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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Shoapeng

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shoapeng

Grim Reaper of Death

Shoapeng Last updated on March 6, 2014
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No flashy images nor awesome words. Just a guide to learn how to play fiddle :) Straight guide with words.

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Alright whats up guys! My first Moba Fire guide. Im only bronze yeah sadly(Dat elo hell XD) but im pretty well known for my fiddle sticks plays XD. So im here today to teach you guys how to fiddle like a boss. My usual fid games are pretty good. So lets get started! It is very very detailed so just read what you have to, I have every champion matchup. so good luck.

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Early Game

So before we start the guide, these are simple rules you must understand.
1. Gtfo if you are ignited/ or zhonyas XD
2. You are a Monster that heals sooooooo much
3. You can destroy anyone in lane if you play it right.
4. Never ult in front of people
5. Cc is your enemy but ill teach you how to out CC them :)
6. Last rule is if you read this guide, you better be carrying like i do XD
7. Csing is hard with fiddle, his best wave clearing is his ult lol XD BUT DONT ULT OT CS
8. It takes practice, so learn him and play him alot to understand.

Alright lets start: So when you begin, Lets go with your match ups. I will explain each and every possible match up mid. These are all from experience. So lets start:

Annie - She has to cast 4 spells for one stun! MEANING YOU NEED TO HARRASS, till she gets that 4 spell stun. SHe will have more burst than you but if you follow the build up top! you will survive her burst easy. Level 6 then repeat bot. XD

Ahri - She has to land her charm meaning this is your opurtunity to destroy. Also shes all skill shots. LOL. Stand behind your minoins to drian or! FAKE DRAIN* to make her use her charm then run around, fear then drain. eheh simple and easy baby! Always harrass with your e when you can, its cheap and does *As they say( DOES TONS OF DAMAGE)

Akali - This is a easy setup, even after level 6. All akalis wait for that level 6 attack, which i think is lovley you want to come near me? Great!. REmeber with her shroud, you can still drain meaning poor unskilled akalis will q u then come attack, dont even fear her just e and drain and she will shroud you and wonder * WTF WHY IS MY EHATLH KEEP FALLING IN IN MY SHROUD! lol, easy as that. Once shes level 6 she will ult u meaning you might have to use fear for the DPS she outputs and heal it back. Up to you, level 6... you know what to do baby.

Anivia - She has two cc abilities to displace you whic makes her quite the challenge but hey no worries let me teach you. Her q.... just dodge it, seriously it moves at the speed of a snail. Just move up and down. not left and right lol. If you get hit heal away. if not then E her and run towards her and drain, She will then Displace you using her wall, which you must get away so save your fear for this, Fear her and run away. Her mana costs are expensive, considering she has to use all of that to just get to you, let her spam her spells in the end SHOW HER WHO THE REAL MONSTER IS XD. level 6.. you know what to sexy

Brand - easy match up, but when he starts scaling it will be hard. Zombie brand so sexy, but anwyays just dodge his Q, if he set u ablaze, run around he will try to hit you, *AS SOON AS HE MISSES GO E AND DRAIN AWAY, he wont be able to do much. Thats basically how u beat him. Hes another skill shot champ, easy dodged. Dont be scared get up in his face when he misses his q. REMEBER YOU ARE A MONSTER XD

Casio - Another easy match up, she does not have CC to stop you unless shes level 6, but once you both are level 6, ... ummm you know who will win XD. Anwyas shes poision and damage over time, so just get in her face and e then drain away. simple as that. She will just die or GTFO, ohh you monster!

ChoGath- This is probably the hardest counter to mid champs XD but no damn worries you can win. His q is a skill shot, and depending on his size the distance in the early game is super duper short, meaning! level 1 or 2 depsnding on his skill leveling up is your chance to destroy. With chogath mid, get your drain first!. If he grabs his q first, dodge it! then run towards him and DRAIN!. Once he is level 2 he will grab silence. Anybody who isnt stupid will, and just dodge his q then let the silence hit you, you wont be able to dodge it unless he is smart casting and does not see the range. Let it hit you then wait and drain away. ** CHOS DOWNFALL, LONG CD on his skills, Let them hit you. well not the Q then DRAIN away, always E before you heal remember. Or fear heal. Once you hit level 6 do as below, for him DO NOT GET BELOW half health when fight with cho, you will never ever heal back his ult in time. With his q and w it will take you to Eatable. Meaning you need about 3/4ths of your heath to survive his little combo and his ult, Also ignite remember GTFO XD

Diana- This is a easy setup!, She has one cc ability that disrupts your drain. The ability pulls you towards her. Easiliy you can just Fake drain, let her use it then e and fear run away then GET IN HER FACE AND SWALLOW IT UP!, you know what i mean drain away babyyyy. Nice easy as that

Elise - there are not alot of elise mids but if there is one, easy. She has one cc abilty that wills stop you which is her cacoon! What i loe about her is that if your drain is going on her and she spider forms UP!, BYE BYE your dead lol, shes still considred drained. Meanign its even worse than vlads pool and akalis shroud. She wont even notice tll she comes back from top and dead. Lol Easy game baby XD, Ad just dodge it, seirously the cacoon

Fiddlesticks - So you may ask how do i fight myslef? Easy. Outplaying yourself is quite easy. harras with ur e, just harrass, and wait patiently. Its a game of patience, he must fear drain you frist , let him thne you do it, Just make sure you are always the last perosn to cc and you will win simple as that. Level 6 do the same XD

Fizz Fiz is a nother easy setup!. His little hop does nothing like akalis shroud and elise upthingy and talons ult. Just heal away. His cc is all about his shark!!! But once you are level 6 ,... u know what to do XD Easy setup!.

Galio Easy setup. Even though he scales with MR, we have magic pen built in our runes we will still do damage. He has no cc to stop you therefore you know what to do harrass and drain away, people think AWW MAN ANOTHER GALIO! but no problem for fiddle, be patient and wait till elvel 6, You will for ure do enough damage, you A FID! The Grim Reaper XD

Gragas- Easy match up, very easy. His body slam will not stun you nor stop ur drain so drain away. Simple as that, everything is the same.

Heimerdinger A little hard, his turrets are quite a problem but! ur e baby your e. He has one cc to stop you. the gernade so you must Fake DRAIN! *** fake drain and dodge it. then E the turrets till only 1 turret remains. If only 1 turret remains, GO ALL OUT after he misses his gernade lol. With ur ult, you can forget all turets and just go straight for him, your ult will destroy the turrets in about 1.5 to 2 secs. simple as that.

Karma - She chain is not a skill shot therefore drain away and make her use it. Dont fake drain, just drain away and let her stun you, but becareful of junlgers, With all karma ive played against. once they stun they are like yeahhh!! your dead but naww. Come to me ill show you true terror, let her come. Once your drain is up again e then drain up!. let her experience true terror. Remember you will not kill her with full health, **REMEMBER YOU HAVE SUSTAIN SHE DOES NOT.

Karthus - well this is truly easy. Just go e then drian, He will reuiqre ganks from junlgers inorder to kill you, Remember that his wall of pain sucks, the slow is lame. so WWARRRRDDDD. Easy kill again. if he ults, jsut drain a minons and the ult wont kill u simple as that.

Kassidin This one is hard, but not impossible , its very similar to leblanc. Let him q you. His down fall is that he is a melee champion. lol love it, he will have to either Q you or Q minons for CS. therefore harass away baby. He come meelee a minons, auto attack him. make him q you, its quite expensive mana wise. once the silence is off, drain away. Lat game he will be able to rift walk outa your ult so just od your best using the ULTING guide below

Katarina i dont thin i need to talk about this but, alright e and drain. Let her jump to you and drain away, The moment she jump to you, just slap her in the face and SUCK HER DRY

Kayle Kayles make sure you wait till her e is off. She is a auto attacking champ. Let her q you then run away. Her damage early game isnt strong so, let her q you then auto you a few times then your turn to atack, e and then fear and then drain away. She might be a little bit hard to some people but never impossible :)

Kennen So kennen is easy, its every 3. Kinda like annie. So just leave till the mark is gone simple as that. When he goes into that little ball, keep draining it will continuee. Level 6 you knwo what to do baby.

Khazicks He has no cc to stop you so just drain away. E drain, easy as that XD le thim ult u lol, if your fidddle is still draining, let him keep drainging dont stop DRAINING UTIL HE MOVES

Lissandra Dodge her Q, you must it does alot of damage, its stupid but he Snare is not a stun therefore Drain away, let her come towards you and stun you, just E and drain away. SImple as that

Lulu Lulu is quite the challenge , but easy. Let her pol morph you fake drain, then after TRULY Drain, her to death. with her ult it will displace you so save your q. for that so your CD will return.

Leblanc: This is the one eveyrone is scared of. All leblancs do the same combo. Q, jump to you with her w then e you. Once she q's you. immediatly throw your e. Which is your nuker. It will silence her, Meaning if the leblanc is a decent player she will q then immediatly w you. With the Crow thrown right when she q. You will stop her in front of you silenced and unable to go back. (If you repress w with leblanc she will return to her orginal position). With her stuck by you, give it about .5 secs hen fear her and drain away. She will have to run away, with you healing back all the damage she has just done to you. **** Very important tip. If you gave her about 1 or 2 kills. This will no longer work. You will have to just e until she is low. GOT IT? Dont e her but e the minoins. With about 3 minioins left in lane and her. The crow will for sure, no doubt that i will bounce to her. With 1 minion and her, Damn baby bounce dat baby to that minion. Leblanc is a assassin dont forget that. Late game leblancs are not that good but can priority target pretty damn well so its YOUR DUTY TO STOP THIS MADNESS. Once you hit level 6, you can kill her easy * As long as she doesnt see you coming but hey thats fiddles specialtyyy. SURPRISE MOTHER**** XD. Anyways let me teach you how to completely kill her. Follow the skill oder of the skills on the bottom. THis will kill her. BUTT the best thing is that for leblanc she will turn into 2 people once she goes below 40% helath. Lol i believe this is the worst for her. It stops her abilities and everything jsut to turn into 2 people which gives you the BEST oppourtinty to kill her. Ur ult is so strong that jsut with it will split her into 2. So a little change of skills is this. Ult in and then fear and drain, with ignite. She will split on the spot, even if she w away the spot she w will split into 2. It takes about .5 secs for her to split meaning it gives you perfect ooppurtunity to throw ur e and BAM! BOUCNE for days and destroy her. Easy XD, make sure you ont be afraid, her only ability to destory you is her silence. EVEN IF YOu get low drain away once she used her q. GOT IT?

Lux Another easy kill, dodge her q for that snare, RMEMBER SNARES DO NOT STOP UR DRAIN. if you dodge it then walk up towards her and DRAIN. XD level 6, you know what to do. XD

Malzahar He has one spell to stop you which is that silence so fake drain then full drain aferwards, Harass him using your e. You have sustain he does not. Simple as that, and also dodge the bounces from minion to minin form his nther grasp. the jump range is pathtic so dodge it lol.

Maokai He has 2 cc abilites to stop you so just harass him with e till he is low. E E E E E E E you out sustain him. Only drain when you need to. Also you can stay close to your tower and when he flys toward u flash back then e and fear and he will take about 2 tower shots lol XD i love it. he will die for sure XD

MordekaiserWell what to say about this, jsut drain away he has no cc to stop you and his shield? What shield?

MorganaLuxs evil sister. So similar. But yeah just dodge and drain and e simple as that. Easy kill BUT!. DO not fear when she has her shield, nor do you e when is up. BUT if you drain before then she puts it up. the drain will coniue and eventually suck it all up! XD so drian away

Nidalee So just dodge that slow spear.. it moves soooo slowwwwww. Just dodge it. then run up and heal away. simple as that lol

Nunu Just run up and heal and e.. lol i dont know what else to say XD

Orianna she out ranges you so just run up and Heal then run away and E, she will forsure run away when you are draining. you will out dmage her with ur ult to hers so XD destroy her, make her rust .

Ryze His snare will out range your heal. So let him spam his skills when he snares you. Then run up and e an fear then drain. You will heal it all back, and also he will auto attack you threfore you will give him minion aggroo XD

Sion Ap sion.. what a joke, jsut let him stun you then Drain away, he needs to get very close to burstt you with his shield which mean hes walking to death easy as that.

Sona Well ive seen some but not amny, just run up and drian simple as that. only her ult can stop u but she will be dead before she even gets to level 6 XD

Soraka That silence, XD sooo your e out dmages hers, let her silence you then you sielcne with ur e then fear and drain. she will die XD

Swain So just dodge his snare, then just drain away. Simple as that, you out dmage and out heal his r so go away XD. his crow out ranges you so let him use it then e and w awayXD

Syndra - A little hard BUT REMEBER SHe is skill shots. if shes any good she will q you alot and try to stun but remember she can only stun you once. * DONT DRAIN UNTILL SHE STUNS. IF SHE IS WAITING FOR YOU TO DRAIN. DRAIN QUICKLY THEN GTFO , MAKE HER USE HER STUN, RUN AROUND FOR A BIT THEN DRAIN AWAY. Everything is the same after 6 hehe.

Talon: This is another hard one. That instant silence but this one is a little bit easier than leblanc. If he silences you he will be right in front of you XDDDDDD. He silence you then you silence him. He will throw all his skills to you but u wont die, trust me. Fear then heal away, ****REMEMBER if he ults, he is still considered in your zone for draining. so dont stop the heal once he is away. Your Drain will also show a green line, meaning you will know where he is. **TALON WILL RUN AROUND YOU WAITING BUT HEY WTF WHY IS MY HEALTH GOING DOWN? XD. Same ult and thing, but remeber He has to auto attack you at least once. Meaning your minions will attack him if he combos you. lol minion aggro is #1 in my oppionion, people underestamate the minion damage, each one does very little but about 3 or 4 does quite the damage. XD so use it to ur advantage. ALOS hes mana based so lol.

Teemo What is teemo? Let him do what he will just run up to him and drain away simple as that lol.

Tristana Let her E you and reduce your healing, But drain anyways. And kill her He flaws are LONG CD, once she spams her skils it take sforever to reuse. SO at levle 6 make sure you excute the skills excatly as i listed below. or you will die :)

Twisted Fate Just run away when he has gold card up. then silence and drain when its not up! simple as that

Veigar Just run and drain away. dont run when he puts up the walls, just keep draining
Simple as that.

Velkoz Fake ur drain, make him use his knock up, then run and drain simple as that.

Vladmir: I believe this is quite easy. He has no CC therefore you can just drain all day long. When you Drain him just stand there and drain up! Seriously he will just die. Simple as that but please do not spam your abilities. You are running via mana hes not. He is based off of CDR. Which makes his sustain forever if he ever wanted. Therefore you must harras using your e. Make sure you e, then heal up. Newer Vladimir players will hit u then pool around you. The thing is that if you drain before he pools, Leagues will considered the ability already casted on the target, and he is in RANGE XD. Therefore GLUP GLUP GLUP. Heal away baby. So yup easy as that.

Yasuo Just run up and auto attack first, Let his shield go down then go in and e and just drain away simpel as that XD

Zed Just dodge his q and run around or take it like a man, then drain away! lol let him ult you while you drain and he will die .

Ziggs He has one skill to displace you, just drain and let it hit you its very weak dmaage. THen redrain and coninue our rampage. E drain E drain E drain simpel

Zilean jUst drain the life outa the old fart lol XD

Zyra Zyra Zilean. sounds pretty similar but just dodge her snare and heal away baby!!!!!!

WELL thats my guide to every champion XD learn the patterns and learn it well. So simple.

(*** Important Skill order you must cast - NEVER EVER ULT IN FRONT OF THE ENEMY TEAM.ALways check if the bush is warded if not, GO cRAZY--- R ult in, it will teleport you to the location. Make sure if you auto cast you know excatly where its going to land. If you dont land at the right spot FLASH!, Once you flash into E, YOU MUST E to silence her. This is where the minonions bounce come in handy, when you ult in you will destroy so many minions but! the caster minons will go first for sure so E the champion and it will bounce back to her at least once. I have never failed the second bounce. Meaning 2 bounces = 2 sec of silence XDDD. But anyways forgetting about that monster, Fear right after, this fear must land on your priotorty target, meaning the FED MOnster on thier team XD. then drain that SON OF A... till hes dead. Everyone will run away. Promise you that.***) - End of gamee winner

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Late game

I know that your fed now. and is amonster but hey your team needs you SOOOOOO yo must ult place well. Always ult with a surprise. they going at your tower BAM! you appear and PENTA KILL. simple as that. ahah. but yes watch your health when u dive in 1v5ing, as soon as it starts to fall. remmeber to do all the skills i said, just zhonyas and PENTA KILL XD

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Good luck and have fun guys! Learn fiddle well i want to go to diamond with him so Gl HF summoners. And hey its a game quit raging and have some fun. Noobs XD jk