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Rengar Build Guide by Draeth94

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draeth94

>Farming is not allowed < >Rengar Support Guide<

Draeth94 Last updated on July 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Im Draeth Draenor, and this is my first MOBAFire guide. I hope you enjoy it as im enyoing with it creation. This guide is for that players who are bored of play useless supports in late game and who want a really funny game. In my experience with this build I have won a lot of games in normal queu and it is a great way to feed your adc enough to destroy the match before the minute 15. My english is not great so im sorry for the mistakes and please if you would add something to my guide please tell me in the coments. Thx

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Why Rengar?

Rengar is not the best champ in LoL, he has received some nerfs so he is not very popular but is a incredible champ to have a good time with friends or even if you are not a stick you can win games easy. His awesome burst, his jump from the bush and his ultimate makes rengar a terrifying champion in the jungle, in top line and, with my guide, in bottom line too.


+ Amazing Burst
+ Manaless
+ Sigile
+ Slow
+ He jumps omg
+ Good resistance
+ Bonetooth Necklace


- He ONLY has burst
- Useless before lvl 6 without a bush near
- You need to hit the minioms to get Ferocity

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Now im going to do a little summary about Rengar´s skills and how to use it.
This skill is the esence of Rengar. All the champs in the enemy team will be afraid when they walk near to a bush. Rengar can jump a great distance to hit the target and destroy him with him Savagery. He also can wait in the bush until the enemy goes in and then he doesnt have any scape yo can jump one and another time.

Is Rengar´s main damage attack, it has a incredible damage and a speed attack bonus. You can use it with towers, a double-q can destroy a squishy rival.

This aoe attack doesnt deal a lot of damage but can be usefull combinated with Ravenous Hydra to farm in late game. Beside helping you in the farm you must use it always you go in a teamfight. Of course is becouse the armor and magic resist, using this skill while you are jumping into a champ can be the difference between life and death.

This skill can be used to slow the enemy to get a kill, to harrass, to get Ferocity and of course to scape. In top line i would recomended to max it becouse of the harrass but in bot line you dont need so much harrass, you need brutal burst.

If you know how to use this ultimate you can do a triple-q combo what can destroy every squishy champ in the match in less than a second. If you use you ultimate you generate Ferocity, well, when you have 5 points use your q. Then wait until you have generated other 2-3 points and jump into the carry. Use your WE combo to get 5 points agains use empowered q and a normal q. Have fun deleting carries :D

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Supporting with Rengar

Well supporting with Rengar is incredibly easy. Your job is going to be: get free kills for our ADC, outfarm the enemy, ALWAYS have a ward in the river, and destroy the tower as soon as you can.

First of all, how to get free kills? It is just easy. You only have to stay in your bush, get 4 Ferocity points with minioms and then alert your mate. Select a target (obiously who has less resistance) and jump into him. Savagery+ Empowered Savagery = 80% of his life less. Then with a couple of autoatacks, your Exhaust, and a skill from you adc is done. Enjoy your first blood.

Outfarm the enemy, well, if you do it well, their ADC is going to be afraid so far from the bush so just scare him harrasing with your Bola Strike and is done.

Having a ward in the river is obvious but when you are using a Rengar you can forget to do this things. ALWAYS have a ward in the river, you are going to push so hard the line and their jungle is going to try a gank. Be always ready and if you think you can kill him try it is just easy with your burst and your ADCs help. If you cant do this (you can be low health) ping back and run kitty.

Why is important to destroy their tower fast? Well you are not a support champ, you are a Rengar, you need blood, so if you take the tower you can start the roaming and get some kills and farm for you. With your Savagery is not very difficult

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Is your best choice if you want to support, it is an extra slow and it has a great damage reduction from the enemy.

What to say about Flash, an excelent way to engage, disengage, scaping throw walls, etc.

A good replacement for Flash if you are going to try roaming.

Less usefull but it can be used to engage with an extra help.

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What to do when...

In this chapter im going to show some situations and the optimus reaction.

You are feeding
Ok this way of playing Rengar has a problem. If your ADC is a totally useless you cant do your job as well as you want. If you go in with your jump and he is sleeping he is not going to take a kill and you are in a 2v1 battle and probably death. When this is happening you have to be always behind your mate, wait, and if he attacks or they attack you or your team mate then act.

What to do in a gank
You should have a ward in the river so look at the jungler´s life. If you think you can destroy him with your combo wait for him in the bush. If you dont think so, just go back always near your ADC and use your Bola Strike to slow him. If they catch your ADC there is only one thing to do: Attack with all and pray for getting one or two kills.

What to do in a Team Fight
This question is easy. Use your Thrill of the Hunt and do the triple-Q combo to the ADC or the AP. Easy team fight 4v5. You will probably die becouse when you jump into a team fight and you delete a champ they always focus you but you will get a win.

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Leona in my opinion is the biggest counter. Nothing to say just 3 stuns. She is tanky also so you can`t delete her.

Taric is a difficult support too becouse in addition to his Dazzle he can heal himself and heal the ADC. Finally himself and nearby allies get an armor aura with Shatter.

Alistar can use his Headbutt to throw you under their tower and destroy you, so be carefull with it and all will be fine.

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Enjoy playing Rengar, have fun deleting squishy champs and then /all BRUTAAAAL. If you give me videos, screenshots or scores i will put it in the guide. Please play it, coment and give me a like!