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Tryndamere Build Guide by The 876th Noob

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The 876th Noob

Guide to LOW ELO AD Tryndamere, the Pain Train: the Bursty

The 876th Noob Last updated on August 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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    Tons of damage
    OP ultimate
    Arguably the best escape of any champion in the game
    Sustain up the whazoo
    Cannot be kited
    Easy to learn

    Relatively squishy (remedied by OP ultimate)
    Banned somewhat often in low elo
    Countered easily by blinds and most hard CC

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I find Tryndamere to be MY easiest melee champ to CS with. His animation is fluid and quick, and his passive gives him easy extra reliable CSing dmg suring laning phase. This is also why I like potions more than spamming Bloodlust, as the fury provides an excellent backup source of damage for farming and trading/poking.

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Another of Tryndamere's specialties is just this: early game fighting. As long as you're not laning against a Teemo (hate that guy), you can out-damage almost any champ in early laning phase. Just get to level 3, build up some fury, then use Spinning Slash to close the gap twixt you and your opponent. Then just wail on their silly, confused little behinds till their health is half gone and their rumps are thoroughly thwapped. Then press W, rinse, and repeat. Just don't chase too far, as Tryndamere is a very easy champion to get greedy with. Play it safe after a few trades like this, and....wait, is he staying in lane? FOOL! Get to 6 and dive dat runt. FIRST BLOOD! Oh, darnit, now look....

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As your opponent will most likely be either rage quitting or QQing to his/her teammates, your lane will get ganked well and often. Scratch that: often, but not well, because you're TRYNDAMERE, THE PAIN TRAIN. If your ultimate is up and the enemy jungler is foolish enough to 1v1 you, proceed to kill him , and then spam your laugh over his body while his minions are near. However, if your ultimate is NOT up, then don't try this, as you are probably low from that previous turret dive. You are not indestructible, despite being TRYNDAMERE, THE PAIN TRAIN. If you are ganked and are in a pickle, press E and escape into brush and make for your turret. Even on the slight chance you do die, it will be worth, because it always is in LoL.

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By now, you should have a few kills under your belt (as well as a few Zeals). You may now proceed to roam. Your AS from your PD/Statikk Shiv will help you mow down turrets, making you an amazing split pusher and lane roamer. Also, if your bot lane isn't doin' so red hot, dun worry, it's k. TP IS HERE TO HELP! Have your support keep the brush warded at all times so you can teleport gank bot lane. As the opponent will be pushed up, you will have an easy double kill under your turret. You may also let your ADC have the kills if you're feeling generous. Meanwhile, the other team's bot lane will be yelling at their top for not calling MIA during the 6 seconds you were out of your lane.

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Late game, you have 1 sole purpose. In the wise words of Phreak, to "deal tons of damage." And that, my dear friends, is exactly what we shall do. Full build, you should have exactly 105% crit chance, even without any fury. However, you will probably not get to full build, as your opponents will be spamming chat with "GG @ 20" This section is short because there's not much to say. Spinning Slash into their team and proceed to auto-attack their team to death. When you get alarmingly low, just ult and use Spinning Slash again to get out, then use Bloodlust to heal. (Your E lowers the CD every time you crit, which will be every attack, and your fury will definitely be full with all the crits you'll be doing).

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PRE-WORD: Obviously, if you are jungling, replace your summoners with Smite and whatever else you want. Personally, I use Exhaust, as Trynd's slow only works if they are running away from you, making it somewhat temperamental. Anyways, onward,

Tryndamere is my favorite jungler. He is also the jungler I first learned to jungle with. My path is pretty simple. Just start blue for the CDR, then wolves, then wraiths, then red (I like doing red second so I have it for more ganks). After red, look for ganks. To gank,simply use Spinning Slash to close the gap, and when they tremble at the sight of your big bad sword and flee, use Mocking Shout to slow them and allow the laner(s) to catch up.

If no ganks are available, you may either go to golems and just continue your farming, or you may counter jungle, as I usually do. Just kill the biggest creep in pretty much any camp, easy as that.

A general rule of thumb to know when the enemy's red/blue will be up, simply look at yours. Usually, all junglers start at their buffs at around the same time, so if you know the order in which they did their buffs, you know when they're up. For example. I'm starting blue, and the enemy Vi is as well. I go do red, and mark the time (say, 2:40-ish). Then I know that in five minutes from 2:40 (7:40) the enemy Vi's red buff is up and ripe for the picking.

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I. Thou shalt not harass a Teemo in lane without at least a one kill lead.
II. Thou shalt not spam Q to heal, as fury is important in trades.
III. Thou shalt not build Tier 2 boots when not jungling.
IV. Thou shalt not stay within tower range too long when diving with thine ultimate.
V. Thou shalt roam well, and roam often.
VI. Thou shalt always ult when about to die, as thy cooldown is low as **** anyways.
VII. Thou shalt never be the first into a fight, as thou art inherently squishy.
VIII. Thou shalt split push well, and split push often.
IX. Thou shalt always focus the squishy damage dealers with thine attacks.
X. Thou shalt always yell thine own battle cry IRL when going all in.

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Thank you for reading this guide! This is my first MOBAFire guide, so if it's a bit sloppy, my apologies. Please leave a comment down below with your thoughts, and remember: THIS GUIDE IS DIRECTED AT LOW ELO PLAYERS. I am only Silver V and I win about 80% of my games with Tryndamere. So don't come yappin' at me about how this wouldn't work against some new fangled next gen strats, high elo players.

Thanks again!

P.S. The champ stats at the top of the page only include 1 PD, so just multiply all the PD's stats by 2 :P)