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Ezreal Build Guide by Dupliicate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dupliicate

Happy Icy Ending Ezreal .

Dupliicate Last updated on August 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello , i'm Dupliicate a low elo player making my way to silver division . This is my first guide and i do not recommend it to the likes of gold players or over . In this guide we will be looking at Ezreal and how this build will make him a very strong opponent . I'm not going to go into any item details because this is just a quick and simple guide (which still took quiet a bit of my time ! ) to people who are just starting with Ezreal !
Note : This is a work in progress & any comments helping me would be much appreciated .

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Why Ezreal ?

I pick Ezreal because i find him to be an interesting champion unlike most adcs where their is not much skill involved . With Ezreal i like to play him as a pokey champion and use his slowing abilities with Iceborn Gauntlet and skirmish with him . He's a highly manoeuvrable champion and i like that .

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Mystic Shot This is Ezreal'smain damage output . Works well with Iceborn Gauntlet . Spam this ability when in team fights or duels .

I usually take this ability first and max it out because it does a lot more dammage then Essence Flux even if it cannot go through enemy minions , with good aim you can harass with this a lot .

Essence Flux This is Ezreal's second damage output . Use it along side Mystic Shot for extra dammage and poke .

This is the ability i take third & max out second simply because it does not do as much dammage as Mystic Shot but it is still a good ability to use whilst you are in a duel or team fight .

Arcane Shift This is Ezreal's escape and gap closing ability . Use it to leap over obstacles to escape or close in on a enemy . Works well with Flash for double the escape distance .

This is the ability i take second & max out last because it is just as handy as Flash . I use this ability to escape & sometimes to close gaps (although i do not recommend it since your Flash will be the only way of escape .

Trueshot Barrage This is Ezreal's Ultimate !
It is a triangle shaped light with no range limitation and deals a substantial amount of damage & is perfect for last hitting escaping champions .

As Ezreal's Ultimate ! I always put a point in this ability . I never hesitate for across-map farming , or firing it down mid-lane to push the creep waves .
It is very good engage/finishing Ultimate ! as well .

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How i play Ezreal

When i play Ezreal i like to play him two ways kiting defensive & icy offensive . This being said , when i play him i'm always harassing the enemy team . I use my Ultimate down the lanes alot , to stop the creep waves from advancing but also it reduces my farming time , by doing so i can spend more time harassing enemy team .


When i kite i always make sure the place where i am kiting is warded , that way i will know where to escape and wont risked getting ganked . I tend to try and get Iceborn Gauntlet before i kite just for the extra slow if they start to turn around so i can quickly catch up and finish them off .
Warning ! Only use Arcane shift if you are 100% sure they're are not enemys near by since the cooldown is high .

Icy Offensive

When i go on the offensive i play him in sort of the same manor as when i kite , i use Iceborn Gauntlet alot and try not to get into any head on's . In team fights i try to stay out of the battle using my Arcane Shift to quickly make some distance between me and the enemy champion focusing me . I also either finish or commence team fights with my Ultimate !

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Spells & Passive

I always take barrier because a good ADC always does ! Simply the fact that it will save you 99% of the time , it is very good for duels and as ADC you are meant to stay alive , and deal constant damage to the enemy team . That is why i do not take ignite . Ezreal's mystic shot is always a good kill finisher anyhow .

As i have already explained , i take flash because it is a very useful spell on ezreal , if your Arcane Shift is on cooldown you can always flash over an obstacle to get to safety or close gap with an enemy champion .

Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 5 seconds , stacking up to 5 times . As simple as that ! Note : with this build hitting an enemy with one of your abilities also decreases cool down .