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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Guide to the Synergistic Yi.

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 9, 2010
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A more in depth look at my build. First thing, this is my in-game build. I play alot of mage toons hince all the Utility Masteries. I usually play Yi in 3s so this build might not seem like its good for 5s.


Marks Im using ArP Marks. These give me the ability to deal great amounts of dmg, without having 300+ AD. Most players get things like Attack Speed or Crit. Dmg. Those work, but not for me.

Seals Im using Crit Dmg Seals. I was thinking what can make my dmg output better? Crit dmg could. With my ArP Marks and Quints, Im already dealing great dmg, so I thought Id add to the burst of my crit dmg.

Glyphs Crit Dmg Glyphs. Same reason I choose the Crit Dmg Seals. To beef up the burst from my crits. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Qunitessences ArP here as well. Again allowing me to deal great dmg without having 300+ AD.

The reason I choose these Runes is because I was trying to find a way to deal great dmg without having to get items like Infinity Edge. I think that these Runes do the trick and very well.

Items Im going to go into great detail about my build. Item by item.

Since Im stacking ArP, I build like this.

Long Sword= +10 dmg
Long Sword= +10 dmg
Tier 1 Boots= Speed +1
Brutalizer= +125 AD. Passive 10% CDR and 15 ArP
Averice Blade= 12 crit chance. and 5G per 10sec
Ghostblade= 30 AD and 15 crit chance. 15% CDR and 20 ArP. Active is a smaller Highlander.
Greaves or Merc Treads= 25% Attack Speed or 25 MR plus 35% CC reduction (build boots around opposing team. High CC=Merc Treads. Low CC=Greaves
Vamp Scepter= 12 Lifesteal
Executioner's Call= 15 crit chance 18 LS. On hit: deals 4dmg over 8sec. Active is a healing and regen debuff
Recurve Bow= 40 Attack Speed
Stark's Fervor= 20 Attack Speed. Aura gives 20% Attack Speed, 20% LS and 30hp5s. Gives -20 armor to nearby enemy champs.
Black Cleaver= 75 AD. Passive reduces armor by 12, stacks 5 times.
Recurve Bow= 40 Attack Speed
SoD= 55 Attack Speed. Every forth hit does bonus 100 magic dmg. Active gives 30 ArP.

If I knew how to link the pics I would, forgive me. Notice that all of these items are based of of ArP or AD. All this allows me to have the IE dmg, without having to pay the 4k gold for it.

Items that can be swapped out

If you find that you need more survivability, Frozen Mallet is great. It give you the life you need, and allows for easier chasing. Another great longevity item is Phantom Dancer (a common Yi item). Getting GA is also a great item for those intense ganks or team fights. I find that BV and Quicksilver Sash are great to have against heavy AP and CC teams. If you want dmg, IE is always a popular item. Bloodthirstier is another. Wits End is great against mages and those with deep mana pools. Madred's is great for those life tanks.


I start with Wuju Style. This with Long Sword gives me +25 AD at the start of the game. Should I activate Wuju Style, I have +40 AD. That nearly doubles the static Yi AD. This is where the ArP shows. Every champ has low armor in the start so I eat life away fast.

I get Alpha Strike at lvl 2. This makes minions die fast which means fast money. I level Alpha Strike when I cant level Wuju. So by lvl 6 I have 3 ranks of Wuju and one Alpha Strike.

I always have one rank of Meditate by lvl 3. Helps with farming and pushing.

At lvl 6 I get Highlander. If all goes well, I have Ghostblade at this time. Can you see te brilliance here. They stack with each other, and work with his passive, and the ArP that the build is focused around. From lvl 6 on you max out Wuju, Aplha Strike, Highlander when you can, than Meditate

The other great thing about this build thus far, is you can solo the Dragon. Make sure that you have full health, and both Ghostblade and Highlander are up. Turn them both on, activate Wuju for the double AD boost, and watch the dragon die. Make a fast recall get Vamp Scepter or EC if you have enough.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

21/0/9 Build. Ive gotten all the basic physical DPS things out of Offense, and the basic Regen and improved Clarity from Utility.

Clarity and Exhaust. I like using these personally. With the high dmg output you have Exhuast will help you get the most dmg done before they break free. Clarity is for either over extending while OOM, or giving mana to fellow mana users. Clarity can save you and your team if used at the right time.

Game play

Early Game
As I stated when in skills, start with Wuju and Long Sword. A great amount of dmg to start and makes farming a lot easier. The point in the early game is to build Ghostblade. If you can build Ghostblade by lvl 6, you will become a beast. You will hit hard, crit hard, and attack and move fast. You can jungle if you like, push the tower, or gank. I suggest pushing the tower. Taking a tower less than 5min in is demoralzing for the other team. If you are feeling up to it gran a few of the zone buffs, and take the dragon. This can be done at lvl 6 using Highlander and Ghostblade active.

Mid Game
By levels 7-10/12, you should be well on your way to greatness. You should have Tier 2 boots (Greaves or Treads), Ghostblade, EC, and working on Starks or BFS. Again build based off the other team, and what champ is in your lane. I prefer BFS into Cleaver for the dmg output, but if you find your-self going to help bot a lot get Starks. Being the carry doesnt mean you cant help buff the team. If you get lucky you wont have to build past Starks or Cleaver, due to /surrender. You should have downed at least 2 turrets by now. Again more demoralization.

Late Game
If you manage to make a late game, get Starks or Cleaver, depending on what you choose in mid game. You should be doing great by now. You might die a few times, but with such a high kill count, it dont matter. Finish the build with SoD. Its one of those insult to injury items IMHO. Its great for killing tanks with high armor, like Rammus or Cho'Gath.

1v1 & Jungling

This Yi is a dominating force come lvl 6 and Ghostblade. I use Alpha to engage. I activate both Ghostblade and Highlander, Exhaust my target, and watch them die. You can easily chase with this build and turret dive. Another thing about this build is its Jungling abilities. You can get any of the zone buffs at lvl 6, and drop the other jungle creeps like nothing. Since Jungling is popular now a days, take advantage of it. This build will let you get the drop on a lot of Junlging champs. They will be tryin to stay alive, and you can make the pay for not committing to you.

Ganks and Pushing as a team

When it comes to ganks, be it pre game or getting that one person over extending, you are a great ambusher. You Alpha from the brush and nuke away. Every item you have is built to get the most out of runes and your passive. You always want to target the squishiest of their team. Never get the tank. Once you get the drop on the squishy, they will QQ and call hax. Highlander and your other abilities should be refreshed from this kill, so get the next person in line. TANKS GO LAST! You can activate Highlander and Wuju to keep them up or let them burn out and start them on the tank again. You will make short work of anyone that you come across.

When it comes to pushing on turrets in the late game, pop all your CDs and take the turret. Highlander, Ghostblade, SoD, and Wuju Style. This will kill the turret and lets you move to the inhibitor. If there are champs around Alpha Strike to them and kill. This should get refreshed CDs so go back to killing the turret and inhib. Always get the turrets and inhibs. If you die, your team can push.

Friendly Champs
Taric is your best friend. Radiance might not effect you, but Dazzle and Shatter will make you that much more dangerous. If you have to lane with someone, lane with Taric. Taric and Yi have great synergy and can easily dominate a lane. Sword of the Occult or Soulstealer will be great for Taric. Leviathan will help him stay alive longer should he get focused.

I find that Janna is another great champ. Her Eye of the Storm ability will give you a great about of bonus dmg, which feeds your awesomeness even more. Zphyer and Howling Gale provide the disabling that gives Yi the advantage to kill. Make sure she gets Soulstealer for the assist stacks.

One of my favs to lane with is Nasus. Again, another synergistic pair. Wither and Spirit Fire are great for setting up kills. His heavy lane presence will make him the focus and not you.

This build is all about ArP and his passive. Everything has synergy. And with all this synergy, you will become god-like. When everyone askes you, 'How the hell you do that?' or start QQing, just tell them its part of Yi's Wuju Stlye ;)