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Graves Build Guide by Jatax

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jatax

Graves The Outlaw (Carry yourself to Gold)

Jatax Last updated on April 8, 2015
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Hello guide viewers thanks for swinging by! Now I bet you are wondering who is Jatax? Why should I use this build? Is graves any good? Well hopefully by the end of this chapter you will know a little bit about me and a bit about graves. Firstly My name is Jatax I am a Bronze Elo Player. Now I know what your thinking BRONZE what the hell why should I even look at this Noobs build? Sure I may be bronze Elo but my graves play is at diamond or higher. How do I know this? Well recently I competed in the tournament for Best Am Graves NA (AM meaning amateur diamond 4 and under) And I placed 2nd place. In this tournament I played against platinum's and diamonds who sometimes had over 1000 games as graves played. So If my graves play was any where near bronze Elo I would have been out in the 1st round! Right Now I am currently carrying my self to gold as graves with ease before the reset. I am aiming to hit plat halfway through season 4!

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About Graves

In this chapter I'm hoping to better your understanding on graves whether you're a high elo player or a bronze 5 player! I find Graves to be a highly mobile Adc with amazing kill potential and a kit that allows not only chase but also escape while dishing out mean amounts of damage. Graves is a Adc who snowballs at an unstoppable rate if fed early on. If you practice Graves enough you will be able to carry yourself out of your Elo in no time!

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Abilities and uses

Buckshot Offers Insane amount of damage During early and late game
Quickdraw offers an awesome chase and escape (Tip: Can be used to dash through thin walls) Remember the cd on Quickdraw is lowered by 1 sec for every auto attack hit.
Smoke Screen offers a good escape when being ganked (Tip: keep in mind Smoke Screen also deals damage)
Collateral Damage Is Graves ult this Collateral Damage offers a long range attack that deals high damage to a single enemy.(Tip: Collateral Damage can be used through walls or to kill escaping enemies.
For an awesome combo try starting off with your Quickdraw getting a few autos off then giving them a Buckshot followed off by a Smoke Screen for devastating amounts of damage.

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Scorecard from a real game as graves ( we won)

Score Card
Carry us Grraves K D A CS
AD EvoLegacy 26 4 10 257
S EvoCharlie 2 7 21 38
J EvoGenetics 9 11 14 149
T Mrpikachus 16 14 12 226
AP Luckeh 12 8 11 213

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Graves VS

When facing Varus graves should have an easy match up make sure to Quickdraw away from varus's ult and consistently harass him with your Buckshot. Make sure to use SmokeScreen when Varus uses Hail of Arrows to return some long range punishment.

When facing Ezreal You should be able to counter all of his abilities pretty hard as he is a skill shot based champion who deals high damage in quick amounts of time. But don't worry as graves is a bursty Adc who can melt people in seconds when using the right combo. Always save your Quickdraw to catch ezreal after he uses his Arcane Shift other than that if you stay behind your minions and constantly harass him with your Buckshot It should be an easy lane.

Against Ashe You must go in with a combo and stick with it you cant back out when facing Ashe or you will be slowed and kited into hell. Although Graves Is a Ashe counter I find this match up depends on two things. 1) The skill level of the players and 2) The support who is supporting the Adc. When Facing Ashe you need a strong cc support who can go all in and stun them. I recommend supports like Leona Or Ammumu.