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League of Legends Build Guide Author ß☺☻

Gragas: The Mofo Healing Tank

ß☺☻ Last updated on November 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

Gragas is so capable in doing so many things like going ad, ap, tank, ad/tank, ap/tank, being a jungler, etc. In this guide im going to show you my tank/support build.


    Great harassment early game
    Powerful barrels early game
    Insane healing
    Powerful laning capabilities
    Can lane or jungle
    Good Chaser with body slam
    A attack speed debuff with your barrel
    A good farmer


    Your ult needs to be correct - u might knock them away or to the side instead towards you
    Not as great damage late game


Doran's Ring: Great items to start out with. Gives u a little ap for a boost for your barrel, hp for early game suvival, and mana regen so you can throw more barrels.

Merc Threads: You do NOT keep using the same boots every game. You need the change ur boots according to the opponent's team. Like get ninja tabi if they have alot of ad/dps, or swiftness if they have nothing. Ususally i get merc threads cause currently now, there are alot of ppl with CC.

Innervating Locket: This item is BEAST on gragas. It's a great combination with your passive too. Gaining 2% of ur max health + the healing on the locket, especially that all your skills aren't target-required.

Heart of Gold: This item will build into a randuins omen. Just grab it after locket to get the gold effect.

Spirit Visage: This will mmake you heal like a mad man. Maybe even better than mundo. This works on ur passsive and locket, so you will be healing a whole lot. Spam ur tackles from mid lane to op and you're 1/4 hp to full. Hp and resistance is a bonus

Randuins Omen: Great item. Gives you aoe slow and more CC. Great CDR and armor. Highly recommended.

Shield of Aegis: Now u can help ur team do even more damage and have more armor+magic resistance in team fights. This item will really help out in team fights.

Force of Nature: You will choose between having thornmail or FoN as your last item. FoN if they hav alot magic damage and it's hurting you badly.

Thornmail: Get this as your last item if they have alot of dps/ad.


I go a 9/0/21 mastery build. If you want to be more tanky u can go a 9/0/21, but i had better results with a 9/0/21 build. With it, you will have mroe CDR and u can get your drunken rage up more in early game, and get more mana. The extra EXP will also help you level above the ppl that don't have it. More tackles, more healing.
In the offense tree make sure u get Archaic Knowledge. This will make your barrels hit hard early game and harass easily.


I get standard tank runes using Gragas. Armor marks and seals will help early game. Magic Resist per level glyphs because I think AP only hits hard late game. And i get Flat Hp Quints for early game.


Barrel Roll:
Your main offensive skill. I think this is better to get than tackle because it's much easier to harass and since the patch, it give a atk sped debuff which seems good. It also has great damage for early game.
Drunken Rage: This whats makes you tanky. It gives you that damage reduce which is great! With this build you will have about 38% CDR ( with masteries ) and you will have drunken rage up ALL THE TIME. It also gives you mana which helps you keep spamming your barrels.
Body Slam: This helps your massive healing alot. It's so spammable and it doesn't need a target. In team fights keep spamming this skill and try to get it on squishys and they will be scared of your fatness. I get this at level 4 for moving around and catching up to ppl.
Explosive Cask: Your intiating/combat skill. Use it to get a run away. Use it to intiate a battle. I would usually intiate with Body slam and use this skill to get the run aways back to you.

Early Game:

Get you dorans ring and pot and go to a lane. Lane with a nuker or someone with great burst damage ( Ryze, Garen, Xin, etc.) Keep harassing them with your barrels. Make sure you don't spam too much cause barrels cost alot of mana early game.

Mid Game:

You should at least have boots and a catalyst. If your doing swell and good, you might of have your locket already. If your still in the laning phase, you can jungle(if you don't have one already), or push the heck out of your lane and destroy that tower. Get your boots of your kind, get a heart of Gold and get your Spirit Visage. Spam your tackles and barrels and use your ult wisely in team fights.

Late Game:

You have mofo massive healing now. And get randuins omen for aoe slow, and more CDR. Also, get a shield of Aegis. You just now increase a whole lot of percentage of winning a team fight( of course unless your team sucks and feeds ). 1 slot left and you should either get a thornmail or FoN. FoN for magic resist, or thornmail if they got of physical damage on you.

Summoner Skills:
I use ghost and exhaust. This is just my preference. Choose whatever you want on Gragas. Teleport if your going to solo maybe. Cleanse if they have good CC. Yea...

Harassment: Aim your barrels behind them and they usually walk into them if they're dumb enough.
Farming: Make sure your barrel is in the middle of all of them so it hits them all.
Healing: You wont need to go back unless you're super low or shopping. If you have your locket, spam tackles and drunken rage, and maybe barrels.
Your Ult: Srsly, don't mess it up. I've seen gragas knock out enemy from your ally's ult. Dont do that. Do not knock them away. UNLESS your team mates are being charged and hit at and are low. You drop your ult and push them back and gtfo out of there.