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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Guide to the Synergistic Yi

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Time to Revamp. Im the one that built the cheap version of ownage, and now its time to clean it up. This is a TT build not SR. For those that dont know what that means. Its 3v3 not 5v5. :P

Intro There has always been questions about this build. First its only for 3v3. It doesnt work so well in 5v5. It can but 3v3 is best. Second, this build is cheap compared to most builds. Third, and most important, is an early game champ, so if you can take advantage of that, than as the game goes on, you will be better off. The last thing, is this build is synergistic. That means everything works together. There is no wasted items, runes, etc. This is not a build that can be easily tweaked.

Masteries % Summoner Spells

The revamped build is still 21/0/9 but this time I dont get Havoc. Now what I do get buff duration, which with Yi is really good.

Summoner Spells are and . I have Cripple for all the awesomeness it gives. This will lower the defensive stats of the target and allow you to deal great dmg to them. This will land you First Blood most of the time. The massive ArP will help too ;) I personally like to use . This will help with his mana issues early game. People question that but hey it works. It helps Yi farm and harass longer, so more lane time for you.

is one other spell that helps Yi since he can be easily CC'd. If you are gonna be more of a support YI, get That will give some health regen and bonus AD. Its a great way to endure team fights, while getting some extra dmg. A very over looked spell. Long CD, but worth it.


If you have seen my builds you know I go for a 3/5 skill at LvL5. I like to take . The reason is the pure dmg I get from it. The harassment I get is insane. The dmg is doubled upon use, so at LvL5 with it activated, and with you have a bonus of 75AD with insane ArP. That means kills for you. I like to use to farm and to open on someone. Thats about it lol. It can help as an escape tool if you plan it right.

is a great skill to have early. It might suck mana, but the healing is best to help you lane longer. And this is why I take This will help you be your own regen engine. Sorta speak. This is a mistreated skill and it needs some love. It helps Yi live on, and with the right items to syergize with it, it can be awesome without being AP.

is the greatest Ult in game. I mean it kicks ***. There can be only one people say, and this is it lol. It stacks with , there might be deminishing returns, but they stack and thats all that matters. Great movement and AS means you can get off faster.


Marks & Quintessences are ArP since this Yi is all about dealing massive dmg early game. You cant play this build without these.

Seals Ive got Health per LvL to help him survive a lil bit. He is a very squishy champ so some life as you play on is good.

Glyphs I like to use Flat CDR. His CDs arent terribly long, but you dont want to be caught without Highlander. These will help with that.


DEWO's FAVORITE... Not really. I love this personally. The smaller parts are easy to make, and give great stats. This item is a beast to have early game. Some builds make this in the late game but I think that is a mistake. The sooner you get this the better. I run pure AD in the early game and this only makes the best use of it. The active stacks with too. Diminishing returns? probably, but they stack and thats all that matters. Some people have issues with active items, but the number keys 1-6 are hotkeys for item slots. That means you dont have to click :D Just hit the right number and you never have to click.

is a great item IMO. LS, crit, DoT, and an active. Yes another active but its a nice one. Kills heals so ganking is always fun when there are healers around. They rage about not getting heals, but they dont know you stopped the healing lol. This is a great item for LS since you have have so much AD already. The DOt is just nice lol. Small but all dmg is all good dmg.

is a great item for Yi. This gives you plenty of things. LS, AS, Health regen, regen buff for the team, and a great debuff that lowers armor. That means you are smashing face faster than before. Now some people say this is a bad item for Yi and that or someone like that should should have it. Thats a matter of opinion. I like to get this since I play a lot of support. This helps the team and this is a team game after all.

is an item that I think benefits this build. There is so much life gain potential and this item, cheap as well, can help help with suvival. This can be built before or after Stark's. Your choice. This is a very under used item, and though I could go with something like I like the more survival idea better.

is the optional item. If you are running into those pesky tanks and need to hack them down fast, this is my path. You can use or . The last item is usually situtational.

are what I like since they are cheap lol. But these are highly situtational. are common snice Yi have no defense against CC.

Game Play

Early Game

Start with , and a . This will get you the get results. Head to the bottom lane and wait in the middle bush or in the bush that leads to lizard buff. Marked by the white Xs. Never go to the Red Xs. Those have become a popular gank site for the LvL 1 gank.

Now from here you will wait. If you get that LvL 1 gank at the bottom bush, you will activate > the first person in the bush, but wait till they are in the bush> and get the kill. That simple. If you are running multiple slows, move to the next person. The more slows you have the more kills you get. Be sure to say you will use slow first. That way they arent all wasted. If you can take top, get it. You will be a beast. You can go back after the gank and get a second sword or just go to the top and farm. You will get ad lvl 2 and tan you can harass and kill to no end. You will want to wait in a bush and let them over extend or walk into you. > / >profit. Repeat this and push the turret. You will want to return at least once before LvL6 to try and get ASAP. This will help you down the turret fast. If you do it right you can have a turret in less than 5 min.

Mid Game

You will be working on a few things here. and either or . Once you have these items you will have insane LS and you will get better results from You are a pushing beast and you will want to watch for ganks on your team. You can easily counter-gank witht his build. Turrets and inhibs will fall fast to you. Expect a /surrender if you are pushing an inhib by 10min.

Late Game

If the game lasts that long, finish off how you like. Get the buffs, push the nexus, get the win. There isnt really a lot to this game since I never saw a lot of it lol.

1v1 & Jungling

One of the squishiest champs since he can be CCd easy, Yi is no push over in 1v1. You will want to time your just right. This will save you from some dmg, and can give you some more burst dmg. You will, In this order if you play like me, wuju sytle> > > > . You have great CDR so when Alpha is back up, use it. You will be pushing about 2.0 AS so be aggressive while you have everything on CD. Now if you are playing against a healer or someone with insane LS or regen, use the active. That will make things better for you.

Jungling is fun with Yi since he can easily clear the camps. Lizard buff, Dragon buff, Wolf buff are all great for Yi. Wraith can be sometime. You can easily steal buffs too. An alpha can last hit the buff, than you dive on the champ and get the kill. If you take this ti SR/5v5, get golem for the mana regen.

Ganking & Team Pushing

Ganking is like setting up for 1v1. Its that simple. Dont target the tank unless you have . That is the tank killer. Mage drop fast if you blind them. Other melees die just as fast if they dont blind you lol. But you have insane LS and regen with Visage.

If you have to join your team in pushing a lane, you will want to get in get the turretand get out. Unless you know you can win the push. Make sure you have buff control before you make that push though. One buff can win or lose you a push.

Haters & Homies

Homies are usually stunners and slowers. Support is nice too. , , , and

Haters are anyone that has some kind of CC. , , and CC kills Yi so build accordingly.