring presence really pesters them a lot and forcing them to station 1 member of their team to guard the base. (oh oh) What about team clashes? well that's their problem.) =))

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Tips about backdooring: Type 2 BD-Offtank 1 and 2

This section aims to aid you if you can't stop the urge to use backdooring tactics. The build BD-Offtank at the top section of this guide can do 1 v 1 with enemy turrets without the aid of a your minions. Tower's attack damage is mitigated by your armor which makes this build effective. Not only that, this build also can help your team mates in team clashes with just one drawback, low Magic Resistance but that ain't your problem as your primary objective is destroying enemy turrets and diverting your enemies' attention.

, ,

Just follow the items, runes, and masteries at the top of this guide named BD-Offtank.
* Doran's Ring is just an optional starting item. It'll help you sustain your lane because of it's additional small AP added to your Meditate and it gives additional damage to your Alpha Strike early game and also gives a small mana regen too. Again it's optional. If you're not into Doran's Ring just proceed with the BD-Offtank 1 or 2 build. Having a small AP early game won't hurt IMO.

Try it out and start destroying enemy turrets. =))

Okay I already came up with a new alternative build for my BD-Offtank and this can really destroy enemy turrets in just 10 seconds. That's right! Solo! Without the aid of your minions. First, buy an Oracle's Elixir along with Elixir of Agility along with Elixir of Fortitude for an additional AD for your Atma's Impaler and get rid of those wards. Just try to sneak and wait 'till the coast is clear. Wait for an opportunity. Then charge in to the turret and destroy it. Hide and back a little. Join your team or try to push other lanes then after all your skills have cooled down, buy another Elixir of Agility and Elixir of Fortitude if necessary then strike again. You can destroy turrets even if your Surge is on CD but it will take a little more time compared with Surge so be careful. This tactics can also help your team if your turrets have been pushed back by the enemy. It's up to you if you can turn the favor in to your side. So be tactful.

This is a video of me playing Master Yi solo vs turrets. Please watch and see his life bar and armor as the more armor you have, the lesser the damage you'll receive from turrets. And it is also effective on champions and clashes. Remember you're tanky so don't be afraid.

I only used heal here just in case it he will need it but looks liek he doesn't so no heal unless you're a heal user then go for it. :)

Feel free to test it in custom games first if you like and see for yourselves. Of course, ai battle is different from pvp but the tactics never changes. So happy BDing! :))

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Item Comparison

Just move your mouse cursor to see the description and difference between these 2 items.


Now that you've seen it. So, why tell Youmuu's Ghostblade vs Phantom Dancer instead of Youmuu's Ghostblade and Phantom Dancer where you can have them both in your build? Correct? =))

There will be instances that you would pick Phantom Dancer over Static Shiv but the passive of Static Shiv is also great so choosing between these two items depends on your Judgment lol.

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Creeping / Jungling

When you're in a champion selection screen, and you picked Master Yi, most probably, you will be chosen as their jungler so pick Smite change your masteries and then go for it.

Ask for help to guard you or assistance when counter jungling early game.

Your first item should be Doran's Blade. Why Doran's Blade? With the additional attack damage coming from your runes, and the Doran's Blade itself and an additional 5 and 9% lifesteal (both from Doran's Blade, runes and masteries) it is guaranteed that you'll survive the whole jungle (even when countered) with his high sustain. Then after that, you would like to get boots, and build as soon as possible for further sustain (increased damage and lifesteal %. The % of your damage will return as your health then just continue with the sequence above.

Just go the old jungle route

Blue buff-->Wolves-->Wraiths-->Red buff-->dual golems-->wraiths-->gank--> etc..

After getting the blue buff, level Meditate and use it right away then go straight for the wolves. Attack the blue wolf nearest to you first then use Alpha Strike on the next blue wolf then hit it then go attack the brown wolf so that the damage you'll get is lessen to help you further sustain the jungle. Then use Meditate then go to the Wraiths and kill all of it then level Wuju Style then go for the red then Dual Golems then (your call)..


If you want to have a unique and more in depth jungle yi guide. Visit Palthios' "Jungle Yi - My Final Stand"
Just click here for quick access :))
Your text to link here...

More updates to come so stay tuned. ;p

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Match History


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In this video, you'll see that I got a quadra using Build 1. I should have got a penta here if I entered the clash earlier but I never thought of that during that time because my aim is to assist and for my team to win. Yeah, I used Flash in here because I didn't noticed it while in champion selection. lol

.....some more videos coming soon. Still uploading.. lol

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If you want to see the whole video, here is the link. It's an LoLReplay format.

There are tips on how you can BD effectively using Ghostblade and Highlander.
There is a time when I escaped from Singed. I could've pinned him down but AP Twisted Fate might show up so, I'm just being careful and tries to annoy them more. =)

BTW just ignore the time if you see me trolling. I'm a bit moody that time. :D