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Rumble Build Guide by max120

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League of Legends Build Guide Author max120

Get Free Elo with Rumble (S3 Dominate Top Lane)

max120 Last updated on September 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome. Are you ready to get free ELO?

Welcome to my third League of Legends guide. I've been playing Rumble for 3 years now, and I can tell you he's a real beast with some practice. I know you've seen Rumble alot in the LCS this season and I know you wanna wreck people in ranked games. I will try my best to teach you how to play him like pros do. I know it might be boring but if you could take the time to read every single line of this guide I am sure this will make you better. A guide is made to read, not to see which items you have to buy. :)

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Why is Rumble overplayed in the LCS?

- He is one of the strongest solo top champions in the game.
- Really hard to counter if played right.
- Farms very well with a proper use of his passive.
- Can easily bait people out in ganks.
- Very good gank/teamfight potential even if behind with his ultimate.
- No spell costs !
- He is not banned often.

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Rumble has really high base damage even without any items so going into the defensive tree is the most profitable thing you can do. Picking up butcher to last hit easily at level 1 and Safeguard because you will usually be the one to engage and tower dive the enemy. Block is really important because you'll generally be against an ad top laner and if you are against an ap ranged top laner, by the time you will all-in the enemy they will have some time to kite you out. This combined with Doran's Shield is a huge bonus early game.

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I pick these up as a personal preference, but honestly I think anything can work out on Rumble since he doesn't really benefit from anything runes can give you out. I could play rankeds without my runes and i would do as good as I do. Make sure to have 2 pages though. One with magic resist glyphs, and one with ap/lvl glyphs. If you are against an ap champion you will switch to the magic resist glyphs page.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty basic stuff. Flash and Ignite, auto-explanatory i'd say.

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Skill Sequence

There is a tricky part about the skill sequence. At level 1, you always wanna level up your flamethrower because at around 1 minute in you will start spamming it to get some heat. You wanna always stay in the heat zone and you'll be able to outdamage your opponent at level 1. Flamethrower is your highest source of damage so you wanna max it obviously. The second spell to max out is your harpoons. You wanna max it second because you really wanna be able to 1v1 the enemy top laner and this is your only source of damage, after your flamethrower.

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Item Build

This build is my standard Rumble build. It's also fairly common, as full damage Rumble seems to be the most widely accepted way to play him. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a must, turning your Flamespitter into a slowing flamethrower. It also makes your Electro-Harpoon even more impossible to escape from. If your jungler is not going as a real tank then you should pick some tankier items, but it is not likely to happen.

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Laning Phase

During the early game, try to survive and to farm up as much as possible. If the enemy laner has recalled, push out the lane with Flamethrower and recall. Try to use Flamethrower only to poke the opponent, and not to last hit minions. Early on, just last hit with your harpoons and with auto-attacks. At level 4, this is where you kinda start to get your damage. Poke them down with a shield - flamethrower combo at average heat zone and when they're at 75% hp, you wanna sit at half heat zone and all-in with shield - flamethrower - ultimate - harpoons combo. Finish it off with ignite and your auto-attacks should then be enough to finish the opponent.

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Before the teamfights, discuss with your allies to know if they want you to peel with your ult or to engage strongly. Usually when you're ahead you want to engage strongly. What you wanna do is with your ultimate, you start to drag from behind the opponent carries and drag it towards you. Don't forget, before a teamfight you must always be at average heat zone and then you engage by using the combo I mentioned in the Laning Phase chapter.