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Graves Build Guide by Dpk9

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dpk9

Graves, The Prodigal Explorer

Dpk9 Last updated on May 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, my name is Soleed Snuke, I was an ADC main in S3 and is by far my best role, lately Graves has become realy good in my opinion, and I decided for my first build for me to do Graves. He can wreck in lane, out of lane, and in the Late Game. His kiting can be pretty intense with his E cooldown and his Q Ult can do major damage when you get a BT.

This Guide will go over the Basics of Graves, as well as tips and tricks on how to dominate the West with this Outlaw.

This is my first guide pls dont kill me :)

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Pros / Cons

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What Happens When You Master Graves


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Team Work

Playing Graves you want to make sure that your team goes in first, then you go in. THIS IS HARD TO DO! You want to stay with your team, but staying a little back makes sure it's harder for the enemy team to get to you. When some people start to get low, use your ult for the major damage to their team. Use your dash if a jumps on you, or if your winning use to chase.

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Unique Skills

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  True Grit is amazing, it gives you Armor and MR for doing damage, what more do you want?

Buckshot is your main damage output, (other than ult and autoattacks), it does a crazy bit of damage and makes you such a good lane bully combined with passive. But, one of the best things about it is one of the contradictory things for an ADC, if you are closer to an enemy, the more bullets coming out of the barrel increases the damage. Not really good in team fights, but if you're bursting someone then it works wonders.

Smoke screen is an, interesting ability... It is mostly used for utility and to deny vision. If you get engaged on you can throw it on the ADC to slow them down or force their dash or whatever they have, or just walk out and by the time they do you will be ready to fight and beat them up.

Quickdraw is the best dash for an ADC ever made. It gives you a steroid, with a short cool down already, and it lowers with AA's?! Sign me up for that! It can be used aggressively or as a disengage of course, but you can really just spam it when fighting because of the cool downs on it. Definitely one of Graves most defining ability's.

This is Grave's bread and butter. It allows him to pick off enemies that are low, burst someone and close range, or to decimate their team in a teamfight. It explodes into a cone and the end of its range so if you want to do more damage, try to be closer to have it blow up there instead of being at max range. You don't have to, but the extra damage is nice. This ability can allow you to pick off someone instantly, have a Thresh? Land a hook, Autoattack Q Ult and a flay, BOOM, where did they go?

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Graves is a well balanced champion that is fairly hard to lose with, and he really dosn't do AMAZING against anyone, you can win or lose any lane really. It mostly depends on the skill levels and the supports.

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All in all, Graves is one of the best ADC's. He may fall off a little late game, but he is a really strong early and mid game. You can win lane early, split push mid game, then you can try to teamfight late, which is where he falls off a bit because of his range. He is really good at pressuring objectives and can definitely carry to an extent, (0-42 is pushing it) and he can be a real scare factor when trying to pressure a fight if he's fed.

All in all, I wish you all with the Outlaw of League. Go wreck some people!