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Graves Build Guide by GaMeOvEr9186

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GaMeOvEr9186

Graves Payback - Ain't got nothin' but time to plan -

GaMeOvEr9186 Last updated on August 30, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

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Utility: 0

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Graves Payback - Ain't got nothin' but time to plan - Intro

Hey Guys,

What am going to show you today is how to build the best and most effective Graves you will ever see.

This is my first build, and Graves is my favorite champion. hope you guys will like my guide to Graves


sorry if i have no pictures or anything because I am having a bit of trouble in doing that but will figure out how soon. :) i am having a hard time trying to put some picture or so, i know it may make the guide not interesting without video, but i promise you will get benefited by this guide.

Don't forget to read what I am going to write because everything is useful to make you a better Graves.

Note: This is my first guide so i hope you guys dont judge my guide only about the formatting, but i promise to make it designed better. just need a bit more time

thank you all.

Another Note: I am now trying to make a new design for the guide it might take time to become good so please be paitent :P thanks

Special Note:

hey guys just for you to know i have at last completed formatting my whole guide and it now looks much better, but i still couldnt let the videos show you need to press in the link to watch them :( hoping to fix it asap.

VIP NOTE: Read well pelase :P

Guys please before you judge my item build please check " The Black Cleaver Vs Last Whisper Summary" it will explain a lot !!!!!

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Pros / Cons -What do people think-

lets see what is good about graves and what is bad about him.

Pros:Good Things Cons:Bad Things
  • Slow movement speed
  • Slow attackspeed
  • Graves has a bit of a low range (525)

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Graves Masteries 21/9/0

Well most of any AD carry will have the same "offensive" masteries.


Offensive Mastery build page for Graves


1/1 Summoner's Wrath

  • I put a point on this spell Summoner's Wrath because I use Flash and Exhaust and "Summoner's Wrath" will benefit me a lot for my exhaust it will actually reduce the enemy exhausted armor and magic resist by 10 which is at start game incredible and late game.

3/3 Brute Force + 4/4 Alacrity = 1/1 Weapon Expertise

4/4 Deadliness
  • does the same effect as Brute Force increases your attack damage

1/1 Lethality

  • if you guys don't understand it, it simply increases the damage of your critical hits(crits)

3/3 Vampirism

  • this grants you great survivability during lanes because it provides (3% life steal) and having doran's blade at start will get you another 3% which is a total of 6% LS, who doesn't want that!.

  • for example if you get hit by champions you can get your hp back by the life steal you have.

3/3 Sunder

  • [/h2]has the same effect as Weapon Expertise it penetrates your opponents armor.[/h2]

    1/1 Executioner

    • and last but not least is the Executioner this is the last point you will put on your offensive tree build. it provides your champion great increased damage to targets below 40% health power(hp).

      Now lets talk about the defensive tree build:

      3/3 Hardiness

      • I put my first 3 points on having more armor because at game start you might want more armor because most of the champions damage will be from only "auto attacks" until about level 4.

      1/3 Resistance

    I put only 1 because I will need the other points so I can increase my survivability as an AD carry.

    • Some people might take 3/3 Resistance and 1/3 Hardiness because they may have more armor.[/color]


      if you know who are you playing against try changing Resistance + Hardiness as you find them suitable for your survivability.

    4/4 Durability

    • This is very very important to have in your masteries build because it gives you a boost of Health Power(hp) without you feeling which greatly increases your survivability.

    1/1 Veteran's Scars

    • this is similar to Durability but Veteran's Scars gives you an instant boost of (hp), of 30+ Health Power Which someone can help you from avoiding getting first blooded.

    Now Lets after we finished from the mastery page, lets move on to the "Runes" section.

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Graves Runes

Now lets talk about Graves runes.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

going to start with the marks:

there are many types of marks runes that can actually benefit Graves, for example here are the most two marks runes Graves should use:

[*] Greater Mark Of Desolation

  • Which grants your champion (+1.66) armor penetration which is very useful against enemy champions
  • 9 x 1.66 = 14.94 ARMOR Penetration who doesnt want that!!

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

  • Which grants your champion (0.95) Attack Damage which is good but not good when it comes to Vs the Desolation.
  • 9 x 0.95 = 8.55 Attack damage

Desolation Vs Strength

  • Grants arm pen which makes your hits more effective on the target your hitting.
    • Grants att damage which makes your hits stronger but not necessary to be effective against your enemies because they might have some armor stacking.
    • I personally and highly recommend using the the Marks Of Desolation.

      now lets go with Seals:

    • Every AD carry Must have a bit of survivability because AD(attack damage) carries and AP(ability power) champions are mostly getting focused in a Team Fight (5vs5)

      so I only recommend you using

      Greater Seal of Armor
      • Grants your champion +1.41 armor
      • 9 x 1.41 = 12.69 armor (flat armor) which means that from level 1 (from start) you get +13 armor which is about 11.5% extra damage reduce from auto attack hits.

      • amazing for survivability.

        now lets go with Glyphs:

        now you need some magic resist, their are two types:

      • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
        • Which grants your champion magic resist each level
        • +0.15 MR (magic resist) per level (2.7 MR at level 18)

        • 9 x 2.7 = 24.3 MR only level 18

      • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
        • Which grants your champion +1.34 MR (flat MR from level
        • 9 x 1.34 = 12.06 MR from level 1, its really good but at level 1 there wont be a champion that would have like 150 AP from start so he can just use his Q for example and get 60% of your hp down, your mainly going to get hit by auto attacks.

        • I highly recommend getting Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist becuase it gives double the MR(Magic resist) and it you will have more MR also from Graves passive which makes him have like 100 MR at level 18 which is like 50% damage reduction.

        finally the Quintessence:

        there are two types of Quintessence Graves can actually use which are:

        Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
        • Which Grants your champion +2.25 ATT damage
        • 3 x 2.25= 6.8 Att Damage which is really great for having these runes on for having good AD from level 1

        • Greater Quintessence of Desolation

          tip: as I said before Desolation Vs Strength Marks Runes

          tip: as I said before Desolation Vs Strength Marks Runes

          for marks having arm pen is better, but you can also have arm pen on Quintessence but you will have too much Arm Pen, plus you will be having The Black Cleaver so you will have kinda a lot of armor penetration.

          So basically you will need to balance between Armor Pen and Attack Damage.

          Note: I used to use the Greater Quintessence of Desolation before but then I realized I had too much armor pen that I only wanted some extra Att damage.
          now after we are done from the runes lers go to the Summoners Spells

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Graves Summoner Spells

Now lets see what Summoner Spells benefit Graves the most!!!

From all the summoners spell that are in League of Legends I only use two of them always which are:


  • Which teleports your champion for a shor distance.


  • My favorite, becuase if your in a 1vs1 situation graves is great but not vs fighter, so if that happens exhaust can save you. it will slow the enemies AS(attack speed) and MS(movement speed) for 2.5sec and because you have "summoner's wrath" the target will have 10 recude armor and MR, so if you are planning on having your


    Exhaust is your best friend.
  • Those two spells are a must, i dont know what you guys say but thats from what i see. please share with me your thoughts.

    Note: everyone has his own play style and team, so you may want to pick other summoner spell so its all your choice and how you play ^^ make sure you have fun :)

    Other Summoners spells:


    • This spell is great if someone is running away, so you Ignite him and he dies (he would have barely any hp left). but here I pref using exhaust he will get slowed and for sure I will have my "E" Quick Draw to follow him and then GG, he's 100% dead. because maybe someone of his team mates might heal him up. that should be a fail Ignite then.


    • I saw some people using this summoner spell because if an AD carry gets CC'ed (crowd control) he would probably be dead so it might save him, but the concept of an AD is that your not the first one to enter the fight so i actually ur not the first person that going to get cc'ed becuase they focus Ap before AD, in my opinion I would not take it because Exhaust can actually make an enemy target un-useful for 2.5sec which is enough to kill the AP and Exhaust the AD carry.
    • Other summoners spells are not useless but wont be used for graves unless your team doesnt have Heal and they told you to take it


      • Increases your movement speed which is good but Flash is 100% way better.
      • i know i might not explained much about the spells but it actually depends on your play style.

      • and Exhaust can be used when you have an enemy Tryndamere and when he uses his "R" Undying Rage you can exhaust him to make him completely useless.

      • if you guys need me to explain every summoners spell i dont mind, but its pretty simple guys :) hehe

      • also Reminder: Ignite reduced the healing of your enemies by 50% so when Dr.mundo uses Sadism his "R" use Ignite on him and he will be an easy target to kill. (ofcourse in a 5vs5 team its 100% sure that one of your team mates should have an Ignite.)

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Graves Skill Sequence and abilities

Graves skills sequence is:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Lets talk About what are graves abilities

True Grit

  • this passive grants Graves extra armor and magic resist each second stacking up ten times which can make graves an off tank, this passive can make graves the most AD carry that can endure damage.


  • Graves "Q" ability, this ability shoots three bullets in a cone damaging people in its path, plus hitting your target with additional bullets makes more damage(35% each extra bullet). Deals physical damage

    Smoke Screen

    • Graves "W" ability, this ability shoots a smoke in an area that deals magical damage, and everyone inside the smoke screen is slowed plus can target outside the smoke (unless ur in melee range, its similar to Nocturne "R".
    • Note: if you smoke screen Nocturne graves will say " I GOT YOUR DARKNESS!"


    • Graves "E" ability, this ability dashes graves forward(any direction you like) plus gives graves a boost in his AS(attack speed), you can actually get a kill or escape from getting killed.

    Collateral Damage

    • Graves "R" ability, this ability is my favorite it has incredabile range, plus insane damage and is great for using it in team fights.
    • tip: try not using "R" unless they are running away, or use it when your in a team fight so you can get everyone's hp down :)

      The skill sequence is shown above at the top of the page,

      always max buckshot first, and have smoke screen at level 4, and ultimate whenever you can :)

      this is how the priority goes

      "R" Collateral Damage > "Q" Buckshot > "E" Quickdraw> "W" Smoke Screen

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Graves Item Build (Read Well)

Now my favorite part of this entire build "The Items"

well everyone start the game with 475gold only, so you want to get something really useful, and I pretty like buying:

1) Doran's Blade(475G)

  • because it gives your champion 10att Damage, 80 HP, and 3% life steal. I prefer buying dorans blade first rather than buying boots and pots.

2) Boots of Speed (350G)+ B. F. Sword (1650G)

  • you will need to get these two items at once so you can come back to your lane with great amount of damage, try not going back to your base until you have 2k gold. but exceptions may happen if you went back to base and you dont want to be empty handed when you go back to your lane(try getting pickaxe). getting 2k gold requires i will need like 45 to 50 minion kills, actually it depends it you also get some kills. which you should :P

3) Vampiric Scepter (450G)

  • buy this after getting your boots and bf sword because when if you get it, each hit will give you 28-29 life steal hp which is amazing can make you hold more when your at lane plus fighting

  • small tip: always have a pot or two, because when engaging a fight you will need to use the pot becuase it will grant you like (50 hp per 5sec) and your life steal = great survivability.

4) Infinity Edge (375G)

  • get (pickaxe 975G) plus Cloak of agility(830G), I prefer buying pickaxe first but if you when to base and you had gold only for cloak then buy it, it really helps 18% crit chance every 5.2 hits is a crit not bad at all.

  • then getting your infinity edge will make you great, and start making some great damage.

    5) Cloak of Agility

    • after getting infinity I really like to go for more crit, with buying 18% crit (cloak of agility)
    • 25% + 18% = 43% crit, then if i had 250G i directly buy (elixir of agility) so i can have 51% crit each two hits I get 1 crit. att speed will be from my "E"(Quick draw)

    6) Zeal(1195G)

    • getting zeal will increase my crit chance and att speed plus movement speed.

    7) Berserker's Greaves

      now I go and buy my enh boots 2 which also gives me att speed, and movement speed.

    • Note: for some people thinking why didn't I buy boots first is because you will want to have a huge amount of crit to get your kills easily, you think graves has low movement speed but its actually great comparing to what he's capable of doing at fights. please try it out and tell me what you think.

    8) Phage

    • its time to tell your "Dorans Blade" bye bye, you sell doran's blade and get a Phage!!!! one of my favorite items. This Legendary item can provide great team mobility by you just hitting an enemy he gets slowed and he actually cant run away from you because you will have a movement speed of 398 and he will be slowed by 25% so the only way for him to run away is to use something( Ghost, Flash, or if he's Volibear he uses his increased run speed, but if its Frozen Mallet with his run he cant do anything he will also be slowed :) this is called GG. :P .
    • small tip: don't buy frozen mallet unless your team doesn't have a tank which is rarely but it happens.

    9) Phantom Dancer

    • so after getting phage, you must buy your phantom dancer for only (820G) to have more move speed and att speed but only increases of 2% extra crit :)

    B. F. Sword

      for the increased damage.

    10) The Black Cleaver

  • This item is great it gives u att dam, att speed and its passive provides you with 45 armor penetration.


    The Black Cleaver Vs Last Whisper


    some people use Last Whisper instead of The Black Cleaver, well let me tell you whats good and whats bad:

  • when your playing versus an assassin like Xin Zhao all his runes will be focused with AD, leaving his defenceless so getting The Black Cleaver is better because his armor wont be above 80, 45 armor pen plus 15 from runes and 6 from masteries and 10% also from masteries he will be left with almost 10 armor making your hits Strike his heart!

  • but if your playing against a tank like Malphite and he stacks armor above 200 and your having a hard time damaging him, you would like to get Last Whisper. This is "JUST" an example but its a must for a tank to have above 150 or 200 armor so if you find the rest 4 (2-3) players building more than 150 armor then you should go with Last Whisper other than that stick with the The Black Cleaver

  • But at the bottom line getting The Black Cleaver provides a bit more benefit because of the 30% increase in att speed.

Discussion ) The Black Cleaver Vs Last Whisper

please guys i want to make it simple, I often use The Black Cleaver when the enemy doesnt have armor above 140-150. i use Last Whisper when the enemy has above that armor. but usually any tank will build that kind of armor, so if you wanna choose you will not need to check the tank, you will have to check the other players like (AD,AP,Supp) if those Champions have armor above 150( 2(or more (regardless of the "TANK") of them have above 150, not 1 only 2 or more.) then you would like to buy Last Whisper other than that i dont think so. becuase The Black Cleaver provides more AD, AS which will grant your abilities more damage, AS for your "E" Quickdraw

End of discussion ,if you have a any other question about The Black Cleaver Vs Last Whisper then please share it on the discussion section, thank you :)

11) Frozen Mallet

  • now you will have to buy your Frozen Mallet to have some great increase in HP plus making your enemies slowed by 40% for meele (30% for ranged) really love this item <3

12) The Bloodthirster

  • last but not least after having good hp and armor plus good att speed you will now build some extra damage(+100 damage) by buying BT (Blood thirstier) and more life steal.

tip: if you like to get The Bloodthirster before getting Frozen Mallet its ok under once condition if your hp doesnt get down too fast and if you can follow your enemies. so it actually depends on how the game is going.

Guys if you like to buy The Bloodthirster also before The Black Cleaver its also good, you can change the item build as it depends on how are you playing and against who are you playing plus with who.

you dont have to actually follow the item build, but till phantom dancer you should follow every step after it, it doesnt mind because you may want to build more AD or more armor pen or more survivability it all depends on hows the game going.

small tip:

The Last Three Items The Black Cleaver or Last Whisper(if you need it) explanation on this content and the one below explains everything you need. , Frozen Mallet, The Bloodthirster can be bought in any order you like (depending on the game).

now we are done from the build lets explain some tricks of Graves :P

this part:(Elixir of agility)
if you guys are wondering why do i buy elixir of aility after getting my infinity edge and cloack of agility it is because :

1)inf edge gives 25% crit
2)clock of agil gives 18% crit

3)25 +18 Cloak of Agility+10 Zeal= 53%%
4) +8 from the Elixir of Agility = 61% and having this amount of crit and attack speed from your "E" makes you Unstoppable" :P

if you want to see how did i prove that go to this link "" or go to the videos tab and watch video number "5"

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[[The Black cleaver]] Vs [[Last whisper]] Summary (Read Well)

this is a small summary about The Black Cleaver and Last Whisper

if your opponent has over 143.5 armor and your allies do not have armor reduction debuffs, get last whisper over the black cleaver, otherwise black cleaver is a better armor reduction item. if your allies do have armor reduction debuffs, you'll need to read further for how to calculate the break even point.

ok I just noticed quite a few people out there putting last whisper as a "core" item in their build but I know for fact that last whisper is a conditional item. why is it conditional? because it provides a lot less compared to black cleaver can.

now for those of you who still dont know, flat is applied before percentage, and reduction is applied before penetration, and penetration can not bring armor values down to 0

so heres the formula for those who are interested

TA = Target's armor, FAR = flat armor reduction, PAR = Percentage armor reduction, FAP = flat armor pen, PAP = percent armor pen

all the values of each sub catagory are added together, so if you had last whisper (40% armor pen) and weapon expertise (10 armor pen) you had a total of 50% armor pen

((TA-FAR)*(1-PAR))-FAP)*(1-PAP) = final armor, though like I said earlier, penetration can not bring the value below 0 so if the FAR and PAR brings it down to 0 or lower, the rest of the calculations is ignored, if FAP and PAP brings the value below 0 then the value remains 0

now that we know how to calculate this value, we can use it to determine at what armor value the enemy must have in order for last whisper to reduce more armor than black cleaver. we know that black cleaver reduces target's armor by 45 at max stacks, so at what armor value does 45 = 40%? it is 112.5, meaning that ((TA-FAR)*(1-PAR))-FAP) = 112.5, not TA = 112.5

most people who buy last whisper will have armor pen runes and sunder mastery which add about 31 armor pen (not including yellow and blue armor pen runes) so you would add this value in order to make sure armor pen from last whisper is the same as black cleaver which means that (TA-FAR)*(1-PAR) must = to 143.5 armor.

but wait there are still many other champions out there that also have armor reduction abilities as well, that apply a debuff thus must be counted in, and theres way too many to calculate, but you now have the base of how to calculate how much armor your opponent must have before last whisper becomes a better choice in terms of armor reduction.

or you can just pick up a black cleaver and skip the math since black cleaver is a constant value. or if you have no allies who apply an armor reduction debuff on your opponents, then you know that your opponent must have at least 143.5 armor before last whisper becomes a viable option over black cleaver. but then again black cleaver is a debuff and benefits everyone as well and that cant be ignored, dont forget this is a team game, and thus you fight in a team.

make sure that half of the team (2 or 3 champs) must have above 143.5 armor. so you can start benefiting from Last Whisper

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Some Graves Quick Draw tricks :)

here are some screen shots of graves quick drawing so he escapes of death or to follow someone and kill him.

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What combo do i go with at bot lane?

Well Most AD carries go with a support, but I rarely play with one. because my real life friends don't play with one :( , so mainly I go on bot lane with either Xin Zhao or Dr.Mundo ,Because my real life friends like those two champions :)

I usually get a couple of games with a support like Lulu, Sona , and Janna but mostly I like to go with Lulu(if I would like a support by my side) because she slows the targets a lot plus her shields saves me. but she has no heal :(, but other than that she's amazing

while Sona is also amazing her "R" can make graves "R" 100% to hit if you have trouble in aiming it. plus she does some good damage and heal.

I am really sorry if i cant explain more, but i didnt have a combo other than those.


well lately I've been playing with Taric and actually its a great combo having his stun, and his Shatter can make your damage even better. really recommend playing with mostly Taric and Sona because they both have different buffs, Sona can give you more AD, plus her "R" stuns, and for Taric has amor reduction plus more armor for his team mates.

Never played with Blitzcrank they say hes amazing even though he doesnt have heal, because of his silence and pull.


i went to a random game and someone choose Blitzcrank , and he went with me bot lane. my score at min 10 was 8 kills and 3 assist, his pull and silence was enough for me to kill a target the combo was amazing. but still pref Taric or sona but still Blitzcrank WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! you should try him.

best 3 supports Sona Taric Blitzcrank

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Farming (AD Carry)

well basically you dont have to be a pro to know how to farm, minion have 0 armor and 0 magic resist so all your hits will not be reduced, simply just look at the minion health bar and check your current attack damage and then getting minion kills will be very easier than it used to be :P always try not hitting except for the last hit.

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here are some videos you may like about graves :)


Graves easy kills


Graves easy kills #2


Graves easy kills #3


Graves epic ultimate


1vs3 fight (fast motion)


Graves ksing like a BOSS!!

Guys about the videos i am trying to make them show without you guys going to the link but till now i dont know how, also checked guides on how to make guides but still no use. please watch them they are good videos of mine ^^

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This is my first guide i have ever made, i hope you guys liked it.

if their is any thing that you may find hard to understand please write it on the discussion tab, thank you.

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Feed Back(s) Discussion's section

From Gikona: Nice guide, but you should read Making A Guide guide to help with the formatting of it. I went 16/2/11 on my first game :D

Me:hey "Gikona" i am really glad to hear you liked my guide and i am happier that you were satisfied with your score

16/2/11 from your first game, thanks for trying my guide hope you liked it :)