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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pale

Gragas: Barrel O'Fun

Pale Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The Champion Gragas is usually depicted as a tanking champion yet this build is AP if you need a tanking build i suggest you go to a different page because this is a hard AP carry build for Gragas. His skills are great and you would be surprised at how much damage he can actually do with his q.

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Passive: Gragas' passive is very good and helps him stay in the lane longer as long as he is casting spells. Used in conjunction with his w makes his staying power very efficient.

Barrel Roll: Gragas' Barrel Roll is a very good skill. It is an AOE skill shot and if you hit it with my build expect to do TONS of damage. This skill is great for farming at any stage in the game use it on the caster minions in your lane to build up a high creep count. It has a long range so you can farm from far away and it helps if your in a 2v1 lane or even if a player is zoning you out a lot in a 1v1.

Drunken Rage: Drunken Rage Gragas' W is a very good skill and lets you stay in the lane alot longer than most champion. I get it second so i can cast more skills in my lane without worrying about mana. This skill in conjunction with your passive allows for a great staying power in lane and increases survivability greatly.

Body Slam: Body slam is a very good Chasing and escape skill. With a very low cool down you can get away with ease while getting heal back from Gragas' passive. It does a fair amount of damage but it isnt your main damage dealer in this build. Its slow allows you to catch up to a running opponent if you hit them with it. It also helps you run through walls and gets you in good positions for Gragas' ultimate ability.

Explosive Cask: Gragas' ultimate is an AOE skill shot knock back and disrupts the enemy team extremely well in team fights. It has many uses and can Knock running enemies towards you or pursuing enemies away from you so you can make a clean getaway.

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Early Game: The Early Game is usually levels 1-6 until you get into getting out of your lane and ganking. You have to farm as much as possible so you can be effective. I suggest to take mid or a side solo lane if you have a jungler. You farm very effectively with your Q and E skills and harass really well with them too. Harass but make the enemy team feel safe so that when you get your ultimate you can pick up an easy kill. Get a lot of creeps and gold so you can buy the more costly items you need to do a lot of damage.

Mid Game: Mid game you'll be doing a good amount of damage and you will probably have a nice amount of mejai's stacks. Just be sure to Q them and when your opponent is low enough ultimate, E, and try hard to secure the kill for you and your team. You'll be doing a lot of damage late game so when you aren't in a team fight be sure to farm up as much as you can.

Late Game: During the late game you will be doing an insane amount of damage. It is really ridiculous how much your Q will do if you hit it which you will eventually. Pick off the squishies in the team fight and use your ult to get key enemy players further into the fight so they can be focused or further out of the fight so they cant fight to their potential.

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Rylai's Crystal Scepter:

This item is very good for the Extra health and ability power it gives to you. This items passive is also very good because of the slow it gives. Although most of your skills do AOE damage the slow is still very helpful. When your target is slowed it gives you the opportunity to set up more of your skillshots.

Rabadon's Deathcap:

Rabadon's Deathcap is by far the best item for casters out there, it gives a **** ton of ability power and to top it off, it boosts your ability power by 30% of what you have! Just think if you have 300 ability power it gives you an extra 100! Every caster should incorporate this item into their build.

Rod Of Ages:

Rod of Ages is a very good item to get and will benefit you a lot. With the extra health for survivability and the extra mana for casting more spells you'll be able to dish out a lot more damage. I feel this item should be gotten very quickly because of its passive. If you get it close to the game ending you wont be able to use it to its fullest potential.

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Gragas' farming is very potent. With at least 1 ability power item he can bring caster minions down very low with his Q. If you follow up with your E you can auto attack once for the last hits. When you get more items you should be able to one shot the caster minions with your Q. This makes Gragas able to get his items very quickly thus making him a better farmer.

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Team Work

Before a team fight starts you want to be behind your tanks but in front of the ranged dps champions. As the team fight starts your job is to use your ultimate and split the opposing team as best you can. Your main objective is to push the opposing team towards your team. The best choices to push are their squishiest carries because this will cripple their team. Once this is taken care of you want to pick one champion on their team and stick to them. This will be very easy because of your E and the slows you will be supplying because of Rylais Crystal Scepter. You disrupt their team good enough and you will win the team fight for sure.

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All in all Gragas is a very good champion and can be played multiple different ways (tank, attack damage, support). He can play a big role in team fights and score a lot of assists and kills if you use his skills right. He is a great farmer and is a forced to be reckoned with during the laning phase.