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Graves Build Guide by Manning

AD Carry Graves - Dead, Or About To Be... [25% Complete]

AD Carry Graves - Dead, Or About To Be... [25% Complete]

Updated on April 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Manning Build Guide By Manning 1,761 Views 0 Comments
1,761 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Manning Graves Build Guide By Manning Updated on April 12, 2013
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Graves is a very powerful champion. He is able to crit over 800s once this full build has been done at level 18 with normal attacks! This is an incredible amount of damage for a standard amount of damage. His Q is able to hit alot more if all three shots hit the target.
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These basic runes give you penetration of the Armour making you hit much higher on there tanky characters. This enables you to take down your enemy's nice a fast.

By giving graves addiction Attack Damage runes, this enables him to be good early game having that attack damage advantage. This gives you a great head start to farming, Pushing your lane and keeping your lane under control.

Giving him Critical Damage makes him hit even harder when he crits! With a critical chance over 70% this is just something too good to miss out.
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I have decided to take a Offense: 21 and 9 Defense masteries as this balances out his need for extra Armour and durability.

His Masteries are mainly to build extra Armour penetration, Armour, Attack Speed and critical chance. This gives graves a huge advantage early game aswell as late game too.
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By taking a Doran's Blade straight up when you spawn gives you that damage you want to hurt your enemy's and push them back to give them a fright early game. Once you have enough i would reccommend you going back and buying Boots Of Speed and Vampiric Scepter as this gives you the Life steal you need to heal yourself if you do not have a good/Healing support. If you do have a good/heal support you could always get the B. F. Sword before the vampiric scepter. Once you buy your B.F. Sword and vampiric scepter you will need to take some faster boots so you can move to other lanes to help. Once you have all these items you should be slightly winning your lane. This is a good thing although you dont want to push to hard only hard enough to slow down there farming. To do this you will need some extra attack damage and critical chance. This is where the Pickaxe comes in as this gives a quick and cheap item to boost you slightly over your enemy's. After that you will need to grab yourself a Infinity Edge to give you that huge critical chance. From then on you should be pretty strong and be able to knock down enemy's fast. You should start to think about building The Bloodthirste and Phantom Dancer for that Extra attack damage/speed. The Last Whisper gives you that extra armour penetration and a boost in attack damage making you even more strong. Finally you would want to get The Black Cleaver as of its Attack Damage, Health, Armour penetration, Reducing there Armour by 25% And the 10% Cooldown. This is a perfect finishing item which will give you that extra hits and faster spells to overcome the majority of you enemy's.
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Extra Information

Like it says at the top this guide is no where near complete. From estimating i would say it is around 25% Complete as its got the basics to the guide. I will need to update how his ability sequences should be used to make him more efficient and the items he will need to be the best he possibly can.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Manning
Manning Graves Guide
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Graves - Dead, Or About To Be... [25% Complete]

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